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Thank you for all your nice comments and support while I fight this dang sickness. Your kind words really put a smile in my weak step and motivates me to at least stay on the health track. The community is what I love best about this program and why I think it’s more sustainable and successful! Although I do feel better, I have this relentless cough that with much activity, it just flares up. Keep on keeping on and hopefully I’ll join in on the workouts next week! ❤️❤️❤️

Not any better

Actually woke up worse but went to dr and I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. However, already taken 2 doses of medicine and feel so much better!! Hoping I can do the workout tomorrow. I’ve been keeping up on the reading and making small changes in my diet in preparation for next week. I really need this program right now and hope I can jump in, even for a little bit, soon.

I was so excited to start this program and get back in shape like I was after 90 days! However I have come down with quite the cold and have no energy. Hopefully it won’t last long and I can jump right in soon!

Put a fork in it! 

I am no longer rare and I am DONE!

I don't really know where to start in my reflection of the last 90 days but I will list my accomplishments. I did the last workout without any skips in my jumps (win!), I graduated to the teal band on some exercises, the yellow one broke... (win!), I've lost probably 10-12 lbs (win!), my clothes fit better (win!), I emotionally feel better about myself (win!), and most importantly, I eat better which really was my main goal in doing Kenzai (double win!). If I try to go too far off the clean eating, my body doesn't handle it well. I'll definitely be sticking to it now!

The most important gain of this whole process were the friends I met through this process. Everyone helped and encouraged each other when we needed it the most. You were the only people who truly knew what I was doing. I didn't feel alone and could always count on y'all for a boost.

I also loved the daily readings. They were always SPOT ON and super educational. I learned so much about nutrition and fitness that I didn't know and because of Kenzai, I will take this knowledge with me for the rest of my life.

I'm looking forward to continuing to make improvements with the membership. While I love the physical improvements, I am so happy with the increase in my self confidence. Life changes occurred for me over the last year and this program helped me process through the hard stuff and I will forever be grateful.

Well that's it for now. Many blessings to all and hope to see all of you in the membership!!

(Oh and another accomplishment is my photo here. I have had a goal in CrossFit to be able to a handstand push-up. I can do one now!!! woohoo! Now just to do 5 in a row... Always have a goal! )

Well I know there’s no “stupid question” but what’s the difference between failure and burn out? I treated it the same in today’s workout. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Here in Georgia and I decided to trade my jump rope today for a run through my favorite college campus!! Go Dawgs!! ❤️🖤🐾

The next day I came down with the stomach bug that went through my 2 boys first. I thought I was in the clear (mommas can’t get sick!) but it finally got me on Saturday and I finally feel like myself! It’s so draining! Anyway, 10 days left and I’m looking forward to the workout this evening!

Stay strong friends!! We’ve got this!!! 💪🏻👊🏻

I know I just posted how this week has been difficult in getting in all the workouts. Well today I literally forced myself to do the workout. I TOTALLY didn’t want to do it and I lost count on how many times I tripped on the jumping and the other exercises went to failure at like 5 reps... (just kidding but it was tough!) I just have no energy!

There’s my rant and even though I feel like the workout was probably one of my worst, I’m calling it a win for doing it!! 👊🏻

Let’s get motivated together to finish strong!! 💪🏻


So last week I was on Spring Break and could do everything at my own pace and nothing was rushed. I slept in each day and was able to get the workouts in mid day which enabled me to do some other activities I enjoy, running, CrossFit. And I felt great!! Now this week... getting back into work and kids’ after school activities, I’ve been exhausted and have only completed 1 kenzai workout and 1 CrossFit workout. I feel so exhausted this week and disappointed that I didn’t keep up the momentum from last week. But tomorrow is a new day and then the weekend! I can hopefully get a restart!


So, Kenzai must know what they are doing and talking about. They warned us that a whole meal of anything might not be as satisfying as it once was. Well, it turns out they were right, like always. My all time favorite indulgence is a big ole Mexican meal with endless cheese dip and chips and a plate full of food. As you can see in the picture, I couldn’t eat much at all before feeling full and had to stop. I did enjoy the few bites I had but I was happy that I had the control to stop and not overeat!! Another check in the win column!! ✔️🙌🏻 I hope that when this is complete in a couple of weeks that I’ll be able to sustain this and not fall back into bad habits!

Feeling the extra sets

Today’s article was on point this morning! I am definitely feeling the extra sets and now I get why they’ve been increased. My mind knows it’s a good thing but I can hardly lift up my arms... But here’s to another workout! ✌🏻

Life is busy!!

I have truly given Kenzai more effort than any program I’ve tried and while I do love it and don’t want it to end, it’s been hard to do it 100%. I definitely try to stick to the diet but the working out has been hit or miss depending on work, kids, and other committed workouts. I wish I was seeing more progress but I just have to stay patient as it took me awhile to get where I was, it’ll take me awhile to get where I want to be!!

On another note, I was forced to move up in the bands and I certainly felt it today... feel like I need to have a service for my poor yellow band! 🙏🏻

what is AMAYW

I have this listed as my morning breakfast for vegetables.



But definitely has more energy!! 🤣 After yesterday’s reading, I woke up a little early to get my jumps in before breakfast. It will take some getting used to but I like the change!! 😁💪🏻

Can’t do it

Well I’ve been a little silent the last couple of days because I’ve just been discouraged. I’m trying to use mind over matter but this whole diet thing is going to kill me! Breakfast is the hardest as I don’t eat eggs and I’m not much of a cook so I really don’t know how to prepare anything. I’m also a single working mom of 2 boys, 1 who has basketball 3 nights a week so that makes dinner difficult. Workouts are good but the food is going to kill me. I’m getting to the point of just not wanting to eat and i know that’s horrible...




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