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Cheryl D.

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I am pleased with my body changes so far, I feel my stomach has shrunk down which is great! I am feeling a lot more energetic, I have been running 5km for my cardio to mix things up a bit and really enjoying it, I also played tennis for 90 mins this week for the first time in years! Hoping I can keep all of this going when the program finishes!

All going well,

I feel I have made a very good start to my Kenzai reboot program, I am feeling very good in terms of my diet, I don’t feel bloated and am not having that sugar crash I usually have due to cutting out the biscuits and cakes!!!
Feeling very good so far!

It’s been super busy here, have had a lot of things on with the kids and have been eating out a fair bit which had been a challenge. I have managed to stay on diet but have missed a couple of exercise sessions. Am feeling good though, and will try to fit all of my exercise sessions in next week.

The first ten days has been good, I have worked hard at cleaning up my diet, was hitting the chocolate draw in our fridge a little to hard and after a long summer on vacation have piled on the pounds! Time they were gone!!! Second time round it is quite nice that I know what I'm doing, I feel I have been able to settle back in more quickly than the first time.
We are also back in our normal routine back at home, kids back at school, scheduled breakfast, lunch, dinner times which I also find really helps.
Looking forward to the next 80 days! Lets do this!!!

Not such a good week,

It’s been difficult this week, we have been eating out a lot as the kids are on school holidays and we have had a lot of day trips, not always a great deal of options to eat in the places we have been so have been picking the best of a bad bunch. Almost at the end and have had steady progress this time but am planning to revisit and try another program to keep my motivation going.

difficult week

These last few days have been difficult to fit all of my workouts in as have been really busy with both kids at home (school holidays) have tried to stay on target with my diet but the weekend was a real challenge and a couple of snacks I should not have had slipped their way into my diet! opps!
Going to see this week out on point for diet and fit my workouts in.

feeling good....

Last week into this week has been very hectic, getting my diet and training right not to mention having both my children at home on school holidays! Sorry I have been a bit inactive with my blogs but will make more of an effort going forward.
It’s great to be back on training and diet and tidying up the things that have slipped, I’m feeling good.

and the end is here...... 

I really did love this program and stated out so well, the first two months went really well, but unfortunately life got in the way and I was unable to stick completely to the last few weeks completely. I was quite upset about the end as I did really want to see it through! On the plus side I was able to see the changes I can make to my body by having the right diet and exercise plan and will be making changes in my day to day life long term.
I will be looking to take part in another Kenzai program in the very near future for sure.
Well done to everyone and thanks to Kim and Miranda for all the support!
See you sometime soon
Many thanks and congrats

Almost done.....

I am still hanging in there, unfortunately I have missed a couple of workouts and gone a little off diet as we have had more visitors to Tokyo and have been so busy. We were also on holiday last week too so was very hard, but am still trying hard to see this through!

Muscles hurt!!

Still enjoying this program but am finding the workouts long and a little repetitive now. Am sticking with it, have had family visiting Tokyo this week so been a little hard diet wise. Looking forward to this indulgence!!

It's been a tough week

I have had a tough one this week, still not been felling well have had horrendous hayfever, no energy and two kids at home on spring break! Have stuck to diet but have not gotten much of a workout in! However am back on my game now and keen to see this through!!

Over half way!!!

Congrats everyone on making it this far!! I am really enjoying the times jump rope as counting to 1600 was becoming very monotonous!! Diet has been going great, however this week been a little hard as I have had both kids at home with sickness and now I have a virus myself!!! I have stuck to diet but it’s been impossible to get three of my works outs done this week! Will be back on it tomorrow! To answer this weeks question I find Saturday’s harder to get my workouts done as my usual weekday routine goes out of the window with everyone home and so much going on!! However where there’s a will there’s a way!!

Wow, its right on the fat burning stage now! I'm trying to make my egg whites, apple and veggies into a meal and put it all on the plate so that my body is saying to me, "yes you have eaten dinner" , seems to be working! I am seeing some good results, my arms, legs and butt are feeling a lot firmer, and my stomach is going down, so i'm very happy. I even took my daughter to the cookie shop after school today for a treat and I resisted temptation and had nothing, feeling very proud!
I have crazy bad hayfever right now which is disturbing my sleep and leaving me quite congested but I am battling through, have had a shot for it at the doctors and taking antihistamines too. Is anyone else suffering right now?

I am really enjoying the training and am really surprised that I can already skip for 12 minutes non stop. However my legs are soooo sore, quads particularly! I am stretching well but legs still very sore. I found today’s work out a little hard as my legs still hurt from yesterday. I did a BMI check at my local gym this week and I have a good improvement from two weeks ago so was very pleased.
I am finding it hard to fit all of my food allowance in, particularly the snacks, I feel like I am always preparing food and eating! I think maybe eating breakfast earlier might work but it’s always so hectic on the mornings with getting my kiddies ready. Will try to make the change from next week and see how I go. By the way is anyone else suffering with hay fever at the moment?

indulgence day!!!!

Wow it’s finally here, I can’t believe I’m 25 days in! Have really surprised myself as I did have a small doubt if I would make it this far!! Really looking forward to this indulgence as I have been craving some biscuits for sure!!!!
Have been feeling a bit run down this week and a little tired, have had a couple of tough nights with our nine month old having a cold and not sleeping so well, it’s really hard to warm those muscles if they are not properly rested! Had a great weekend at the mountains with the family ski lessons for my daughter did stray fro the diet a little as options for food on the ski slopes were not exactly Kenzai! But tried not to stray to far! Skiing again this weekend so will try to be a little more prepared with food! Happy indulgence day everyone hope you all enjoy!!!




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