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Hi everyone! Happy to be reporting from Bali-taking a break from the workouts and enjoying beautiful weather and food at Como Uma Canggu.

Wrapping Up a Blast!! 

Wow, time flies when you look back...honestly cannot fathom how many of us posted about ONE-minute feeling so long ( lol) and a FIFTEEN MINUTE cardio session being excruciatingly lengthy ( haha), was it me? Or Cram??).

Things moved so quickly it was hard fitting everything in, including blogging and commenting; we tried our best!!! The Beach Blast forced me to find ways to endure the "slog" of deceivingly short one minute workouts, including listening to -K-pop, a genre even my teenaged children snub!!!

Shapeshifter, mind bender, these are my enduring memories of K Beach Blast.

Enjoy your beach vacations, Paloma!!!

Swimsuit pic per Lesson 28 attached ...don't judge... : O


Thought I’d have to turn in my missed Day 19 ticket but doubled up the workout instead, today-Day 21. Squeezed in a 4.5 Km run before it started to rain and jumped rope Day 21's workout indoors.
Just feels better psychologically when your free passes aren’t used up till the end !!! ;)

My Day 19 was spent being checked, prodded, weighed, x-rayed, and ultrasound-gelled for 4-hours because, yes, it was that time of the year and yes, I am in that age group ( 40-60 yr old women) when shadows in the ultrasound and indiscriminate lumps and bumps must be checked out annually at the very least.

Anyway, Week 3 is done woo-hoo!!!! Bring it on, Week 4!!!


I won’t deny it. Week 2 was tough! Although I am mostly 100% committed to any program, I would still always find time to squeeze in yoga practice (mostly morning and lunchtime practice).
With Beach Blast being a 7-day program with no rest days it’s been a challenge juggling everything including yoga working full time and feeling pretty wrecked physically first thing in the morning! I managed to double up some workouts but next week is going to be tough considering the body blasts have increased by 25% ( 10 vs. 8 -1 min blasts )

Wonder if anyone timed themselves but I’ve realized 8 x 1-minute body blasts does not = 8 minutes or thereabouts of time!!! It’s more like 16-20 minutes for me, yeah, especially with the push-up balancer and excruciating SALAMANDER… OMG

Lesson 12’s “taking each workout as it comes, knowing some days will be rough, others will be great, but you get your workout done no matter how any particular day feels & consistency beats feelings.” is what keeps me going right now, and hopefully I won’t get sucked into that black hole dilation of too much-ness when Week 3's tsunami of workouts crushes us :i

That would be me..

From Day 4's Lesson:
" If you take a 3 minute break and check your text messages then you're not doing a Simple Set anymore"

"There are a lot of places to cheat. You can compromise your form to make it easier. You can stop for a break when
you still have a few reps in you. You can make your break longer than it needs to be. And you can call off the set early (40 is close enough to 50, right?). When you're dealing with burning muscles and the mind screaming at you to make it stop, these cheats will become tempting. Be better. Your Beach Ready body deserves it."

Spot on, that's what I do~especially on lackluster mornings, rainy days and when I feel everything is just a grind..Thank you Kenzai for knowing human nature so well and for nipping it 'in the bud' on Day 4!!!

Happy grinding Paloma!!


I think I mentioned it in my Day 1 post.
This is my why~ Uma Canggu Bali in about 4 weeks...

Hello Paloma!

Day 1 and we’re off!!!

Reading Lesson 1 made me feel like a self-indulgent Narcissus…
Ok, yea, the mission is driven by self-gratifying goals…I felt like a brat being given a 4-week reprieve to exercise for less than practical or functional reasons.
Just so happens I AM indeed headed for Bali June 07th although lounging by the pool was the highest performance goal I had in mind...oh well that’s a good enough reason as any to dive into Kenzai’s Beach Ready Blast!

H & M - team Paloma’s gonna give you a run for your money!

The 100 and beyond 

The 6 weeks just flew by-I honestly have to say this is one of the few alum programs that just went by in a blink! I enjoyed the progression, from bands +kettlebells to kettlebells +1 min cardio intervals to Day 42's -100+ kettlebell swing -interval training. I also love how efficient kettlebells are in terms of time vs caloric burn

I'm back on the maintenance program but will definitely add a day or two of kettlebell ( perhaps Day42) at the end of a 30 minute outdoor run- the caloric expenditure would be enormous!

Although I wasn't 100% on point with the diet, I managed to drop +/-2kgs and gain strength and lean muscle along the way not to mention learn a new exercise technique-loved it!

Still here!!

Ooops another one of those emails...I blame it on this time of the year!!!

Last week was a challenge especially because
1. I increased my kettlebell weight from 8kg to 10kg for most of the full body workouts and took the reps to max
2. Had to do a day and a half's worth of exercises as there would be mornings where I had to practise yoga before
work and not Kettlebell

I'm finding the kettlebell workouts an amazing calorie burn ( my polar heart rate synced to apple watch attest) and a lot of fun. Hoping the Kenzai Life maintenance workouts will incorporate optional kettlebell exercises at some stage :)

Totally missed the Rest day and completed Day 40 today.
Good Luck to all in the final week!

The bellz are ringin'!

The bellz are starting to ring!!!! Week 5 is proving to be challenging, the one-minute jump rope in between sets really pumps things up!! I like it!!!
It’s the first time in a long while that I have crawled out of bed sore…mostly upper back/shoulders and LEGS!!?? Makes sense though as I am mindful that those KB swings
are powered by the legs..and a little momentum…
Added a sirsasana practice at the end of my workout today...felt I needed it.


PS Check out the improv parsvobakasana+kettlebells pic, this dude is pretty awesome!


Guess I'll answer Nate's questions, been meaning to anyway.

1. Where are you from and what do you do?
I 've lived in Hong Kong since 1991 but was formerly from Perth Australia, and I was born in Malaysia. My parents and 2 siblings still live in Australia but home for me is here, in HK, with my husband, whom I've been married to for 23 years, my 2 kids ( Nate, 18 and Natasha, 15) and our dog, Bella.

I am an Architect but mostly practise Interior Design now, with a focus on luxury show apartments. My husband and I run our own design and construct business.

2. What are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about a lot of things. Guiding my kids in their academic adventures and aspirations ( Nate's already a freshman at college and senior year ( HS) was hell..Natasha is at a prep school in Massachusets and doing well), cooking ( especially straits -Chinese dishes), reading ( currently trying to juggle Catfish & Mandala by Andrew Pham and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***% by Mark Manson), singing, (I sometimes record a favourite Maroon 5 tune after a kettlebell workout :), Broadway, Rock & Pop Concerts, DNA testing for genealogical and wellness info, running, kettlebell. There's more, but I shall stop here.

3. What was the biggest turning point for you in your fitness journey that has led you here today?

To be quite honest, I don't recall a "turning point"....I got marginally chubby in my second year at Uni and decided that was it, I had to quit pigging out on Arnotts crackers, Rocky Road, No-Doze and coffee ( anyone who studied architecture can relate). I enrolled in a group fitness instruction course, got my diploma and was teaching step aerobics in between attending lectures, on campus- I remember charging AUD 2.00 per person..and was making about AUD 50-60 per 1-hour session which wasn't bad in 1988!!! ( ok guys I am a half centenarian already)

The rest blurs into decades of just loving being active and wanting others to feel the same too. . I moved to Hong Kong, got active at the gym, re-certified in HK for my groupX accreditation, got into the LesMills programs, certified to teach Body Pump, BodyCombat and Schwinn's Spinning, taught for about 4-5 years, had kids, taught groupX a bit more, discovered yoga, fast forward to present day.

There'll be more but that's for another post and in another decade I guess :)


Ok, so my new Banner says it all ;) that scene...made me cry.

If I had to pick one superhero and by definition, superheroes would transcend the frailties of mere human beings, so I’m not choosing an inspirational person~there is only one choice for me~Jon Snow from Game of Thrones/GOT. For my fellow kenzai-bloggers who are fans, he needs no introduction, for those who are seriously deprived and DON’T know who JS is, there’s still time to binge watch all 7 seasons of GOT before Season 8 explodes on HBO early 2019…

Jon Snow is everything that appeals as a hero-he is honest, unsung, reluctant, accidental, a total underdog, always conflicted, yet he is brave to a fault, driven by loyalty and love, and dives into danger like a madman.

I don’t know how this translates into kettlebell, but I aspire to be courageous in everything I do while accepting my weaknesses and inner conflicts. Like Jon Snow, I'd much rather be a man of the Nightswatch and live in a ( shithole) bubble, secure in the comforts of the known (even if it may seem like unappealing drudgery to others) rather than the unknown but if called to action, I hope that I would rise to the occasion and kick some ass ;)


Thats me and my 8kg kettlebell..
Hello Week 2 :)


Hello to my Firedrake teammates!

Just arrived Hong Kong from NY/JFK and we're suddenly at Day3, yikes-I have missed 2 days of Bell
just navigating different timezones.
Hoping jet-lag won't get the better of me and I'll be up early tomorrow to cycle off Day 4 :)

Apologies for the fugly Day1 was the best I could do after a 16 hour flight..

Looking forward!

I'll be double hangin in my dreams... ;) 

Hooray!! I made it…phew…
Chisel was great in that the six weeks just flew. I wish I had a perfect six weeks where I did not have to travel, meet with clients and have huge dinners or entertain and cook but that does not exist for any of us! My six weeks chiseling happened in between flying to New York to rendezvous with my 14-year-old at prep school, throwing a dinner party at home with Malaysian food being the highlight and a skiing/eating holiday in Nagano and Tokyo.. not to mention working of course.
But I am eternally grateful for Kenzai-It’s a program that is interactive yet not obtrusively so—it’s a lifestyle program made up of different sub-programs! Kenzai is like an exercise buffet from which you pick and choose--jumping in and out of these programs is fantastic because your body needs a push now and then, especially when things get too relaxed and exercise and eating habits slip.

I am glad I did the program despite not completing every single workout. I found the diet generous and the exercises different. I must admit I loathe full-body workouts and am more of a Cardio + Resistance type of person and I was, initially, horrified that the bulk of the chisel workouts were full-body workouts!

If I could make a suggestion, I would say we could try 2 x Cycle Workouts, 3 x Specific Body Part Resistance Workouts and 2 x Pure Cardiovascular Workouts could also work? I dunno, maybe...

Anyway, I’m hopping off the chisel bandwagon and back on to my maintenance workouts ( yay!! ;)…I think I am leaner, lighter and possibly managed to chisel off some flab and for that, I am grateful :)

Apr 24th, 2016





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