Chris G.

Chris G.

Day 44 - Struggling

So good news is I am down a belt size but have been struggling the last few days. Have a head cold and am tired with workouts ramping up. It goes better after I get started but not easy and keeping up the motivation when I would prefer to sleep is a big achievement. Hoping this cold goes away soon.

Day 35 - Crossfit day!!

Killer session at my local xfit gym this morning. Completely killed me but a great workout. Family in town and so dinner out tonight. Going to have to keep the discipline!

Had dinner with my son tonight out at his boarding school. Got home at 10 and came very close to doing the emergency workout. Started skipping and went for the whole workout. Always feel better when I complete it and now that it is done, can't believe I thought about not doing it. Got to keep the fat melting.....

Day 30 - Holiday Weekend

Can't believe we are 30 days through. Had a weekend away this weekend but kept up the workouts, Brought the scale with me and did my best to keep on target. Seeing some small changes, which is nice. Craving that carb for dinner now that it is gone. time to buckle down even more and look for some other fruit options....

Week 3 was far from ideal as far as KB 2 goes. I had a work trip to HK and missed a workout somewhere along the lines with the time zones. Several dinners meant that weighing food was difficult but I did manage to eat veggies and proteins. I don't want to say the week was a complete loss but it could have been better. It was great week work wise and I was able to also see some friends who I haven't seen in six months, which was fantastic. Not much travel in the near the future so I can get back to the normal routine. I was really happy to go to the crossfit session yesterday at the gym for my free cardio day.

Still struggling a bit getting back into the diet side of things. I am eating healthier but I am struggling to get all of the food into my routine. I usually miss either the morning or afternoon fruit, and definately miss the late night snack. Do we have to eat all of them or is the late night snack an option? Also trying to get veggie portions right still.

Just spent some time catching up on everyones various blog posts, and good to see everyone making progress. On to week 4!

Day 12 - A Bit Tired

Day twelve and feeling a bit tired. Schedules have been pretty hectic lately and most of my exercising has been post 10pm. Can't say I feel like doing the workout tonight, but I always feel better having completed the exercise. Still can't eat the full portions of veggies for dinner and haven't been able to get to the fruit for evening snack as that would be about 11 and by then, I am ready for some shuteye.

Week 1 Down

Ok, week one down and doing 12 mins of straight skips has been interesting to get back into it. Bottom of feet and calves reminding me of PCP 1. Also remembering the amount of food to eat. In some cases, it's more than I can eat.

PCP and Beyond 

Well day 90 has come and gone.  It has been a great program that has massively changed my diet, exercise and certainly my body.  It was great to do it with Lee and I can only imagine how much harder it might be doing it solo but we really helped each other through it, which was great.  Having started out having more difficulty with the blog, it was great once I had the time and regularity of doing it.  Thanks to everyone for the regular and encouraging comments.  

As far as I'm concerned the program continues.  I still eat more healthy and regularly now.  Egg whites seem to be a mainstay (who would have thought) and veggies and fruits are a regular habit now.  I certainly feel healthier and in better shape, not to mention about 17 pounds lighter.  

Picture to come soon!

Thank god I had a clear calendar during the beginning and middle of this program.  Between, travel and friends and family in town, it's been a real challenge to stick to things 100%.  I'm doing pretty well, keeping up the exercise although we are having lots of dinners out, at which I'm still making largely better choices.  Lee has been fantastic and it's really helpful that we have both been going through this together.  I can't believe the amount of skipping we are doing thinking back to the beginning of the program but find it enjoyable.  Most of our friends think we are nuts I think but I guess that just goes with the territory.  

I have had a few question recently about whether there was something wrong with me.  I know how my wife would answer that of course and I'm not sure I would argue too much but obviously I have changed a bit.  People are commenting that I look different, which is interesting since I don't really see it that much.  When this question came up today, i found myself realizing that this program really has changed my lifestyle quite a bit and I'm not sure how much it will change afterwards.  i have gotten used to the routine, and the food (who would have thought that would be me given how much I struggled with it in the beginning but I actually kind of enjoy the food now.  The veggies I eat and fruits are good.  I feel healthier. Don't get me wrong, I will look forward to putting wine back in the fruit category from time to time and I think i actually crave sweets more now than i ever did but we all need some vices I think. But like some of my friends who have done this program before me, I think there is a pretty good chance I'll stick to it.  It was a bit of surprise to me that I would be thinking of it that way but, we will see how it goes.  And besides, I still can't get rid of these damn love handles (I guess I put them on over the course of 20 years so it's probably a lot to expect them to disappear in 2.5 months).  One step at a time.  


Feels like I have been on the road for a month straight.  Sorry to everyone for not being more proactive on the blog but I'm back in town at least for a few days.  I have been keeping up the exercise and have been trying to keep as much of the diet going as possible.  Not easy at all given the conferences and events I'm attending but I'm learning how to deal with it as best I can.  Packing bananas and hard boiled eggs from room service has been the easiest but not exactly easy to take a salad to eat between client meetings.  To Thomas' previous points, I'm still probably eating better than I did before when I travelled.  I have really just wanted to get back to my normal routine.  It really helps a ton and that's been a key take away for me.  
I had a great run with a good friend of mine last weekend near Bath in the UK.  All that skipping paid off as he runs fast and while he ran 5 miles and I ran 4, I was able to keep up most of the way.  Feeling pretty good about that and it was nice to get the variety.  Also a beautiful place to get in my skips (pic below)
So I'm back in regular contact now and looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing.


Well it's been a long week and a few more days to go since I have been traveling. Turkey early in the week and now Paris and while great trips, it's been really difficult to manage the diet. I have been doing my best but trying to get all the right meals in has been much more of a challenge outside of a normal routine. The exercise has been continuous almost every day so that's a positive but I find I am desperate to get back to the normal routine. I am hoping I'm not going backwards and have just tried to eat things within the diet and eyeball amounts but fruit wasn't always available when I needed nor the evening snack. So it goes. I am back later this week and then back to my routine. I really want to finish this whole thing strong as we are putting so much time into it. Here's hoping I'm still making progress!

Day 49 - Business Trip

Well I'm off on a business trip for the next three days and I'm hoping I'll be able to get this all worked out at the hotel.  I think they will assume I'm completely nuts when I order 9 hardboiled eggs for the week but so it goes.  I'm going to have to eyeball the amounts but figure I'll just have to do my best.  Jump rope packed and ready to go! 

Wow, can't believe it.  Half way there.  In some ways it seems like ages ago that we started the program and in some ways it feels like it has gone by so quickly.  Looking back over the last 45 days, I feel like we have made so many changes.  If I tell people I'm working out 7 days a week, they look at me like I have three heads.  My lunch bag and meals for that matter seem to have become a consistent source of comedy for many of my colleagues, especially if I pull out the container of blueberries during a meeting (How else am I going to stick to my snacks if I have meetings all day).  But I'm totally comfortable with it.  

That being said, thank god for the lesson of the day today.  Kind of sick of looking at the spare tire around my waist that I keep imagining is somehow going to miraculously disappear and hoping my diet is right to make that happen.  Here's hoping 45 days will obliterate my comfortably warm wetsuit of belly fat!

Lunch Out

Had a business lunch out today and tried to eat as healthy as I could (largely did but hard to avoid salt as it in just about everything).  Overall though I have been super disciplined this week and have dialled in the veggies now and so I'm finally, after well over a month, much more comfortable with things.  The wonderful egg and apple dinners kept me a bit hungry in the evenings but the evening snack salad did help a bit.  Who guessed I would crave that evening salad! You really have to look at this as a slow burn.  I can see some results but maybe given the fact that it took me a while to get my diet correct, it's taking me a bit longer.  Generally I'm happy with the progress.  I also feel pretty good overall now.  Had some periods of fatigue but that seems to be decreasing now.  I'm hoping for a consistent drop of body fat and am now enjoying the routine.  Now that didn't take too long....

End of Week 4





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