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Kenzai Chisel | Day 31 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 31
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Have had a few wobbles this week with a big work event on Tuesday getting a little out of hand...oops. Consistent on the workouts but need to sharpen up the diet. This week has started with renewed vigour and running at 100% of everything. Slight surprise to see the third round of the circuits crop up but already used to it now! On on!


Sorry for being offline for a while but all is well and cruising to the finish line


So I have spent the waking hours working out a suitable excuse for having been off the radar for such a prolonged amount of time. Couldn't think of anything suitable so will have to admit defeat and just apologise! I managed to nail KB1 because of the gang I did it with and have seemed to forget that in this one. Further to that, I seem to have just taken the bits of this course that suit me and ignore the basics if it doesn't suit my diary. I do travel a lot with work, UK,Thailand, Singapore, Korea and India will have all been/will all be cracked in the the first weeks of this course but it is all too easy to lean on those trips as an excuse. I'm back and fully focused on this.

week 1 done. Happier than a monkey with a peanut machine that its been cracked. Or at least I was until I spotted the uptick in the physical shenanigans. Spectacular fail at lunch today. I have had better hangovers. Must learn how to make things taste reasonable. Dinner was an improvement but still essentially inedible. Only a few more days to go.....

settling in

Right old shock to the system doing back to back workouts and working through the stiffness. Taking it steady as instructed

nailing it...

so, day two and I am fairly sure that I was having more fun when I last spent an evening trying to open a packet of crisps with a tin opener. My friends are all now totally disinterested in this whole debacle and have disowned me - I have two friends left. One is the individual who told my wife about this and is therefore the reason I am here so i can't talk to him because he is on the naughty boy step (he will no doubt pipe up in the comments section later) and the other is busy trying to tear down his hotel room in the Algarve with his skipping rope during workout 1, or so he says. I think it is more likely that he hid the leftover quarter of his doughnut somewhere he wouldn't find it later, forgot where he put it and then tore the place apart looking for it. Its only day two and the wheels are coming off....