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Why do I have a family that centers all of it's activities around eating excessive amounts of crap food and sugary substances? Why do the larger people in my tribe insist the cookie won't hurt. YES IT WILL. PUT THE COOKIE DOWN!!!! What they don't get is that the cookie might not kill them today, but probably tomorrow. (Metaphorically)

Standing united with my Kenzai friends against excessive holiday indulgences.


Day 07 is a rest day, right? NO! More like prep for the week, take care of the house, and try to get caught up from last week before hell week at work breaks loose. Kenzai so far as been a lot easier than my previous program both from a diet and exercise standpoint. The key for me is going to be figuring it out while at work. With an upcoming leadership and role change at work in 3 weeks, I can't predict if my new (Japanese) boss will be as accepting of the diet and exercise as my current boss is. This is not an assignable excuse. When it comes to our priorities, there are only two things.... Performance and Excuses. You can only make or do one at a time and you can't have both. I foresee lots of nemawashi and sleep deprivation in my future 6 months if I can't find balance of all life's priorities.

Thought's on 400 jumps.... (Editor's note: this was my internal dialogue, not over thinking it... I am an engineer by trade and I do very well with numerical targets.)
Hypothesis: It will be easy but as I get tired, I will fail to skip more often, finished in 5 minutes. (Recall past experience from Crossfit WODs where Jumps and DUs were part of the game.)
Result/Conclusion: Today's 400 jumps didn't go smoothly and took 9 minutes and 39 seconds. Almost double what I thought I would do. I failed to skip 7 times in the first 100, 10 times in 200 and 300s but only 3 times in the last 100. What the heck? I did better as I got closer to the end. Granted I was excited to finish, but I thought this wouldn't be different than the mindset when doing a Crossfit WOD... On that same note, today was only 400 jumps, not a warmup for something more. Hence it's a different mental frame of reference.
Key lesson learned: Mental frame of reference is important and don't over think it.

Day 2 and I'm 0-2.

Its day 2, we got this, and I keep telling myself stay positive and keep control of my attitude. As I sit on the train and write this, it's almost midnight and I just left the office. I don't have an excuse. Honestly there isn't one. It's been a rough day, but not from a diet and exercise point of view. Up at 4am and with less than 5 hours of sleep the race begins. I had to explain to several Japanese coworkers my strange new habit. They understand but don't get it.

Today challenged me for a few reasons. 1, a close friend, my age, died in a boating (fishing) accident. He and his father both perished. Thankfully his son survived. Being 6500 miles away, I'll miss the funeral. This really bothers me.

I took the stairs at every chance, did company mandated 5 minutes of yoga, did morning and evening train sprints. It's a difference race when you're up against a Japanese clock.

I failed to do my exercises today. I'm not going to beat myself up over this, but I needed to confess I didn't pull my weight today. Debatably I probably could have prioritized something else out to get this in, but I haven't figured that part out yet.

Looking forward to a better day three.

From Kanayama,


Day 1 is a start

Typical first day of a new thing.

Throwing away 25% of my food doesn't seem hard, right? ... And for breakfast was quite easy, I divided the plate lumped a quarter in the trash and went about my day... Lunch was more difficult as i sit with other humans whom don't diet, don't understand, and most importantly don't speak English.

My biggest challenge was my boss's omiyage. He needed a favor and my reward was a piece of chocolate. I tried to politely decline but there was also a cultural expectation. I used this example to start the discussion that I need support and a boundary when it comes to health (food, exercise, etc) and work life balance.

Looking forward to day 2!




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