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Sweet spot 

I suspected that I needed a 12 week program to dust off a couple years of going thru the motions and that’s exactly what this did.....even though I really only nailed the first 9 weeks before I traveled and stumbled. These last 3 weeks have been a B+ on workouts but a C- on diet. I just got lucky that’s it’s summer and there’s a ton of cardio activities to be had so I maintained the early gains.

Net net I dropped 15 lbs and got back to the belt notch I was looking for. More importantly, I am around my peak fitness levels according to both the fancy VO2 on the Garmin and the old stopwatch. So these last 3 months were time well spent. Now I’m motivated to keep it going thru the rest of the summer season.

Great job everyone in the program and thanks a ton for the fearless leadership of Elissa and Cora. It’s super motivating to have a crew working toward the same goals.

Good luck to all til next time!

Home stretch

I love this part of the program. This must be what a boxer feels like right before the big fight. You’ve basically done all you can to get to this peak condition and now you’re primed for something.
I planned a beach triathlon for next weekend to give me my version of the title fight, but I’m already starting to fear that next week when my app isn’t telling me how to live.

The length of time of these workouts is no joke but I’m loving the way it feels during and after these sessions.

The diet is good but it’s a little bit of a summer struggle. The first month was totally disciplined and focused cause I was 20 lbs overweight, but now I’m down a bunch and I’m using the excuse that an hour of these workouts must entitle me to a something. I need to remind myself that a tight diet with these workouts will have far better results.

See you at the finish line!

Good luck!


Happy 4th to the Americans.

Back stateside and looking to be extremely tight these last 2 weeks. I "lost" 2 days to half-assed workouts during my travel and decided to restart this week, so I'm on day 72 while the team is on 74. I wanna squeeze every drop of goodness from the workouts.

See you at the finish line! good luck everyone!


I’ve been a little AWOL on the blog because I’m traveling w the family to attend a wedding in Spain. The workouts are going strong, but the diet is barely hanging on. Lots of great fish and veggies, but I’m chalking up the paella as an indulgence and I’m not sure where to account for the omnipresent bread.
On the bright side, I’m swimming a km in the Mediterranean every day and hopefully burning some of it.

Back to home and the tighter diet this week.

Good luck everyone. Here’s to a really strong finish!

The Corner

Good week for me of banging out the workouts. I’m waking up looking forward to it which is a change from previous programs like Bells and chisel where I woke up sore a lot.
I continue to love the length and pace of this program. Just suits me for motivation and results.

On the diet side this week required some navigating of work dinners but I’ve gotten better at ordering a small protein and a large veggie dish in lieu of the egg whites on my plan. Not ideal, but better than saying screw it and just jumping off the wagon. Way less guilty and the results seem to keep coming. Now I can be tight for the next week which i like.

Good luck all. These are the days that count the most, so make the most of em.


This week the results were tangible. Mainly, I just feel strong and energized. I’m banging through sets in numbers of reps that were impossible in the first few weeks and the diet is fairly easy. The mirror, scale and belt are all corroborating the story, but most of all I just feel great. Life is good.

I’m really glad I did a full 12 week program this time. I’m very excited about what can be achieved in these next 4 weeks and an active summer.

Good luck all!

The Good Place

The lessons are hitting the nail on the head lately. Just as i was thinking I should be leaner/faster/stronger after 6 weeks of every day work the lesson about the editor popped up. Spot on.

The truth is I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. The workouts are coming easier and the diet is tight. There are already tangible gains, just not 100% up to our impatient standards. We’re in position for the major transformation. The next 6 weeks are going to be very productive.

Also, just a side note: “the sneak” is an excellent therapeutic exercise for the 40+ crowd’s creaky knees. I do that before and after every athletic endeavor and it has made a HUGE difference in knee pain, tightness, and swelling.

Good luck all!

Moving Day

Good to be back in the middle of the program. Progress is tangible. This is where the diet is pretty dialed in, cravings aren’t as proactive (reactive is another story) and the workouts are clicking. I do like the pace of the workout increases. None of it is too daunting and I’m feeling energetic all least for now.

Good luck all.


Surfing in Bali this week, aka alternative cardio. Everything is going well. Easy to stay on diet here.

Good luck all!

The Road

I hear a lot on here about travel and Kenzai, both positive and negative. I’ve been traveling for work a lot these last few years, including this week. I’ve shifted from anxiety about it in my first program to excitement nowadays. I even look to do programs when I know I’ll be traveling a lot. I personally enjoy taking this show on the road and adapting it to whatever hotel gym I’m in. New scenery, new machines, maybe a swim for cardio or a quick run in a different city. I love the weird looks our exercises bring from the hamster wheel treadmill folks. I bring my rope and a band as back up but sometimes it’s fun to adapt to what is available and mix that in. After a bunch of programs I think it keeps it interesting.

I also find that Kenzai friendly meals (especially breakfasts) are pretty easy to get in hotel buffets or restaurants these days. There’s a lot of low carb and keto diets that have shifted things our way. I used to get the three-heads look when I asked for spinach with breakfast. Now it’s the norm.

The only program that doesn’t always adapt well is kettlebell 1 and moreso k-bell 2 for obvious reasons, but with that one you can usually get by w dumbbells for a day or two.

All the best and good luck!

Slow and steady

I have no complaints about the relatively light workouts this week.
It's been a while since I jumped for 10 or 12 minutes, so that's taken some getting back into to. If I'm honest, it's kinda boring so I row on the concept 2 for the allotted time some days.

As for the 3-4 quick sets of exercises, I'm good with it. There's a long way to go here...

Back for more KB2

Hey all. Glad to be part of another great group of Kenzai zealots.

I did KB2 a couple years ago and really enjoyed the pace and length of the program. I did Chisel earlier this year and loved it, but have been on the see-food diet since.

Right now I feel like I need 12 weeks of discipline to make real gains.

My goal is to get to my post KB1 fitness. Over these past 4 years, I've learned new disciplines and upped my muscle mass and improved VO2 max and all that good stuff, but I haven't put it all together at once the way a stringent 12-week K-program that's my goal.

Let's do this.

Done. Phew! 

That is one heck of a program. I feel this sense of exhausted relief today...the same way I’ve felt after every cycle over these last few weeks. Collapse on the mat gasping type relief.

The program started as a training ground for ski season and ended with a desire to push to new limits. It once again showed me how crazy effective Kenzai can be in a short period of time if you follow it to a T. It’s been almost 4 years and a bunch of programs since KB1 and this was the best/tightest diet I’ve had since that first go round. I think it showed me that I’m too old to half-ass the diet and expect the workouts to carry me. Together they are really powerful.

Thanks to my fellow Chiselers and head -Chiseler Malia. When the program was toughest in weeks 3-5 I found a lot of motivation in you guys and it carried me to the strongest finish I’ve ever had. Thank you.

Checking in

This last week has felt like good progress. Nailing the diet and the workouts. I’m feeling light and strong.

Every day I’m waking up sore and stiff, the beginning of the first cycle is brutal, and then the second cycle feels great. Its weird how you get that runners high type feeling. The third cycle is mixed, but generally just exhausting. I get the impression that’s how it’s all supposed to work.

On the exercise front, is there anyone that can do 50 seconds straight of scissor claps? I can get to maybe 30.

Took a week off from the formal program for a ski touring trip last week, but did a bunch of leg work and stretching that I learned here to stay limber.

Jumped back in today at day 22 and was able to hit the ground running.

The combo of ski boot and chisel is an awesome workout to prep for skiing.

Thanks again, Kenzai!

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