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Christen W.

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back problems

I hurt my back and have been going to a chiropractor 3 times a week. I e-mailed the Kenzai weeks ago about it and they said they would forward my situation to Sara. Now I’m getting notices about being in trouble. Sad face.
I wish I was not hurt but I need to get better and try over after. Sorry guys.

loving it

I really feel good doing my workouts and love this program! I know I have not been good about blogging. But I’m here and I seriously love this! I’m so thankful my sister introduced me to Kenzai!!

feeling good!

So excited to start another program! Love the support and workouts and people I get to meet!
Staying positive!


I took my first numbers July 5th and my last numbers today October 7th! What a change!
My body fat % went from 15.7% to 13.6
Fat free mass from 105.4 to 112.2 pounds
Muscle mass score 100 pounds to 106.4 pounds!
Muscle mass in left leg 15.2 lb to 15.8 lb
Muscle mass in right leg 15.6 lb to 16.4 lb
Muscle mass in left arm 4.8 lb to 5.6 lb
Muscle mass in right arm 5.0 lb to 5.6 lb
Muscle mass in trunk 59.4 lb to 63.2 lb

So proud and excited for my next program with you guys!!

please call

I signed up for membership and want to start a new program today and it won’t let me sign up. Please Kim will you have someone contact me.

day 90 

well I've had my ups and downs but I'm proud to have completed the program. I'm very thankful for the support of the team. The whole program is amazing. So glad I did it. Look forward to more programs!


For some reason the app is not playing nice with me. Sometimes on and off it is literally showing that I have not done one single workout this whole 86 days! But then I will go back and it will just be missing some. And then all gone again. And then weeks gone that I’m not even sure of. I’m so frustrated and know that I have missed some but now not even sure what I’ve missed and what I have not.
I have been under the weather as well. I have thyroid problems and went into get blood work to see if my meds need to be adjusted.
Anyway, I’m not gone just a little frustrated and weak. I have been thinking of membership.

Why do I feel like I look at my pictures and I look exactly the same?! I’m going to wait until the end to do another test but I really feel like my body is just not budging!


Thanks everyone who have me support on my break and not letting me feel like a total looser. It took me a minute but I too realized I am human and I just had to jump back in, instead of sinking in my bed and just letting it all go. That would of been so easy to do. But no! I'm back in the saddle and boy do I feel the BURN! LOL Taking the break was not so easy on the body. Who amped up these workouts!? It actually was a good burn though. I almost forgot the good feeling you get after you finish.
Feeling good, feeling positive. Went thought everyones posts and the team looks strong! Really motivating!!
We have this, on the home stretch!


Sorry I’ve been missing team! I’m not sure what my problem is but I’ve been really struggling with motivation! All of the sudden too! I went from all in to missing the last 5 workouts! Yes 5! What is wrong with me! I have done some other things physical. But hardly. I’m getting a body analysis today to see how it has effected me. I plan to be back on track as of today! You all look great! Happy Monday!

Anyone else use up their jumprope to the point it is not useable anymore! Should I be proud? Frustrated? Am I doing it wrong? LOL Whatever it is, my jumprope has retired. Time to get a new rope!

6 pack

Where is my 6 pack!! With all these crazy tummy exercises I want my 6 pack!! He he

The incline!

So on my last day of my trip in Colorado. I challenged myself by hiking a trail called The incline. it gains 1,912 feet in 2,768steps! The highest elevation on it gets to 8573 feet. I’m from Colorado but it’s been years. So my ears were killing me especially. It was so beautiful and a wonderful challenge. I did it solo and yes I made it to the top. I picked the worst day. It was in the high 90’s! If you want to read about it. It’s in Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs.

so far so good!

Loving being in my home state! The weather is beautiful and so nice to see the big beautiful mountains! First day I woke up and did my workout right away! Going to do this everyday because I know if I don’t my day will get away from me here! Happy healthy living everyone!!

the real challenge

Ok like many of you I’m off for a trip today.
I’m going on a vacation for 7 days to my home state of Colorado to visit friends. A little nervous about getting in my exercise every day.
Wish me luck.

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