Christen W.

Christen W.

Kenzai Body | Day 70
Kenzai Body
Day 70
Program progress:

Anyone else use up their jumprope to the point it is not useable anymore! Should I be proud? Frustrated? Am I doing it wrong? LOL Whatever it is, my jumprope has retired. Time to get a new rope!

6 pack

Where is my 6 pack!! With all these crazy tummy exercises I want my 6 pack!! He he

The incline!

So on my last day of my trip in Colorado. I challenged myself by hiking a trail called The incline. it gains 1,912 feet in 2,768steps! The highest elevation on it gets to 8573 feet. I’m from Colorado but it’s been years. So my ears were killing me especially. It was so beautiful and a wonderful challenge. I did it solo and yes I made it to the top. I picked the worst day. It was in the high 90’s! If you want to read about it. It’s in Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs.

so far so good!

Loving being in my home state! The weather is beautiful and so nice to see the big beautiful mountains! First day I woke up and did my workout right away! Going to do this everyday because I know if I don’t my day will get away from me here! Happy healthy living everyone!!

Ok like many of you I’m off for a trip today.
I’m going on a vacation for 7 days to my home state of Colorado to visit friends. A little nervous about getting in my exercise every day.
Wish me luck.


Why does the 7 sets of 2 minutes seem so much harder to me then the big numbers we were doing….
Im dying! LOL.


So I got my body tested again today and some good things are happening! First numbers were taken July 5th, Second July 22nd and Today Aug. 22
I'm 5'7. I went from 125.2 to 126.4 to 124.6
My body fat % from 15.7% to 14.8% to 12.4%
Fat free mass From 105.4 to 107.6 to 109.2
Muscle Mass Score from 100 to 102 to 103.6
Left leg 15.2 to 15.2 to 15.4 Right leg 15.6 to 15.8 to 15.8 this is muscle mass % in pounds
Left arm 4.8 to 5.2 to 5.2 Right arm 5.0 to 5.2 to 5.2 this is muscle mass % in pounds
My trunk went from 59.4 to 60.4 to 61.8! This is muscle mass % in pounds
I know my fat % is low, I started low. Im not trying to loose weight. But I am so trying to gain muscle and this is working!!! Im so happy with the results!!! Kenzai kicks butt if you put the work in!!!

So today has been a tough day. One of my friends from hs died yesterday. The kindest, sweetest, most supportive person. Was a true friend. Always very supportive to me. Today I’ve just been in a funk and have not been able to shake a headache.
I kept telling myself I was going to do my workout. And even started it at one point but knew that the way I was going about it was not worth it or safe.
So today I have made the choice. Given myself permission. ( still feeling guilty) to skip my first workout of the 90 day period.
My body and mind is resting today.

Because even though some days I don’t feel like doing the program, I end up getting it done and feeling stronger each day.
Not just physically stronger but emotionally stronger.
Because I want to do this for myself but also be a support to my team! We started this together and we can finish it.


Like others my skipping has really become second nature to me. Not that it’s easy but I’m able to do much larger sets in a row without stopping and getting it done faster. 400 in a row is my top so far.
I’m feeling stronger and actually even had someone tell me I seemed stronger.
But at the same time I’m feeling a bit mentally down lately. Maybe just a funk.
Still no misses.
I think I’m going to do another evaluation on Monday morning. See if I have any changes with my muscle mass.
Another week down people.

feeling good

I have to say splitting up the rope and the bands really helps! Been doing rope in the morning and the rest later. So far so good!
Almost weekend people.

today was hard

I’m trying to stay positive and keep motivated but I’m feeling a struggle lately. It have been able to keep it going but I’m definitely feeling the struggle. I think more mentally then physical? Maybe they are connected.
And with that I’m getting ready for bed.

skipping downfall

Boy did I have a hard time skipping today. Normally its pretty smooth, but tonight It would of got some views if I would of posted it on the youtube channel. And my biceps were on fire. So I guess I was tired. Anyway, I'm glad it was an easy day.
Awesome that we made it down another week! excited to see what the next one brings us! Good job everyone!

I am human

Well I sat and thought about skipping my workout tonight for about 10 minutes. Really just sat and did nothing but think about if I could do it or not. Day 34 and I have not missed any still. So I thought to myself, "I'm human. I can miss a day".
But I couldn't do it, I couldn't not work out. I have put this pressure on myself to not miss. Again not sure if its good or bad, but its there. I guess I can say I'm human for thinking about missing.
I do feel good after finishing though! Now for some blueberries!!!


So yes I did my workout late again but its ok because I am so excited for the weekend! Feeling great!
And we all should be so proud we have almost made it through another week!