Christen W.

Christen W.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:
Opposite to emotion!

I had a tough time starting my work out today. It was a big push to get myself to start, used a great skill.
Opposite to emotion. By the end it was great, really turned my attitude around. Sometimes I think we forget
how great a burn is not only for our body but for our minds! Im thankful for my team and this program.


So interesting how at first I was not so happy about jumping rope and now I’m absolutely loving it! It is such a great work out and I find it really fun. Brings me back or something. I say congrats to everyone! We did it! Today I did my work out with my sister who is just now finishing week 4. That was fun. Always good to have inspiration from different places. Bring on week 2!

Did my workout first thing this morning before I left the house. Went really well. I cut my jumprope shorter and I found this was the answer to all my problems!!!! Now I'm set for the real jump challenge that starts tomorrow!!!!
Almost down our first week!!


Just finished my workout and its a little after 8pm on Friday. I have to be honest and say I was not really looking forward to doing it today. I should of done it earlier before I left the house, and when I got home I just was tired and wanted to lay down on the couch and relax. But I have to tell you what motivated me! Going through and reading some of your blogs. I might not post on all of your blogs, but you all motivate me to keep going. Its really the most inspiring thing with this program! I don't really have a social life and this is such a great thing for me. So thank you all. Lets do this!!!!


I love the thought of the superpower! It gave me extra motivation and strength today. I can be very visual and
I have a great imagination so this was a fun one for me. I totally went to the thought of super grover.

I woke up pretty stiff in the calves again today but just did a lot of stretching before and after the workout and then went for a long walk today. Feel pretty good now.

I love the team and am so thankful for everyone. It is truly motivating to read everyones posts. Thanks everyone.


Ok I'm kidding, but I have to say that the jumprope is harder than I thought. Or maybe its just an amazing workout that I have not done since I was a kid! My calfs are feeling it. It's a good burn though. Nice to feel that the workout is working. Feeling strong. Love the support! And love that the workout really does not take tons of time out of the day. If I want to add more I can, but otherwise pretty easy to fit it into the day!

Otter Kicks!!!

Still super excited about this program. I have such a hard time motivating myself to workout and the support and system here is so wonderful. Absolutely love it. Especially for someone like myself who is kind of an introvert.
But lets talk about these Otter Kicks! he he Well the picture below can pretty much explain how I was counting down the seconds. Hope everyone is doing awesome!

Day 1

I'm so excited to start this program! Today was awesome! Have not used a jumprope forever. It kicked my butt!
That was probable the biggest challenge for me today besides for uploading a picture without cutting my face off!
I'm so not technically savvy. Hello everyone!!!!