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Christine D.

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I'm here!

Sorry team - been rubbish at blogging in my last few programs, just quietly enjoying the workouts and clean eating and doing my own thing. I'll try to be better this time around!!

Somehow I missed the memo that we need dumbbells for this program - I clearly didn't read carefully enough, and there was no equipment list when I was doing my pre-program checklists.

SO I'll be doing the rest of the training (I LOVE the full body stuff!!!) and sticking with my PTs twice a week (we've just entered HEAVY mode with low reps so the timing is perfect) but will need to compromise for home arms workouts since my hand weights are quite tiny and my kettlebells are too heavy and mismatching in weight 😂

I'm sure I'll see results nonetheless, and look forward to seeing how everyone else does!

Plugging along

A few setbacks in the past week - one planned (birthday brunch for a friend on Saturday) and some unexpected events sending my anxiety into overdrive! So a bunch of poor sleeps, and a couple of missed workouts, but my diet has been about 90% and this week should be smooth sailing!

Hope everyone's week three is off to a good start!!!

Apologies for being so late to the party, team!

1. Tell us a little about yourself! Who, what, where . . .
Canadian, living in HK for ten years. Office job, work hard/play hard life - hiking and trail running = my version of meditation and I definitely need to make sure I get out there to keep sane.
2. What was your favourite Beach vacation ever?!
Boracay with an amazing group of friends from HK :)
3. What would be your dream job? Or if you do your dream job (awesome!) what is it?
Anything that helps to make other people's lives better/easier, which I do a little bit in my current role but in the finance world it just doesn't feel as meaningful as, say, working in a hospice!

I've done the program before but was only able to give it about a 50% effort - this time I'm much more focused!!!

There will be a round two! 

In order to do this justice I will need to do it again, but even at the 50% I could give time around it kicked my butt into shape and got me looking forward to workouts in a new way!

I'll be back in July/August to give it my all!!!

Still here!

I'm on all sorts of meds for some sort of sinus issue that began in FEBRUARY and caused me to cut a Chisel program short. I think it's finally getting better but my appetite is disastrous (almost non-existent), particularly for meat so I'm having trouble forcing myself to eat protein aside from eggs. So weird!!!

My sleep is also a mess - bouts of insomnia, and lot of restlessness which is very unusual for me, especially when I'm training. I usually sleep like a rock!!

I've fallen a bit farther behind on workouts but still getting them in. It'll be a late finish for me but I'm going to see it through, and I'm definitely doing this one again - I LOVE the workouts.

I hope everyone else's final week is off to a great start!!!


I think I set a record for the number of times I hit the snooze button this morning!!! I was way deep down when the alarm went off and now shaking the cobwebs before I do today's workout.

Definitely feeling all the hard work and reduced intake!

The first lesson has me super stoked and the workouts look amazing!!!

REALLY need to burn through some fat - my body fat percentage is at an all-time high and I need to get back into a range that I'm comfortable with.

Looking forward to training with you all!

Unfortunately I still haven't kicked this cough :| so I'm officially giving up hope of making any progress this time around

On the bright side, although I sound awful, I feel fine and the doc said the only reason I don't feel REALLY sick is because I'm so fit, so yay for that! Talk about motivation to keep it up as we age to help tackle inevitable health challenges ahead.

I'll sign up for the next Chisel program - can't possibly be coughing for much longer!!!

Good luck to everyone else as you finish the program, I hope you're enjoying it as much as I do!


quiet times

I've been sick this entire time and on lots of meds to keep symptoms at bay :|

I'm heading home to Canada next week and hope to be well enough to get in all my workouts :)

If I can't I'll be pulling out and starting again at the next opportunity!

Hope everyone is doing well and loving this amazing programme :)

Sorry team, have been WAY under the weather and have gotten off to a slow start!

1) I live in Hong Kong, Head of Operations & Compliance for a corporate services firm and a small law firm (desk job, big geek here), and my play involves amazing friends, lots of eating (and drinking) out, or on the opposite end of the spectrum trail running which is my real passion and my way to clear my head.

2) I did KB1 in the first slot of 2016 and have since done many of the programs. This is my third time doing Chisel - my FAVOURITE!!!

3) My only HIIT experience is with Chisel.

4) I've signed up for this because I'm doing two strength training sessions each week with a personal trainer and this will be a good compliment to that. I've not been active enough outside of the PT sessions and I need a major kick in the butt.

Looking forward to the next few weeks!!!

Fitness (a way late final blog for Chisel!) 

Chisel 2.0 was to complement my trail running training for Moontrekker - I did only the HIIT workouts and free cardio, and on the strength training days I either ran, hiked, or rested.

I LOVED the routine, and just did Moontrekker last weekend. My only goal was to 'beat the sun' which meant doing 30k (with nearly 2k of elevation) in just over seven hours, and not only did I finish with plenty of time left, of the solo women my placement was 18! I didn't need to stop for a rest once, and my body wasn't even sore the next day.

Usually when I sign up for a new program and declare my fitness level I choose 'somewhat fit' but I think I'm ready now, after five years of trail running and eight Kenzai programs, to admit that I'm 'very fit' least compared to the average ;)

Still lots of work to do on body composition but feeling pretty happy with these results!

Warp Speed

Time is flying. It seriously feels like two days ago when I said 'I can't believe it's already September' and now we're halfway through. These five weeks of Chisel have felt more like two.

Work is mental and I haven't been feeling the greatest this week so I've missed three workouts in a row, but this morning got up to hit the hills, which will probably not be an option tomorrow given this super typhoon that still seems to be headed straight for us.

Selfie on The Twins this morning
Blue skies (while they last - tomorrow will be a different story!)
GPS fail on my Tuesday night run - 12 km looking like 30km, literally a time warp when you look at my average pace ;)

Hope everyone's doing great!!

Still here!

Sorry team for being so inactive. Crazy week for me last week personally, and professionally.

LOTS of work lunches these two weeks - making healthy choices but it's still not the same as when I cook for myself and I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet next week.

Exercise is going really well. Last night's run was definitely harder than it was the week before (the result of three cycles in the morning I think!) but I kept my time within a minute of last week's anyway so I'm happy about that.

Wednesday mornings I sleep later instead of working out and man do I need it - I can really feel the accumulation of all the activity affecting my need for rest, and the sleep is quality!!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Hazy hike

We've had ridiculously bad pollution in HK this week but I still went out for a 10k hike/run today (for HK people the twins then Violet Hill, running home to Causeway Bay from Parkview at the end).

I also did a night run/hike in 96% humidity on Tuesday night - 11.5k, felt like VERY hard work but absolutely glorious after the cold shower :) :) :)

Moontrekker training is on!!!

Loving the Chisel workouts in between - hope everyone else it too :)

Photos are blue skies from a couple of months ago on the same hike as today, and today's haze in comparison - blech! Haven't seen it like this for aaaaaages.

Chisel 2.0 intro

I actually finished my first Chisel in Canada at the beginning of a two-week holiday and, while I was better than I normally would have been whilst there, I definitely took a headfirst dive off the clean-eating train.

I'm training for the 30k Moontrekker and need to keep my fitness up and shed some excess weight, so I'm going to revert to KB1 strictness (I've done six programs since and I've never been as good as I was the first time!) and absolutely make the most of this second go.

1. My biggest physical challenge was hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province ten years ago. NOT because it's the hardest hike I've done, but because I was out of shape and mentally unprepared for it. I REALLY want to go back and do it again now to see how hard it actually is!

2. I don't think anything is worth having unless it can be shared. Wealth, knowledge, opportunity - whatever!

End of Week 5





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