Christine G.

Christine G.

Life getting busy

I'm starting a new job on Monday and trying to finish up a bunch of house projects, Christmas shopping, spending time with my two kids etc. before I start. I was at my previous firm for 13 years so excited but nervous. We're also in the midst of a home renovation that is stressful. I got my work out in this morning but wasn't able to last Friday, over the weekend or yesterday as I was at an out of town funeral for a family friend. Trying to stick to the diet and get in exercise 4-5 times per week. I will try and upload a photo tomorrow - meant to do it this morning while I was in my work out clothes but then got distracted when the painters showed up! Trying my best but Kenzai blogging is falling by the wayside these days! sorry!


Past two weeks have been rough - today is the first day I'm feeling better after the flu. Managed to get the work out in and back on the diet after a lot of soup.

Feeling clothes are a bit looser and finally saw a change on the scale. Wasn't able to do the work outs this weekend but pretty much stuck to the diet. Got the work out in today and will try every day this week!

Captain's Chair

Jess & Matt:
Could you recommend an alternative exercise to the Captain's Chair? I don't feel that my chairs at home are sturdy enough for this exercise. Also, I noticed that the kenzai app no longer makes the chime sound when the timer goes off. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to turn it back on?

In the valley

The last 1-2 weeks have been tough. It's not that I feel like quitting, I just had outside distractions and couldn't stick to the work outs. Was keeping to the diet but for a few dinners (Friday night and Saturday night). Today I did the work out and will try to do it every day this week.

I was away this past weekend for my sister's 50th birthday. I did pretty well eating wise, but didn't get to work out the past few days. Plus last two days I've been sick and therefore not sleeping well. Tomorrow I plan to wake up early and get the exercise in! I was worried about the egg white dinner but I found hard boiled eggs to be tolerable.

"Slow Starts"

Today's lesson "Potential Side-Effects for Men and Women" was timely for me. Particularly the "Slow Starts" section for women. A bit disappointed I'm not seeing more results yet. It's been helpful reading some of the other women blogs that they are experiencing the same thing, so at least I'm not alone. Would have thought I'd see some changes by now - particularly on the scale - but nothing. That said, I do feel like I'm getting stronger. Can't believe I did 800 jump ropes today (not all at once). And the alcohol and sweet cravings are getting a little easier, which is great. I feel like I'm hitting a wall with the food, particularly the protein. If anyone has found some tasty recipes, please share!


Getting better and jumping rope, but 600 is still not easy! I was traveling this weekend so I missed two workouts - Sunday (600 jump ropes) and Friday because my son was up most of Thursday night with the croup. Baby is better now - looking forward to this week and hopefully starting to see some results in the next week or two. It's getting easier not to drink wine at night, and going to bed early is becoming more routine.

Whew. Today's work out was challenging. I also missed my weekend workouts unfortunately. Still getting into a rhythm - it was hard to do the exercise over the weekend with the kids around. Will need to somehow carve out time for this going forward, which will mean getting up earlier than them, and going to bed earlier too.
Davinci: I find this exercise very difficult. I switched up the band to the purple band and that helped a lot.
Push-ups: Super hard - I broke my elbow 3 months ago and still a little nervous putting a lot of weight on my elbow.
Seated pull-down: I'm waiting on my door anchor from amazon so I used 3 pound weights instead

Meal prep: I'm reading others posts about doing a massive meal prep on sunday night for the entire week. I will do this next Sunday - that was a great idea. I like seeing posts about recipes etc. Will post some of mine once I have one good enough to post! :)

Looking forward to week two!

Forgot about using the door anchor and the band slipped off the door and smacked me in the face. Whoops! Won't make that mistake again! ha.

I saw on some other posts that they are worried about giving up wine/social drinking. Are we supposed to not drink during the program? Are there cheat days?

1. Tell us about your life...
I live in Manhattan with my husband and two boys, ages four and two. I usually spend my time working M-F, and on the weekends in Central Park with the kids. I'm currently on garden leave until November so have more free time than I usually do - which is nice!

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Before I had kids 4 years ago, I regularly exercised. Since my first child was born 4 years ago, I haven't exercised much at all. Plus I'm close to 40 years old and my metabolism appears to be slowing down considerably. My goal is to lose weight, tone up, and get healthy. I feel now is a good time as my youngest is two years old and life with two young kids is getting a little easier- not as many late nights with a sick or teething baby. Success would be feeling good about my body again - maybe be to wear a two piece at the beach.

3. A problem shared...
My husbands travels a lot for work, so M-F it is usually just me and the kids. I'll have to get the exercise done in the apt before they wake up around 6:00/6:30 am. Hopefully I can jump rope in the apt - worried about finding enough space... Otherwise we have a Peloton so maybe i'll use that for cardio. I'm also starting a new job in November, so I'm worried about getting the work outs done early in the morning AND cooking breakfast before I leave for the office around 8:00 am. Dinner is also a challenge. I find I can eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but when I get home from work and put the kids to bed, it is 7:15ish when I'm finished and I don't feel like cooking and cleaning up. Plus I'm hungry - so I historically just pushed the easy button and ordered unhealthy delivery like Pad Thai.

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer?

Day 3

Got my work out in today despite my two kids being up crying all night. Ages 2 and 4 so who knows what that was about! I'm in between jobs so was able to sleep for a bit in the morning after my son went to school, but it will be harder to exercise everyday when I go back to work full time in November. We live in a NYC apt with no gym - and my husband travels a lot - so during the week it is usually just me and the kids. Today I worked out in the laundry room - which I think will be my go-to spot, despite three other people in there folding laundry while I jumped rope! Oh well. Or maybe I'll try jumping rope in our apartment - I'm just worried about scratching the floors. Hmmm.

Day One

Hello everyone! It's my first day. I need to buy a new jump rope as I'm using my husbands and I believe it is too long - I kept tripping - heading to store to buy a shorter one. I also found the push ups impossible to do, so I modified them and did them on my knees.