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Kenzai Body 2 | Day 10 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 10
Program progress:
KB2 Day Eight

Said goodbye to some food this weekend in preparation for today. Chips, a cookie now and then, and of course my biggest weakness and source of calories, beer. Looking forward to putting that all aside for the next few months. hope everyone is off to a good Week Two!

Hello folks,

Greetings from Philadelphia. Glad to be back on program. I've done a succession of Kenzai programs since finishing KB 1 just over a year ago and did the two blast programs this spring into summer. But the end of August and into Sept has been pretty ugly. Basically no formal exercise and living a life of sloth. Time to get back into it! Grateful for the slow ramp up on the exercises as I re-acclimate my mind and body to a long term program.

Hoping to re-capture some of the big gains I made under KB 1, which was a game changer for me, and perhaps push it a bit more on the fat loss this time around. Looking forward to seeing where KB 2 takes me.

Best wishes and good luck to the team!


Blast T Shirt Done! 

Overall I really enjoyed the program. Two weeks of unanticipated international travel threw me for a bit of a loop during weeks 3 and 4-- week 3 being a tough one but I pulled it together for a strong finish in week 4. I think the key for making it work when traveling is getting the workout done in the morning, especially when you're jetlagging. Diet is tough when traveling as well. Measuring portions is kinda out the window so you just try and eat clean....

Week 4 workouts were a killer. I missed day 24 so I went back and hit it today, thus the delay in getting the blog done and finishing up.

looking forward to figuring out what comes next. hope everyone has a good rest of the summer.


Jet laggin

Tough week post-travel from Philly to Manila. Found it really hard to adhere to the regime when my internal clock and system are so outta whack. However, I did manage to get a couple of good workouts in, and the diet has been reasonably good. Breakfasts are great but the rest of the day is a challenge; the food sirens of jetlag sing such sweet melodies, pushing me to junk food and booze ("wouldn't that canister of chips taste GREAT right now...?"). Anyway, today was a good day. got an awesome sweat going with full-on cardio plus Kenzai 8min abs then a sauna followed by a swim. I think I've rounded the corner and can finish strong next week while I am still here.

Hope that everyone else can pull it together and finish strong as well!

T-Shirt Intro

Hi All,

Sorry for silence as of late. Busy busy.

I live in Philadelphia with my wife, 3 kids, and dog and work for a DC-based non profit. My favorite T-shirt was a plain white T with the logo from the Vermont Reggae Fest I attended in like 1988. I didn't look particularly good in this particular T, but of course thought I was super cool. I wore it so much that my mother insisted on cleaning it with bleach, which pretty much disintegrated it. RIP.

Enjoying the workouts so far. Am already seeing some changes to the upper body, which is great.

I am traveling to SE Asia on business this Sunday for 2 weeks. The hotel has a gym so I will be doing my best to adhere to the regimen. Wish me luck!

It's been a few weeks of summer sloth living since completing Blast Beach Ready and I am ready to get back into it. Looking forward to getting my sh*t together over the next month! Sore from the first few workouts. The crab walk continues to haunt me...

good luck to the group over the next 28 days!

Beach Blast final  

Really enjoyed this program. Had two very strong weeks with all of the Kenzai cylinders firing, then hit some turbulence in week 3 due to work and family time crunches, but ended up rallying and having a strong week 4 to bring it home.

My focus was more on doing something intense and short term, having just completed Iron a couple of weeks prior to starting Blast. The program was a bit Chisel-esque in its design but the sequencing of exercises and the blasts really made it unique. The last workout was killer but a great way to finish.

Not sure what's next for me. Glad to have done this one going into the summer months for sure. I am coming up on my 1 year Kenzai anniversary and am very grateful for the experience.

I hope everyone has a great summer. Thanks Ward, as always, for your guidance and support.


Week 4

Back on track for week 4. All good. Today's workout was tough. Knee slapper and tire run close together are killer. Happy to wolf down 230g of protein after that!

Hope everyone is killing it in these last few days!

Week 3

Had a great week one and two capped off by a weekend with old high school friends in Cape Cod. Had two nice outside workouts with cool sunny weather and did pretty good on the diet all things considered. My friends were impressed with my insistence on carving out time for the workout both days.

Unfortunately Week 3 has been an unmitigated disaster on the workout side of things. A very tight work deadline has meant virtually no time for anything except work and sleep. Been able to stick to the diet but in these situations i find myself stress eating, especially late night. anyway, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and looking forward to getting back on track and finishing strong.

hope everyone is doing well in their week 3.

Week one

Had a bout of the stomach flu over the weekend so unfortunately had to miss Saturday workout. Back in the saddle on Sunday but it was a tough one. Other than that, workouts are going fine-- I am having trouble getting through a minute of some of the exercises, especially late in the routine. Am stopping the clock, taking a quick breather then continuing.

Why Blast? I finished Iron a few weeks ago and wanted to do another program but was hesitate to commit to even a 6 week go at Chisel (which I have done once already). So this one popped up at the perfect time.

@Ward, have a question about interval training on the treadmill. What is the optimal mix of interval times over a 20 minute run on the treadmill? I usually do a 10 min quick jog then 1 min sprint, 1 min jog intervals for the remaining time.... would love to be doing this the right way if you have some guidance. Thanks!

Hope that everyone can keep up the intensity during week 2!

Day 3. Crab Walk.

Crab Walk. I hated it in 4th grade gym class. Hated it when I did Chisel last year.
Goddamnit here it is again.

Day 2

Apparently I am in good company when I say these are tough workouts. Never before has one minute seemed like such an eternity, as if time itself has slowed just to troll me as I jump and flap my various limbs and curse that only 30 seconds have elapsed.

I finished Iron a couple of weeks ago, which wasn't too heavy on the cardio and limb flapping. This is going to be a tough month!

Day Ninety- Iron Final 

Fantastic experience-- very glad to have done Iron and I am very glad it is over! I truly learned a ton over the course of this program. The most gratifying part, I think, was overcoming a bit of fear of the "big lifts" such as deadlifts and even squats- the latter of which I have tried kind of half-ass over the years but never felt really comfortable doing. Iron completely demystified these exercises and I am much more confident doing them. I am coming out of these 90 days much better informed and looking forward to integrating these exercises into future workouts. Having completed KB1, Chisel, Skiboot, and now Iron, I feel like I've got quite a toolbox to dip into when I hit the gym.

I wasn't able to hit all 90 workouts due to illness in the middle of the program and a couple of ski trips. I think there was only one day where I missed a workout that probably could have been avoided. On the diet side of things, I've basically adopted the Kenzai diet in my daily life, so dialing back the portions a bit and cutting out some foods that had made their way back into life, like chips, were relatively easy to cut out. My one weakness continues to be beer; I had a couple of starts and stops in terms of abstention over the course of the 90 days and that could have been stronger.

Thanks to Scott for the leadership and answers to many questions! And congrats to Team Azure! Hope to see you on future programs.


Day eighty-five

So close... a few more days to go. Today was a killer leg workout. And then speed rope with rubber leg syndrome. Damn.

Hope everyone can dig deep and make these last days count!

Day Eighty

Was in Florida for kids' spring break part of last week. Diet and workouts were good (pretty decent gym where we were and ate a ton of fish) but I did miss a bicep workout. I might also have succumbed to the dreaded but delicious call of the rum punch sirens on more than one occasion.

Back on point as of Monday and ready to finish strong. Putting chest dips into the rotation after the chest combo was particularly sadistic today, though I have to say that I could never muster more than a couple of dips before I did Kenzai. During KB 1 I began pumping out multiple double digit sets. Some of that strength was lost in the interim but has been coming back during Iron. First couple of sets are strong but I am totally spent by the end. It's gratifying to be able to crank 'em out.

I hope everyone can dig deep during these final days. Good luck!


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