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Chris W.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 72 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 72
Program progress:
Day Sixty Six

24 to go. 100% on workouts to date. Diet 100% since the post Halloween "beer diversion". Feeling tired of the routine (not to mention physically tired) and ready to be done. Am hungry despite consuming my fair share of veggies, and thus super appreciative when I get to eat a meal! But, I am also feeling that "Kenzai buzz" you get when you really adhere to a program, which is great.

Had a trip to DC last Thursday with a crazy schedule. Usually I can get the workout in during the day at the office gym. Not possible this time as meetings were back to back then caught a late train home. The only option to get the workout done was to do it at 10pm. So I got it done. I guess I could have skipped it and it would have been no big deal but I find myself pretty vigilant about getting them done when I am on program.

Have had some great runs recently on cardio days. i always forget how good it feels after a solid 40 minute run!

Anyway, I am feeling the same sorts of frustrations and malaise my fellow trainees are feeling. And while 24 days is not a long time, it's still 24 more workouts! Aaaah! Hope we can all keep it together and push through successfully to the end!

Day Fifty-Eight

Last week’s Halloween indulgence wasn’t too bad all things considered. A few beers, some beef, some shrimp, and yes a couple of pieces of chocolate. The problem came over the weekend when I found myself making excuses to pick up a few beers on the way home in the evenings. It’s chilly, and how lovely would a nice thick stout taste right about now? Sigh… old habits die hard but I got it out of my system by Sunday. Back on track and looking forward to keeping it tight for the last leg of the journey.

Had a great outdoor 4+ mile run in the crisp fall air on Sunday afternoon but those sets of 3 full body exercises following such a run were killer. So far so good with the weighted ropes.

Where did October go? Almost at the 30-days-to-go mark!

Day Fifty Three

All good on the workout and diet fronts this past week. Definitely sore and tired with the additional sets and reps in the workouts. And definitely tired of apple-eggwhite-yogurt for dinners!

Have been using my new 1/4 pound weight crossrope for most of the 20 minute skips, then substituting the half pound rope in for 5 - 10 mins, but my arms and wrists tire quickly with that weight. I did buy a 1 pound rope which I have experimented with a couple of times. Wondering how long it might take me to work up to using that weight regularly. getting a 1 pound rope around consistently and evenly is certainly a challenge and very taxing. But having the new ropes in the mix helps to keep the mind off of having to skip for 20mins.

halloween is this evening in the US so i will use my indulgence to enjoy a drink or two and perhaps some protein for dinner rather than the apple, etc. there might be small bit of candy in the mix as well. Not anticipating a huge divergence from the diet but looking forward to something different tonight.

happy halloween!

Day Forty Five

Congrats to all on getting halfway there.

Last week was tough. Definitely hit the valley and was just kind of sick of the whole thing for like a good 48 hours. As usual, the Lessons were spot on. After finishing off Sunday's cardio I think I turned a bit of a corner.

Have been in a pretty good groove this week on diet and workout. Am 45/45 on the workouts, which feels great. The spare tire and gut fat are stubborn and making a last ditch effort to hang around but I think I can feel them starting to give way. It's only a matter of time. have been working some Kenzai Iron lifts into the routine which has been nice. Weighted rope arriving in a couple of days, so looking forward to checking that out.

Keep pushing ahead, everyone.

Day Thirty Eight

Got the 7 day blog warning. Has it really been a week already?

Couple of solid weeks of diet and workouts done. have definitely lost a couple of lbs and am seeing some small changes in the mirror. slow but steady. had some pretty strong cravings this week but managed to keep them at bay. I travel from Philly to DC for the day a couple of times a week which means I have to pack and lug my meals and workout clothes back and forth on the train, which means I have to prep food the night before for breakfast through afternoon fruit snack. it becomes a bit of a ritual on Monday and Wednesday evenings. I'll be glad not to have to do that after day 90! the building where my office is has a gym so i can set aside an hour to get the workout in. all good.

getting close to the halfway point. just keeping my head down and trying to plug away!

one question: does anyone have a recommendation for a weighted rope? Am thinking of giving it a try. and is there a "good" weight to start with? Thanks - C.

Day Thirty One

Back in the saddle after a week of travel. The jet lag messes with my appetite and meal timing- I found myself not hungry when I am usually famished, but then eating dinner super late and then having to force the snack in before going to sleep. things seem to be back to normal now. legs and lats are a little sore from this week's workouts, but for the most part all is good and I look forward to ramping things up this month.

I read on someone else's blog that having the fruit and yogurt for dinner was actually a bit of a relief due to less food prep. I couldn't agree more. I also find myself not really missing the full dinner- at least for now!

Hope everyone is doing well and plugging along! -Chris


Am in Tbilisi this week for biz. Have managed to get the workouts in and am doing pretty well on diet all things considered. But it's not often that one finds themselves in this corner of the earth. The food is pretty amazing- and fortunately heavy on the protein and veggies although the attached picture is indicative of what I am up against: delicious bread and melted cheese with an egg on top! At least there is an egg in the equation...

While I have not completely turned to the dark side, I have sampled the local beer a few times.

Really trying to keep it in-line but it is hard!

Back to Philly on Friday.

KB2 Day Fifteen

I feel like it's been longer than 2 weeks on program. All good in terms of workout and diet. Definitely had cravings during diet week one, with my inner self telling me that "it's ok" to just grab a beer or eat what's left over of my kid's dinner or dessert. But I've managed, as today's trainer message says, to keep moving forward without falling into old habits.

Speaking of food, as with KB1 I feel like I am eating a ton in the first stages of the diet. The picture is from Friday's food prep. That food will last only a few days, LOL. 250g of veggies doesn't sound like much until it's on the plate!

Glad to be in Week Three. Hope everyone else has been able to keep it moving forward! -Chris

KB2 Day Eight

Said goodbye to some food this weekend in preparation for today. Chips, a cookie now and then, and of course my biggest weakness and source of calories, beer. Looking forward to putting that all aside for the next few months. hope everyone is off to a good Week Two!

Hello folks,

Greetings from Philadelphia. Glad to be back on program. I've done a succession of Kenzai programs since finishing KB 1 just over a year ago and did the two blast programs this spring into summer. But the end of August and into Sept has been pretty ugly. Basically no formal exercise and living a life of sloth. Time to get back into it! Grateful for the slow ramp up on the exercises as I re-acclimate my mind and body to a long term program.

Hoping to re-capture some of the big gains I made under KB 1, which was a game changer for me, and perhaps push it a bit more on the fat loss this time around. Looking forward to seeing where KB 2 takes me.

Best wishes and good luck to the team!


Blast T Shirt Done! 

Overall I really enjoyed the program. Two weeks of unanticipated international travel threw me for a bit of a loop during weeks 3 and 4-- week 3 being a tough one but I pulled it together for a strong finish in week 4. I think the key for making it work when traveling is getting the workout done in the morning, especially when you're jetlagging. Diet is tough when traveling as well. Measuring portions is kinda out the window so you just try and eat clean....

Week 4 workouts were a killer. I missed day 24 so I went back and hit it today, thus the delay in getting the blog done and finishing up.

looking forward to figuring out what comes next. hope everyone has a good rest of the summer.


Jet laggin

Tough week post-travel from Philly to Manila. Found it really hard to adhere to the regime when my internal clock and system are so outta whack. However, I did manage to get a couple of good workouts in, and the diet has been reasonably good. Breakfasts are great but the rest of the day is a challenge; the food sirens of jetlag sing such sweet melodies, pushing me to junk food and booze ("wouldn't that canister of chips taste GREAT right now...?"). Anyway, today was a good day. got an awesome sweat going with full-on cardio plus Kenzai 8min abs then a sauna followed by a swim. I think I've rounded the corner and can finish strong next week while I am still here.

Hope that everyone else can pull it together and finish strong as well!

T-Shirt Intro

Hi All,

Sorry for silence as of late. Busy busy.

I live in Philadelphia with my wife, 3 kids, and dog and work for a DC-based non profit. My favorite T-shirt was a plain white T with the logo from the Vermont Reggae Fest I attended in like 1988. I didn't look particularly good in this particular T, but of course thought I was super cool. I wore it so much that my mother insisted on cleaning it with bleach, which pretty much disintegrated it. RIP.

Enjoying the workouts so far. Am already seeing some changes to the upper body, which is great.

I am traveling to SE Asia on business this Sunday for 2 weeks. The hotel has a gym so I will be doing my best to adhere to the regimen. Wish me luck!

It's been a few weeks of summer sloth living since completing Blast Beach Ready and I am ready to get back into it. Looking forward to getting my sh*t together over the next month! Sore from the first few workouts. The crab walk continues to haunt me...

good luck to the group over the next 28 days!

Beach Blast final  

Really enjoyed this program. Had two very strong weeks with all of the Kenzai cylinders firing, then hit some turbulence in week 3 due to work and family time crunches, but ended up rallying and having a strong week 4 to bring it home.

My focus was more on doing something intense and short term, having just completed Iron a couple of weeks prior to starting Blast. The program was a bit Chisel-esque in its design but the sequencing of exercises and the blasts really made it unique. The last workout was killer but a great way to finish.

Not sure what's next for me. Glad to have done this one going into the summer months for sure. I am coming up on my 1 year Kenzai anniversary and am very grateful for the experience.

I hope everyone has a great summer. Thanks Ward, as always, for your guidance and support.



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