Claire P.

Claire P.

Kenzai Body | Day 88
Kenzai Body
Day 88
Program progress:

With only 10 days to go, the end of kenzai is looming large not least because Manj and I leave to spend Christmas in Japan the day after we finish. I’ve been doing all our holiday prep and so much about Japanese culture (like all good cultures) revolves around food. I think one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from this program is that in everyday life kenzai is relatively easy to incorporate. Plan ahead, shop right and being healthy is easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our kenzai and eat it too. I’m also thankful that Japan encourages lots of walking so that we can burn off some of our non compliant meals.

This is also probably the longest I’ve ever consistently stuck to an exercise program, so while I’ve certainly had my frustrations, I’m already thinking about what next. I would hate to get this far and not keep going to achieve my health and weight loss goals (I’m probably only half way). I don’t think I can be trusted to go out on my own, so it’s possible that my New Years resolution will involve an annual membership. It may be another first for me... actually sticking to a resolution!

Side note: 80 days down the line and Locutus still enjoys watching me workout at home.

The more I'm starting to feel disappointed with my results. I know I shouldn't be hard on myself, but this has been my toughest week. I thought by this point in the program that I would have at least lost some of the pregnancy weight I'm still carrying, but nothing is reflected on the scale. I know I'm getting stronger/fitter and I should be thankful for that, but I never imagined that it would be this difficult to lose the extra weight, if eating egg white dinners won't do it, what will! My long suffering husband (sorry sweetie) and other friends of ours that have completed KB1 (I'm looking at you Raj) all had such noticeable weight loss and bod differences during the program that I set my expectations on achieving the same. I also found out I have a small abdomen separation that is not helping my belly bounce back either (and possibly been made worse by some of the ab exercises I've been so enthusiastically doing in this program).

I also missed two days of exercise for the first time last weekend. We had a friend in town from Australia that I had to play tour guide for, so we had to pack all Singapore's hot-spots into two days! Thankfully this country is small!

Still, powering through to the finish line. The skipping is starting to get easier and I'm thankful to see that I get some protein back for dinner next week. I do however have a thanksgiving dinner to attend this evening, will be an interesting minefield of calorific treats, I'll try to stay as compliant as I can.


Literally. I find that I tend to trip more doing timed skipping. I don’t know if it’s because I concentrate less because I’m not counting, or because I’m skipping faster because I’m not counting! Either way, I don’t let it deter me and get right back to it. I’m finding that the longer skipping isn’t too difficult, but I still have a mindset around trying to put it off. Definitely need to improve on that front and try to look forward to it.

We also had a big weekend in our house with both Manjit and Locutus birthdays, so a second trip-up. We spent Saturday in Indonesia with some friends (although admittedly segregated down gender lines with the men off for a spot of Golf and ladies attending a day spa) which means that there wasn’t much opportunity to stay kenzai compliant. I tried to eat as healthy as I could, but of course there was a glass of wine or two involved. I tried to make up for my missed workout by doing sundays prescribed longer skipping with Saturday’s workout which made me feel marginally better. We also made amends by enjoying our egg white and vegetable dinner on locutus’ birthday while we cooked him a tantalising birthday steak. What can I say... it’s a Dogs life!

The valley is deep...

I have really felt the ‘kenzai valley’ for the first time this week. Low energy and motivation has been tough. But equally, it’s probably been my biggest week of temptation. There has been a big rugby 7’s Comp on in Singapore this weekend, of which we’ve been corporate guests for three days. That means free flow wine, beer, food. Admittedly, I’ve had some wine, but have tried to stay as kenzai compliant as I can on the food front, including making (pre-preparing) cauliflower pizza for dinner on Friday so that we could cheat a little without going off program.

Overall I feel good, but still feel like I’m not progressing as much as I would have wanted to by this stage. I have never exercised this much in my adult life and am mildly dismayed by my lack of results. But two things... 1. My dear husband tells me that I’m changing shape and 2. Everyone says that, for better or worse, baby weight is the hardest to shift, so I am going to wait and see what the next six weeks bring.


To mark the halfway point I have celebrated with new shoes. I’d been getting bad foot cramps while skipping which was obviously caused by ill fitting shoes and what can I say, any excuse for new shoes is good enough for me!So I invested in some cross training shoes which actually has made a huge difference! Skipping is still the toughest part of the workout, but I don’t have to stop to ease cramping anymore. I never thought I’d be so excited about training shoes. As someone that is not an avid runner or sport person, I’d never given much thought to what kind of shoes I needed. I always just went with whatever fit or was on sale. I can now see (and feel) what a big difference the right shoe can make.

Bonus points that 20% of profits are donated to the breast cancer foundation for these particular shoes!


I saw that today’s lesson mentioned when to have your pre-workout snack. Am I missing something? I just have my morning/afternoon/evening snacks on my diet plan so I’d not really thought about it. On Manjits’s kenzai Iron plan, his pre/post workout snacks are listed (I do all the kenzai prepping in or house, I enjoy the challenge). Am I missing something, or are they just not part of my diet?

I can feel my legs are starting to get fatigued from all the skipping and my back is starting to get a little stiff, but overall, no major complaints! I’m struggling with the captains chair because I broke my right shoulder many years ago (I wish it was an interesting story, but the reality is that I fell off the play equipment at school when I was 7 years old) and now my right arm doesn’t rotate properly. I’ve been trying to do a resistance exercise at home that works the same muscle group (as suggested and supervised by Manj, because I have no idea) but any suggestions would be appreciated!

I’ve taught Locutus to enjoy a kenzai dinner as well!

How are my clothes tighter?

After four weeks of Kenzai, the exercises are picking up but they are manageable(even the skipping with a bit of gritting of teeth). One thing is that I feel my clothes aren't feeling looser,in fact some feel more snug! Anyone else have this happen or is it just me?

Egg white hell has arrived!

I admit, this is the part of Kenzai body I feared the most... egg whites for dinner! Aka egg white hell, as it has been known in our house since my Husband did KB1.

One day in, so far so good, but I fear that the coming weeks will get tougher when the monotony of egg whites and fruit sets in. At least we're all in this together!

On the plus side, the skipping is getting mildly easier... mildly. The problem with living in Singapore is that any outdoor exercise makes you feel like you're in a sauna, which makes it that much harder (though I'm hoping the extra sweat counts for something!).


It's been a tough week diet wise. My Husband and I had a couple of events on over the weekend, including a charity gala dinner. So for better or worse, we simply had to enjoy a four course dinner. I've never enjoyed diets that are so rigid you were better of becoming a hermit for the duration because you don't have the flexibility to allow for social situations, what I enjoy about kenzai is that I was still able to enjoy most of the dinner and just made more informed decisions like no bread or dessert. Admittedly, there were also a couple of glasses of wine involved, but hey, nobody's perfect! I know I will have other events coming up over the next few weeks, especially in the lead up to the festive season, so just need to stay mindful of the goal and make appropriate choices.

I atoned for my sins on Monday however when I headed down to the local wet market for our weekly supplies. In Singapore, wet markets are the best (and cheapest) place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Prices vary based on how long you've been shopping there. I used to blush when I shopped at supermarkets when we first moved here and saw they were charging $10 for half a head of slightly mouldy cabbage. We used to wonder how people could afford to eat healthily here, until we discovered the markets. It makes the program a lot easier when I know I have such a great selection of food available. I'm not a meal prepper, I understand why it works for people, but for me the idea of eating the same thing all week fills me with dread, like I said earlier it's why I've avoided diets in the past. I love cooking and so far kenzai has given me an opportunity to rethink how I make things and get creative (though my Indian Mother in law baulked at the idea of a curry with no salt or oil!). Healthy food doesn't just have to be crudités and poached chicken. My ever loving and patient Husband has posted a brief review of my cooking on his blog, so at least I've got one happy customer!


Any Trainers who have had my Husband in a program before are probably familiar to the biggest barrier we face when exercising at home... our enthusiastic dog Locutus.

When I'm skipping he always thinks it's a game, which means I have to be very careful not to hit him with the skipping rope and any floor exercises result in an unwanted licking assault. It's impossible to stay mad at that face though, so I will continue to let him be my adorable little cheerleader.

Until it ramped up to 600! I could finish the five sets of 80 easily, but the Long stretch of 600 kills me, even though I know it's only 200 more.

Will work this week on at least breaking it up to six rounds of 100 while I build up my strength. I feel like mind over matter may be a boundary here as well.

I've also found that while I enjoy the exercise, I do tend to put it off. Even though I know I will feel much better every day if I exercise in the morning rather than waiting until late afternoon. Procrastination has always been my barrier for exercise, I'm sure a few people here can relate!

I have admittedly been slow to start on my kenzai body training. I had family from Australia visiting me in Singapore and, for better or worse, most Singapore tourism involves food! It will be a challenge for me as the program ramps up to make sure that life doesn't get in the way of my training (I'm already dreading how to handle the upcoming festive season).

This is my second start for kenzai body. I started back in August while my Son was in nicu after being born in May. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after I started the program, so as I'm sure you can imagine, over the past few weeks diet and exercise have not been top of my mind. But my Husband and I have both committed to improving our health together (he started Kenzai Iron last week) so that we can both feel each other's pain! Not only do I have many months stress induced bad diet to work off, I also have all of the normal post pregnancy body issues that I'm sure many women here can relate to.

I look forward to getting to know you all and getting through our training together! I will endeavour to keep myself steady on my training regime.

I was having a great week two, my ever supportive Husband and I were working out together Everyday while he awaits his new program, skipping was getting easier, I was slowly getting used to eating so frequently (and so much!) but then on Saturday my stress levels went through the roof when my Son had a downturn in hospital.

Hours spent in a hospital left me little time to plan my diet in advance or fit in a workout. Food options at the children's hospital my Son is in include local singaporean hawker fare (predominantly fried, carb heavy meals) and McDonald's (yes... at a children's hospital). Thankfully in Singapore, one can get just about anything they desire delivered, so while I definitely wasn't making my six meals a day I could at least make some healthier choices.

Thankfully this week has started with some better news for my Son, but I will need to work out a way not to let stress take over. My problem is not finding the time to workout it's getting into the right mindset it becomes part of my Everyday routine. I also need to get better at planning my diet in advance (though I'm not a food prepper, eating the same thing Everyday would drive me mad) so that I don't get caught out having to rely on deliveroo!


I signed up late to Kenzai, so apologies for my tardiness.

I am an Australian living in Singapore. I had my first child 3 months ago (11 weeks early, but that's another story) so I have signed up for KB to both get myself back into shape (pregnancy is the ultimate excuse for overindulging) and lose the rest of my pregnancy weight. My Husband is a KB graduate (and now a Kenzai lifestyle enthusiast) so he finally encouraged me to sign up. I supported him through both Kenzai Body 1 and 2, so for better or worse in fully aware of the challenge ahead of us all. He is already my cheerleader, and I will rely on him to keep it up when the exercise gets tougher and the diet gets stricter.

Admittedly I've never enjoyed diets or exercise for the sake of exercise, so this will be interesting for me. I think the biggest test will definitely be the strict diet, I'll just have to get Creative! I've posted a picture of my last meal before the real challenge begins, as we like to say in my house, it's Kenzai compliant.

I look forward to the next couple of months with the rest of Apus to see what changes KB can bring to us all.