Clare C.

Clare C.

Kenzai Body | Day 76
Kenzai Body
Day 76
Program progress:

So this is the question for day 70 so a fair way through now. I think it is pretty routine now. The hardest has been keeping going when you have made some can say that you have lost some weight and changed shape so job done...keeping going to solidify the change is hardest.

The easiest now is eating a great breakfast and lots of veg, I never get hungry and I make good choices now.

All good...and now for the final 20 days. 💪

I think the word mindful sums up the change. I am more aware of everything I am eating, making sure it is clean food and where possible local.

I am seeing daily exercise as a given rather than a choice. It is just part of the routine now.

I am very aware of people eating around me and the lack of vegetables on the plate. This has changed the way I feed the children.

I spend much more time in the fresh section of the supermarket and go looking for local fresh food as I want excellent tasting food.

This 90 days for me is the starter towards good health so I am now looking at what comes after the 90 days...

Mmmm....I am not sure! I think energy levels have not been a huge problem for me so I have not been concentrating on it as a measure.
I think my sleep is much better which I am sure has had a positive effect on energy. I will now watch for it since you asked!
Have a great week 9 everyone 💪

Tired, fed up, didn’t work out at 5am, stayed in bed...but then had to train at 6pm which was then on my mind all day.
Roll on a day that is not Thursday...😡💪

My toughest day is Thursday. I have been cooking on gas the first 3 days...I think I feel I have ‘done well’ so can stop now!!

Weekends are easiest because I have the time to just train and enjoy. The weekdays I have to train at 5am otherwise it just won’t happen due to work, kids and household. This is also why Thursday is tough because I am tired by then and don’t get chance to recover due to the pace of life.

I also prep my veg at the weekend and put it all in pots..then by Thursday I am bored of it I go looking for fun food.

The other thing I have reached a body that is acceptable, I have been here many times before. To take it to the next level of healthy body is where I normally fail. I need to keep focused now to get to the level I want for my health.

I will be following this programme with another one, this will keep my interest and stop me getting bored.

Onwards and upwards...excuse me whilst I steam and pot my veg....☺️💪

...because when I am not falling off the wagon I feel so much better. I so desperately want to go into my 50’s fit, I am a few years away. The structure and support I get from this programme seems to suit my personality.

Argggggg....there was wine...chocolate...crisps!!! It all went wrong last night!! Now feel terrible, body heavy, I am sluggish, had a shocking night sleep. I think my body hates me and is screaming ‘why would you do that to me after weeks of fabulous clean eating’ now preparing my Kenzai breakfast and looking forward to tomorrow morning when the alcohol has truly left my body. Maybe a massage to make friends with my body ...😫💪💪💪☺️

What are you fed up with?

I am not yet...I feel amazing and strong. My skin is glowing, my sleep is deep and fabulous, yesterday I bought clothes a size smaller...
I could imagine I may get fed up of the egg white dinner but it can be spiced up with changing vegetables. I must say at the moment I love that I don’t need to decide what to eat at the end of a long day at work. I do make sure I am eating interesting food for breakfast and lunch, breakfast is still my favourite part of the day.
I am currently sitting by the sea in the sunshine and have just been brought a large plate of roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, then a piece of toast and some scrambled eggs. I am getting good at judging weight now so most of the egg is still on the plate! People are looking at me strangely as they eat pea sized amounts of food...
My new best friend is tomatoes...I eat them everyday. I didn’t realise they are so good for skin...maybe this is partly what is boosting my skin 🤔
On the training front it is part of my morning routine, I do it in front of the morning news to multi task.
Sorry for the long blog...but lots to say ☺️

Social events!

I did go out last night for the first one noticed my lack of alcohol, the sparkling water with lime didn’t raise any eyebrows and I ate before the party! So good so far! My only issue will be getting back on track after the chocolate indulgence this weekend 😳

Changes I have noticed

The main thing is I am getting used to large amounts of vegetables. When I started it felt like a it is just the meal! I have also noticed my sleep is much better and my skin is having less issues. I think I am looking fitter but need a few more weeks I suspect to start showing.

Easy...and hard

I am surprised how much I love my big breakfast...I didn’t used to eat it!! Still getting to grips with skipping. I am about to travel for 3 days so measurement will be tricky, hopefully the last 2 weeks have honed my judgement!

Where are you from: I live in the Channel Islands which are a group of islands in the English Channel close to France.

Best quality: the drive to keep learning

How do you find out about Kenzai: recommended by fellow Kenzai follower and friend Jane N.

Tough day...

Feeling bad today...think I am on sugar withdrawal. Can’t even say I have a craving for anything. Just lethargic, skipping was tough again...any words of wisdom?

I am surprised by how difficult skipping was at the start and how quickly I improved through the daily practice. Just done 400, now need a coffee 😳


A late one for training today thanks to early travel...kept thinking about it all day. Note to self-get it done early ✅