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Just thought I would make everyone go Awwwww whilst I wait for tummy to sort out...🐶❤️

...although just need to get rid of my tummy bug first then I will raring to go 😳

Day 90.... do I feel? Very pleased, proud, fit, healthy....but don’t want it to confusing 🤔 I had a heart and health MOT yesterday and the results were amazing, I know that is due to the last 90 days so I want this feeling and community to continue. So whilst I am very pleased it is because I have ticked the first what next ☺️✅

Day 89

Arggggg...workout done ✅

Day 88

Workout done ✅...

Day 87

Workout done ✅

Phew! Workout done, brain really plays tricks as you come to finish line...😳💪

I think it is just life now; daily movement, vegetables, fruit, mindful eating, eggs, no carbs for dinner. Just new habits. X

What next.....?

As soon as I finish I have 3 weeks of holidays. We have selected an active time as we have 3 teenagers, and no hotels so we can control food! But it won’t be the Kenzai environment.
Have decided to do the next programme in September but just need to decide which one. Should it be body 2 or something different like kettlebells or iron? I know I get bored easily so wondering if something different would be good. Will then plan to follow it with Kenzai ski ready for Christmas skiing!
Any thoughts most welcome....I need the structure of something, I suspect what it is will be less important! 💪☀️😎

It’s been tricky these last few days, combination of travel and events has taken me off my game. Mentally ready now for the final 2 week push!!!

So this is the question for day 70 so a fair way through now. I think it is pretty routine now. The hardest has been keeping going when you have made some can say that you have lost some weight and changed shape so job done...keeping going to solidify the change is hardest.

The easiest now is eating a great breakfast and lots of veg, I never get hungry and I make good choices now.

All good...and now for the final 20 days. 💪

I think the word mindful sums up the change. I am more aware of everything I am eating, making sure it is clean food and where possible local.

I am seeing daily exercise as a given rather than a choice. It is just part of the routine now.

I am very aware of people eating around me and the lack of vegetables on the plate. This has changed the way I feed the children.

I spend much more time in the fresh section of the supermarket and go looking for local fresh food as I want excellent tasting food.

This 90 days for me is the starter towards good health so I am now looking at what comes after the 90 days...

Energy levels....

Mmmm....I am not sure! I think energy levels have not been a huge problem for me so I have not been concentrating on it as a measure.
I think my sleep is much better which I am sure has had a positive effect on energy. I will now watch for it since you asked!
Have a great week 9 everyone 💪

Tired, fed up, didn’t work out at 5am, stayed in bed...but then had to train at 6pm which was then on my mind all day.
Roll on a day that is not Thursday...😡💪

My toughest day is Thursday. I have been cooking on gas the first 3 days...I think I feel I have ‘done well’ so can stop now!!

Weekends are easiest because I have the time to just train and enjoy. The weekdays I have to train at 5am otherwise it just won’t happen due to work, kids and household. This is also why Thursday is tough because I am tired by then and don’t get chance to recover due to the pace of life.

I also prep my veg at the weekend and put it all in pots..then by Thursday I am bored of it I go looking for fun food.

The other thing I have reached a body that is acceptable, I have been here many times before. To take it to the next level of healthy body is where I normally fail. I need to keep focused now to get to the level I want for my health.

I will be following this programme with another one, this will keep my interest and stop me getting bored.

Onwards and upwards...excuse me whilst I steam and pot my veg....☺️💪




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