Clare C.

Clare C.

Kenzai Body | Day 22
Kenzai Body
Day 22
Program progress:
Changes I have noticed

The main thing is I am getting used to large amounts of vegetables. When I started it felt like a it is just the meal! I have also noticed my sleep is much better and my skin is having less issues. I think I am looking fitter but need a few more weeks I suspect to start showing.

Easy...and hard

I am surprised how much I love my big breakfast...I didn’t used to eat it!! Still getting to grips with skipping. I am about to travel for 3 days so measurement will be tricky, hopefully the last 2 weeks have honed my judgement!

Where are you from: I live in the Channel Islands which are a group of islands in the English Channel close to France.

Best quality: the drive to keep learning

How do you find out about Kenzai: recommended by fellow Kenzai follower and friend Jane N.

Tough day...

Feeling bad today...think I am on sugar withdrawal. Can’t even say I have a craving for anything. Just lethargic, skipping was tough again...any words of wisdom?

I am surprised by how difficult skipping was at the start and how quickly I improved through the daily practice. Just done 400, now need a coffee 😳


A late one for training today thanks to early travel...kept thinking about it all day. Note to self-get it done early ✅

Day 1

Well day 1 nearly done. Skipping was tough...didn’t expect that!! Just happy to have started the journey, doing something is great 😊