Clark P.

Clark P.

Kenzai Chisel | Day 35 (Member)

Wrapping up another week.

  • Mar 4th, 2019 at 11:36AM

The diet went well this week. I did cheat last night with dinner with some friends. I had 3 glasses of wine and dessert but my dinner consisted of a nice salad. No regrets. If anything this diet is making me make better dinner decisions that I wouldn’t have normally made. Im just not hungry enough come dinner to eat very much. I’m down 9-10 pounds depending on the day but I’m still looking to lose more belly fat. Kim agreed that I’ve probably been about 90% compliant with the diet. I wish the program allowed me to check a box for every compliant meal much like we do for the lessons and workouts. That level of statistics would be useful

I appreciate that the workouts have ramped up and they have worn me out in a good way. I had to skip legs one day because my foot and knee were feeling weird. The pain I’m used to but the uneasy worried me. Shockingly jumping rope doesn’t hurt my foot at all but just standing and walking has hurt it for over a year.

Looking towards the future, I think I’ll move on to a more gym based exercise so I’m thinking about kenzai iron. As much as I don’t like parts of this program I appreciate structure. Since my running days are over, much to my chagrin, I’ve decided that I’ll focus my exercise on strength. Runners like to be light so lifting weights was never on my agenda. Maybe I’ll even meet some workout friends as I met many through running.

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Talya EdlundTalya EdlundKenzai Chisel | Day 35 (Member)
Assistant Trainer3 months ago

Clark, the program is hard--no doubt. Eating clean as a daily habit takes structure to a new level. It's the daily practice--even through the weekends and social times--that deliver the results. You have contended with this component and come out on top! A million cheers to that. You know when to take it easy and take care, and when to go all out. This is a result of your thoughtful approach to these past 8 weeks (oh and your amazing effort). Nice job looking forward and digging into the final month. Way to show up for the team, and for yourself!

    Kip R.Kip R.Kenzai Chisel | Day 35 (Member)
    3 months ago

    Clark...I think I see a pretty big change in your picture this past week and others. Congratulations friend! Keep it up!

      Brek H.Brek H.Kenzai Member
      Marketing Team3 months ago

      We agree that meal compliancy tracking would be helpful AND it will be in the new Kenzai app!
      Our team is working tirelessly on developing the new platform even now as I write this post:)

        Kip R.Kip R.Kenzai Chisel | Day 35 (Member)
        3 months ago

        @ Brek... you may consider working in a daily meditation for folks to use in the app too.

          Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 21 (Member)
          Head Trainer3 months ago

          Clark, you're visibly slimmer and with one third of the course remaining you'll see that trend continue. From there, packing on some more muscle on a nice lean frame via Iron will be an outstanding way to make 2019 on of your fittest yet! While I don't want to distract you from the remaining tasks at hand, should you like a glimpse of an Iron workout or a little intel on the course, contact me at Happy to wet the appetite for future adventures!

            Catherine H.Catherine H.Kenzai Chisel | Day 35 (Member)
            3 months ago

            I see you are planning your future, reflecting your commitment to staying strong and fit. With your discipline and mindset anything is possible. Looking lean.

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