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Day 23
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Sorry what week should we be up to? Not sure ive loaded enough

Funny ive had a break out of bad skin - read it in the lessons. What is that caused by?

Im not pushing the exercises super hard but feel my back getting stronger and notice it with the push ups getting easier and my baby feeling heavier afterwards.

My sleep with a 5mth old is very disrupted so feel a bit shattered and between the baby food, my food and my other kids food im basically in the kitchen cooking or cleaning.

Husband has been away this week so its been hard....i had a work event i needed to go to. I had a piece of pizza and a sip of wine. I didnt have time for the dinner at home and was starving - but normally it would have been 2 -3 slices vs my thats that.

I feel hungry second half of the day but not noticing a big change in weight yet.

Looking fwd to a bit of inspiration there


Hi. Going well. Dinner getting light and depending on when i can get to sleep i get hungry. Otherwise during the day its ok.

Afternoon sugar craving is real.

Milk question: ok to have half in the morning and half at night?

Exercise is good.

Week 1 food

Interesting that the food feels like a lot. I struggle at breakfast and lunch to get it all down. This is vs the first time i did the project and i was starving. Not sure if my numbers are off but my lunch carb is 4 x small tortilla wraps. Wowza.
Exercise is fine


Wowza. Got caught out twice in 2 days on the go and didnt have great options. Went for a coffee to starve me over the first day and today i had to grab a soup at a cafe to tie me over. Not ideal but i compare these days to before where much poorer decisions would have been made. Day 3 aiming for 100% on the diet.

Dips on the chair exercise - hate but im guessing this means i need it the most? Actually tighten up when i see those on the schedule.

First post

This is my 3rd program over the last 10 years or im up to speed with how it works. I think yesterday was like the last supper. We took the kids for fish n chips at the beach and then had chinese takeaway - so gross but i stuck to the leave a 1/4.

Exercise going well.

Getting ready for the week ahead - excited and scared. Taking a big inhale!

Good luck everyone

project complete 

This was my second project done after 2 kids and a very busy schedule moving country - not ideal timing but necessary. I think I was able to do the exercise 95% and diet probably closer to 70% however it somehow feels more sustainable this time around. As if I didn't have a 3 month goal but its become part of me.

I've been out for some meals since and I'm overpowered by the amount of salt and bloated feeling. Going into the festive season staying away from sweets is tricky but I'm trying to limit the intake.

Enjoying the exercises still

Love the philosophy of the program and reconnecting with vegetables, fruit and eggs.

Still in

Struggle to get time to do it all but still getting my exercise done and diet just struggle with pictures and blogging.

Love this program and seeing results. Thinking about the food as a long term shift and the place for indulgences. Despite not being religious about the food at all times i think this is sustainable and im excited today and for the rest of my days eating fruits, vegies and egg whites


Hi, the exercises are taking their toll, the body is pushing it. Can feel and see results. A lot more work left to be done.

Food is good, not perfect but im doing my best which at this stage, is all i have!

Going well

All is going well, getting the exercises done and food is more or less on track.

My life has never been more hectic so its hard to not want to grab a glass of wine or chocolate at the end of the day!


Doing all my exercises and enjoying them except the chest dips. Legs are getting shredded.

Was at a wedding on the weekend and people seemed to notice ild lost weight.....

Dinner is the hardest as is anything social

Its all so well structured i tried to skip the carbo at lunch yesterday as i didnt have one cooked and yhe afternoon was a disaster

like mother like son

My son was on the floor tonight and said, "i'm doing exercises like mummy", he is only just 2 years old. It was late and I was eating my vegie post dinner snack. My response "do you want to eat vegetables like mama"....he comes over, I was eating stir fry potato, capscium and spinach in five spice (chinese 5 five spices). He shook his head.."no, apple?" almost a kenzai kid!

I skip, he jumps on the trampoline and keeps shouting out "higher mama"....exhausting.

All in all its great to be a good role model for my children. Summer is approaching and I just walk straight through the processed food section at the supermarket.....sometimes I think my kids might need crackers or biscuits and then I remind myself that they and I do not.

very grateful for this course. Keen to shred a bit more, not really seeing the same results I did when I did it the first time and admittedly I can't do it with the same precision but kind of keen to break some of this fat down already.

huge few days

i wont lie, ive had a huge few days i didn't even get time to read the 'emergency workout' which would have been useful. In any case, back in the saddle tomorrow.....looking forward to it.

Getting used to this empty stomach feeling at night but not seeing the fat stores around the stomach melt away yet.....still 8 weeks to go, thank goodness. Trying to not think about an end date as I want this to be somewhat of the new world that continues. Steady as she goes!


Feeling tired today. So happy to only do skipping. Needed a break.

A lot going on outside of this program for me but im trying to keep as close to every gram as possible.

Im fine all day but the evenings are tough. Im tired from my day and dont want to measure another thing.

In the trenches....head down.

Chair chest dips

Hi, my furniture doesnt allow for this one. Is there an alternative exercise? I dont have time to go out and buy new chairs just for this exercise