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Done but not done 

This is my 3rd program over the last 7 or so years. The first one was so effective, the second post baby #2 also got me super lean. This time i think my starting point was so much bigger post baby #3 and my metabolism slower and body way more fragile. My baby was 4.7kg and i hurt my neck 3x during the program. I think my body just needs time. So when the other projects finished i was so desperate for it to be over but now, i know i have to make this normal life to get to my physical goals.

Im loving the supersets - im conditioned to light dinner - im not craving sugar as much - my core is stronger and i feel ready to continue to engage.

Ive also been able to, until now, integrate kenzai into going out for dinner. I now plan during the day and eat lighter (no carb or salt) if i know ill be eating more in the evening and skip a bit more the next day after a heavier meal.

Lets see...but im not done yet so hopefully while the program didnt see me finish as lean as i want to be hopefully it will be more sustainable.

I love everything this program stands for.....what i found tricky this time was the exercises for my neck so maybe post baby more pilates-like exercise to make it feel safer.

Until next time....many thanks


Loving the super sets. Bringing kenzai home strong.
Setting up to continue this beyond 90 days to get to where i want to be.


Ay thought the program was done this week but one more left. I had a hard week last week with lots of dinners out. I tried swapping dinner and lunch which worked but got thrown off.

Exercises are good. Im a fair way from where i want to be but definitely on the right track so looking forward to holding this space beyond the program.

Eating clean - portion control especially at night time and regukar exercise.

Lets see this week through

Update day 75

Pulled my neck again so switched the workout today as last yime it was from the inclined push ups. Physio says its the extra load from carrying babies that strains my neck. Its a "pain in the neck" and really drains you but keeping at it.

Will skip tomorrow and so the other workout on sunday.

So suprised i could do no carb breakfast and be fine until snack and low carb lunch and not get hungry.

Keen to keep this up and so when the project is over - its not really over

Update week 11

Quite in the groove now of kenzai and my life. Ill be honest i havent been weighing much except lunch as my diet didnt need to.
My breakfast went to no carb for a week which i was nervous about but i didnt even get hungry and now my carb portion of lunch has halved and im not missing it.

Exercises are good - feeling my tummy muscles for the first time in a while since pre pregnancy.

Its an intense mental and physical program but there is so much good.

Keen to continue this into my life and chip away at continuing to lose excess off the middle of my body ....


Total killer....

Trying to hold the diet as best I can. Feeling stronger and lighter but still a long way to go.

Pictures dont even show any change crazy as i looked back to my first kenzai program 7 years ago pre children and it melted off. Interesting as well as i was super fit back then and the exercises felt just as hard.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts? Getting older? Metabolism slows?

Todays lesson

Just read todays lesson. I have a fragile neck which is keeping me a little cautious on pushing through some sets. Hmmm. Not sure how to go with that.....

Diet update

This week the diet has ramped up. No carb breakfast makes a difference and by the afternoon im ready for the snack.
The exercise has dialled up and im glad i read the lessons on exercises feeling hard some days and easy the other days - that is definitely happening.
Seeing signs of losing the excess so that is encouraging. Trying to make every day count.


So i saved my indulgence for yesterday as i had a birthday lunch that went into a party....11hrs of party. Wow.
It was a nice relief. Funny thing is im not actually hungry. Ive always had a huge appetite and now im just never hungry im wondering if my digestive system is super sluggish post baby.
In any case i have been reading my diet incorrectly. I was giving myself an extra 20g carb at lunch. So annoyed with myself.
Looked ahead for next weeks diet and excited about the change in dinner and mix up.
Not long to go and want to bring it home strong as i have a lot of work to do still
Doing the exercises but pulled my left neck now....just skipped today and will try to get back into it tomorrow


Hi - fixed my back so doing the exercises again.

Im finding this time on kenzai weird. The first time my body was so responsive and the second time and maybe it is just that my starting point was so much worse but i feel like my body is finding it harder to let go of the excess stuff.

In any case feeling good - keen to stick at it longer and stronger.

Saving my indulgence for a birthday lunch that goes into dinner on friday....nervous already

Cocoa powder

Hi - is this ok with milk if 100% cocoa powder?


So i almost popped a rib according to my physio today. Killer pain over the last 24hrs. I did manage some skipping today but cant even cough without it hurting so stayed away from the band work. On meds now and strapped up. A bit gutted to miss some days of the exercise. Ill see what i can do tomorrow - maybe skipping and legs and abs. Dont want to push it and prolong the recovery.
Staying on course with the food.

Week 7

Week 7. Its getting hard. Just boring kind of hard now. Im fine when i have no plans but as soon as there is a social event or travel it really throws me. My 6mth old baby is getting sleep trained by myself this week so im taking big inhales for that - a long night ahead on an apple milkshake ;)
Im feeling lighter and stronger but there is still so far i want to go so in one way im glad there is more time and in another im just a bit tired of the weighing but its the only way....

Bone broth

Hi - is homemade bone broth ok with vegies at night? Makes it feel more like a meal.

Getting the fitness done daily. Food going better but it feels like my body is unwilling to let go of this baby excess weight. Trudging on.


I actually dont feel like much is happening except im getting stronger. I had to guesstimate the grams for a few days as my scales broke but now im back and going to be meticulous for the next 8 weeks.




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