Cong C.

Cong C.


Start of Week 2

  • Nov 22nd, 2017 at 6:03PM

Hi everyone.

Except for missing my digestive biscuits that go with my cup tea 😛, the diet this week hasn’t been much of a struggle. Though like what some of you have mentioned, food preparation takes more time than usual.

As for the workouts, the jump from 50 to 80 jumps was challenging. I’m starting to have foot pain too so I think I will alternate the jump-ropes with swimming. And with the other exercises, I sometimes worry if I have the right form when there’s no one there to ‘spot’. I am happy to discover though that there are actually upper body exercises (Row and Standing Ovation) that I enjoy 😊

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Kim MurchKim MurchKenzai Body 2 | Day 75 (Member)
Trainer12 months ago

Are you wearing proper shoes to jump rope? You need some good, thick soled trainers to support your feet. Alternate cardio is also good and swimming especially--will you be joining me in the pool?

I am glad you are managing the food prep and you like the upper body workouts! On your way to some lovely tone and definition!! Well done!!

    Sharmali ArumugathasanSharmali ArumugathasanKenzai Member
    Trainer12 months ago

    Where are you feeling the pain Cong? Arches? As Kim said be sure to wear good supportive shoes. Try to jump on wooden floors, tarmac, packed dirt or on a gym mat. Avoid concrete as this will not absorb the impact of your jumps and can lead to injury.
    Glad to hear the upper body work is proving to be enjoyable!

      Jorge PadillaJorge PadillaKenzai Body 3 | Day 74 (Member)
      Assistant Trainer12 months ago

      If you are worried about form during exercises, try doing them in front of a mirror. As you do this, try creating some muscle memory as to how each exercise should feel when done properly, so you have a good idea for those times when a mirror is not available.
      Continue enjoying those exercises ;)

        Cong C.Cong C.Alumni
        12 months ago

        Yes, I suspected that it could be my shoes so I brought my trainers when I went to see my physiotherapist. She confirmed that I do need better ones as I have underpronation.
        Sharmali, yes I was jumping on concrete so will avoid that.
        Kim, see you at the pool soon!
        Jorge, working out in front of a mirror might be tricky so I think I will try to workout when a family member is around to check until I get those muscle memory set.
        Thank you for your comments!

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