Corey G.

Corey G.

Day 90 - Not the End 
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You may not believe this, but I am really at a loss for words to the people in the Adamite class. We've been through the same life-altering experience and we've shared our thoughts for the last 90 days so what else is there to say but job well-fucking done and keep it going? 

This message is really to anyone who happens to read my blog and wants to get healthy and fit. I was in your position about 4 months ago and made one of the best choices of my life. Notice though that I didn't say lose weight. If you only want to lose weight, join Nutrisystem. But if you want to change your life forever and learn about your body, how it works, what it needs and what it is capable of doing, PCP is for you. If you follow the plan and give it total effort, you will achieve a level of fitness that you may not have thought was possible.

I used to be a competitive athlete so I knew what it was like to be in top physical condition. Over the years though, too much good living slowly caused my weight to creep up and my health to deteriorate, even though I exercised on a regular basis. I knew I needed to change something but I wasn't sure what was possible at my age. I heard about PCP from some friends who had done it, I looked at their blogs and could not believe the results. I knew these people, so I knew it wasn't one of these bullshit programs with actors and models. If they could do it, so could I.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a model student for PCP. I decided to do the program 100%, no more and no less. I had zero alcohol for 3 months, followed the diet strictly, and did every exercise with max reps every single day with no extra training or supplements. I was 99.6 kgs with a 36" waist at the beginning and now I am 86.1 kgs with a 32" waist at most. I have never felt better and if I may brag a little, even though I am 45 years old, my body has never looked fitter. If you are serious about making a change in your overall health and well being, there is no better program than PCP.

Enough of the infomercial. I have to give a shout out to a few people who got me going and got me though this program.
- To former PCPers Derek, Redders, Robby P, Timmy Reid and the Collett bros. Some of you might not even know it, but you are the reason I got into the program. I saw your pictures and knew this is what I wanted/needed to do. 
- To my friends and colleagues in the program who have shared all our experiences and encouraged one another over the last 90 days even though no one seems to get what we are doing. We did it and it feels great.
- To my friends and colleagues NOT in the program who have read my blog, encouraged me and complimented my progress. Your comments are such a huge motivating factor! And thank you for never tempting me with chocolates and accepting my no alcohol policy. I'm back now.
- A special mention to a few PCPers who really, really inspired me. Scotty B, Sophie, and Andrew - Amazingly, I've never met any of you but your blogs were a joy to follow and your transformation was simply amazing. We all might want Kung Fu bodies, but it takes incredible dedication to achieve what you guys did. I thought about you often when I was trying to do one more davinci or hold a plank for 10 more seconds. Thank you.

I hear the band playing so like a bad Academy Awards speech, I will wrap it up with a special thanks to Patrick, Teo and Sarah. You guys were great, it is a fantastic program and you have a new lifetime salesman right here.  And great job fellow Adamite PCPers and best of luck to the Blaze and Cerite classes. Enjoy it to the fullest!

A few obligatory photos:


Not Yet

If I never submit my final blog and photo, does that mean I get to stay in PCP forever?? 

Anyway, I just got back from a company offsite and the funny thing is that Day 90 is the first exercise routine I have missed the entire time. I did manage to avoid the booze one last time in the middle of some extreme revelry so I am damn proud of that. I will hit the gym tomorrow, post my final pic and gather some thoughts for a final blog. Then I will break open a bottle of Chateau Latour and celebrate my new life.

Day 89

I'm not sure what is in store for Day 90, but it doesn't really matter after today's workout cuz I can handle anything Patrick throws at me at this point. The super sets are torturous but they are an efficient way to get to failure quickly and cut down on the workout time. One of the strongmen (or is Endomorph more politically correct?) at the gym approached me today and said that he was watching me do my routine and was totally impressed. I must admit that I was too. I was definitely checking myself out in the mirror as I was ripping through the curls and elevated dips. I have never been this strong and fit in my entire life and I look forward to building on this in the future.

Unfortunately, I am off to a company offsite tomorrow and Saturday so I will need to do my Day 90 routine, whatever that might be, on Sunday. After that, it is off to a nice steak dinner with my wife and a very expensive bottle of red wine. Good luck tomorrow everyone!

At first I wasn't sure about the blogging aspect of PCP. I am not a fan of Facebook and do not have nor will I ever have a Twitter account, so the whole idea of writing updates about our innermost thoughts seemed a bit weird to me. But for some reason, as I'm sure you can all tell, I have been a fairly prolific blogger during the program. I feel like it is something that must be done as part of the training. Like my day is not complete unless I get on the site, read other PCPer's posts and write something about my day. Its actually saved me a few times over the last 90 days when I wanted to skip a day of exercise or eat a bag of Cheetos. Unfortunately, it has also been one of the reasons I am not getting as much sleep as I should. Basically, it's like keeping a personal journal and would probably be very helpful activity even if I was doing this alone. But I am not doing it alone and having everyone interacting and providing positive feedback and encouragement has been a HUGE factor in keeping me motivated and making PCP such a success for me. There is no way in hell I would have exercised every single day for 90 days and been so strict on the diet and booze if I didn't know that all of you were struggling through the exact same experiences. Seeing the amazing progress from everyone's weekly photos has also been a huge motivator. Ultimately, I think the online community is what really separates PCP from other training and diet programs. You've got a excellent product here that you can be very proud of Patrick, so keep up the great work! 

My Thoughts on....Food
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Getting near the end so I figured I'd share some of my thoughts on the PCP "diet" and food in general with my fellow Adamites and anyone who might read this blog in future classes. The most important thing I have taken away from this experience is how vital a healthy diet is to losing weight and getting fit. Before PCP, I exercised 2 or 3 times a week but still gained weight over the years because I ate and drank anything and everything. But within 3 weeks of starting this program, I dropped 6kgs. It would have taken me months of hard training to lose that weight without changing my diet. I am now at 86.4kgs which is at least a 20-yr low and 13kgs down from the start and I have rarely been hungry. Actually, over the last few weeks, in an effort to stop losing weight, I have been eating unbelievable amounts of fruits and vegs but have not gained an ounce. It just goes to show that if you eat healthy/natural food and exercise regularly, you can eat almost as much as you want and still stay fit. That is such a huge boost going forward after Day 90.

Also, when I started PCP, I looked at it as a 90-day cooking class on top of a training program. By using the internet and sharing recipes with fellow PCPers, I have really learned how to cook properly and discovered that I actually love doing it. And that is something I will take forward with me forever. Everything tastes better (well almost everything) when you cook it yourself.  My homemade guacamole is so much better than that shit you buy in the grocery store. Old El Paso salsa, Ragu spaghetti sauce? Never again. 

And the most important thing about eating healthy is being healthy. I had a annual checkup just before the program started and there were three areas where I earned a big red flag - high uric acid, blood pressure and cholesterol. On top of that, I have had chronic heartburn for years but have not had one case of it since starting PCP. Simply amazing! I am scheduling a follow-up visit to the doctor once the program is over and can't wait to see what those levels are now. I haven't looked forward to a blood test result like this since that bachelor party in Manila back in '96. 

Here is one last food photo. Pasta shells with homemade meatball sauce. Paul Newman eat your heart out.

Super Sets

Went for a 5K tsunami charity run after work today and then went to do my workout so I am beat! In a sick way though, I kinda liked the super sets. Makes the workout fly by and as long as they are opposing muscles, its not that hard. I didn't even bother with the 20-sec rest between sets of the resistance band exercises. Of course, V-sits and planks are NOT opposing muscles so they were just brutal. I've never had that kind of burn in my abs before so it must be working. I'll get back to you on Thursday after the 4-exercise super set and let you know if I am still positive about these things.

Just a few more days everyone!

Dragonfly20130312 2 2thcpa

Finally a nice weekend in Tokyo. Still a bit cool and windy but the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and absolutely beautiful. Walked around in Aoyama Bochi (cemetery) with my wife yesterday and took a few pics below. For those of you not in Japan, it is totally normal to walk around and even get drunk in a cemetery.

Played golf today and did my workout immediately afterwards. After walking up and down hills for 18 holes, the leg exercises were particularly difficult. Abs were hard too as those are the two muscle groups that actually get a good workout while playing golf. But today's exercises seemed like a stroll through the park compared to what is coming up this week. Super Sets.....Super Duper Sets? Don't even know what to call Thursday's routine.

Stay strong this week!

With a Twist

Did my Friday exercises today and tried to change up the ab workout a bit. While doing the Kung Fu sit ups, I did about half of them with an alternating twist to try and work the obliques. It was difficult but seemed to work quite well. I then did a DJ mix of sit up exercises that I found on this website. All until failure.

I did normal sit ups, the air bike, bent-knee hip raise (surprisingly hard), hands over head crunch and push throughs from the 8-min abs video. I still have not tried that crazy YODO guy yet, but I will someday.

I am going to punish myself this week. Grrrr!

Just the Tip

Had my first PCP kitchen accident today, which is amazing really considering how much cooking I've been doing. Got this cool ceramic butcher knife a few weeks ago. It has a white blade and is incredibly sharp. Now I know what if feels like to be on the receiving end of its wrath. Luckily I just caught the tip of my finger. It didn't hurt at all but was definitely one of those "oh shit" moments. Was a little tricky finishing cooking dinner with one hand above my head though.

Feeling good coming into the final week. I have lots of energy so I am maximizing these ridiculous exercises (72 chest dips followed by 70 pushups!). No way I am finishing those sets without some help from my legs/knees but I am definitely punishing myself. Also did the 1'45"planks tonight (I'm a day behind), which I can't even believe. Once again I kept thinking I would fail but I used every trick in the arsenal to get them done....lying to myself, slow breathing, singing songs in my head, and loads of swearing.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Tokyo and it is going to be a beautiful weekend (FINALLY!) so I am looking forward to spending some time outside. Happy Easter/Passover folks.

The Final Countdown

We're heading for Venus and still we stand tall.

No idea what that even means buts it's my second Europe/Rocky reference of PCP. I had kind of a strange feeling at the gym tonight thinking that the final countdown has begun. Definitely some doubts creeping into my head about how disciplined I will be when we're finished. I have been extremely strict the entire time, but how many times will I make it to the gym per week going forward? How much bad food will I eat? How many alcoholic beverages will I drink? After 20+ years of not giving a shit about what I eat or drink and then going completely cold turkey and having every meal measured out to the last gram, I'm not sure how I'll react on Day 100 or Day 200. Hopefully our sustaining workouts and diet will provide a little security because there is no way that I am going back to the Week 1 Corey after all the hard work I put in. 

Finish Strong PCPers!!

Day 80 - Typhoon

For the second time during PCP, I was really tempted to go home after work and blow off (pun alert) the exercises. We are having a mini-typhoon in Tokyo so I couldn't ride my motorcycle to the gym, couldn't run around the palace, plus my jump rope snapped last night and I forgot to pack a replacement. In my mind, that's three reasons to just go home. But like doing the planks, there was no way I was going to give up in the final 10 countdown. So I borrowed my colleague's umbrella and headed out into the storm. Sorry Pete, your umbrella is in pieces somewhere around Kamiyacho right now. I owe you one. With no jumprope, I ran 30 mins on the treadmill and then knocked out the routine. Damn those bicycle exercises are much harder after running. My thighs were killing me! Just finished off some PCP tacos and feeling satisfied. Glad I didn't bail.

Comments from Today

As we get closer to the end and my body continues to change, it seems that everyone feels the need to comment. Generally its about a 50/50 mix of positive and negative but today was extraordinary. These are comments I heard just TODAY:

Are you still on that crazy diet?

You're losing too much weight.

You look awesome! Really fit.

You look like a professional athlete.

You can't eat carbs and meat, right?

You should join Cross Fit since you're here everyday anyway. (Cross Fit instructor)

You're here everyday. What are you doing? You look great. (Cross Fit student) 

Of course I brush off the negative comments and soak up the positive ones like a sponge. But of the comments above, I guarantee that two or three of those people will be joining PCP very soon......and leaving Cross Fit.

You've created a monster Patrick!


Another great weekend in the books and the weird thing about it is that I didn't do anything. At least I didn't do anything like I used to do pre-PCP. I had a big breakfast with my Kona coffee, ran some errands, made a COSTCO run, went to the American Club and had a great workout, played a little hoops, had a nice steam and jacuzzi and just finished a delicious homemade dinner. No big night out, no booze, no golf and no weekend trip so hence I didn't spend ungodly sums of money. It got me thinking about what I've discovered about myself through PCP and how things are go to change going forward. So here they are whether you want them or not:

1) I enjoy working out. I always have but it has never been a regular entry in my schedule. From now on, it will be assumed that I go to the gym after work unless something else comes up. And I will be going there with more of a purpose. I don't want to end up one of those fitness zombies wandering around the gym using random machines with 5 minute breaks in between.

2) Minimal delivery food from now on. As I've said before, the delivery food in Japan must be the best in the world but I am convinced that this is what made me gain the extra pounds over the last few years. It is just pure laziness on my part when I order delivery. From now on it will be two or three times a month at most instead of 6 times a week. And the other thing that added poundage...

3) Cut back on the booze! Once again, this is a combination of laziness, boredom, and work stress. I love meeting up with friends, but going out for a cheeky pint or FIVE every night after work is completely unnecessary. If there is something special going on - a friend in town, a bunch of people meeting up for dinner, some work-related event, etc - no problem, but you'll be finding me a the gym most weeknights from now on.

4) I love cooking! I've always kinda liked it, but it was a hassle. Had to go shopping, prepare the food, clean up the mess afterwards and then most of the leftover ingredients end up rotting in the frig because I didn't cook often enough. But after 90 days of cooking 3 meals a day, I can whip together a delicious fresh meal in no time at all and nothing is going to waste in my kitchen anymore.

5) Be more health conscious overall. Try to sleep more. Stay on the outside perimeter of the grocery store. Think about what I order at restaurants. Choose a nice wine, microbrew, or Scotch over a boring Asahi or Kirin lager. Don't waste the calories. 

6) Continue posting half-naked pictures of myself on the internet until the Department of Homeland Security shuts me down.

Would love to hear other PCPer's observations.

Indulgenza Finale

Once again, I really didn't have much desire to indulge but I figured I need to start transitioning my body to a more normal diet. So for dinner tonight, I popped into one of the best Napolese pizza places in Tokyo and ordered their house special. Some PCPers seem to have negative reactions to normal food on their indulgence days but I find it absolutely delicious! If anything, it is even better than before. The sauce and spices were fantastic and the cheese......oh the glorious smoked mozzarella cheese was heaven. Here's a photo from their website. I thought about taking a picture of my own pizza but I couldn't bring myself to do it. That is waaaaay too Japanese. Anyway, it was good to have another indulgence so I don't run out and go wild after Day 90 and eat everything in town. Next on the bucket list, Ex Bar.


Final Stretch

As we head down the final stretch, it is definitely getting tougher to come up with the energy to get through the extended exercises. As someone else mentioned, its not a lack of motivation but energy. I am still solidly into my routine of going to the gym every night after work, but it is tough to look at 6x12 chest dips followed by 5x14 elevated push ups and drum up the will power, knowing that I have no chance of completing the sets. Plus the body is definitely aching a bit lately and could use some time off. I guess this is all to be expected as we near the finish line. Like when running a marathon, the mind and body can start playing tricks on you those last few miles. Just have to keep on pushing hard through Day 90 so I can say that I gave it my all and got the absolute most out of PCP. 

Played hoops last night for just the 2nd or 3rd time since starting the program. Although my hamstring has been bothering me for months, I figured a little ball would help to break up the routine and maybe give me that burst of energy I'm looking for. Wow what a difference 30-freakin'-lbs makes!! I was running up and down the court like a mad man. Quicker, faster, and jumping much higher. Unfortunately, I was also getting tossed around like a rag doll by guys with more mass than me. It certainly didn't help that on my first night back I was trying to guard a 6'7" 250lbs former professional ballplayer. In the end though, my team used our speed and quickness to hold the court practically all night. A few more pistol squats and I'll be doing this:

(image deleted)

Final Photo





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