Connie B.

Connie B.

Busy Busy

Hi All. I've been terrible with posting. Aside from December being a busy time at work, socially and with the kids at school, I'm not much of a blogger nor do I spend that much time on social media. I have been pretty good with exercise, not so good with food. Exercising more has given me the energy to get out for walks and hikes which I normally would not feel like doing. Following the diet has been tough with being out a lot and socialising, but I have made healthy choices. Generally feeling pretty good!

Still Counting

Is anyone else still counting skips even though we are timed now? I can't help it!

If so, can you kindly share how many skips can you do in 3min? Just wondering how everyone is doing? It varies for me from day to day...but on average it's about 300 and I stop a few times (maybe 4 or 5?) for a quick breath.

Also I know the exercises are somewhat tailored for each person but the skipping expectation is the same, right?

Half Way

Hi All. Have done the exercises this week, not so diligent with the food though. Egg white, Apple and yogurt for dinner is soooo hard for me. Especially because I do not like egg whites. I can tolerate them if I can cook with the veg snack. But am still hungry and want the snack :(

Half way there!

Out of Touch

hi guys. have been in china for work, busy busy and very bad internet connection! have been creeping, jumping and eating my egg whites. Not as great on weekends, especially with the food choices in China. Back home now and keen to get back into my go-to foods.


Weekend was tough again. This coming weekend I have nothing planned so will try my best to avoid temptation. Thought I'd post my favourite spice...I keep it in my hand bag! It's got a tiny bit of salt in it but mostly pepper and garlic. Enjoy!

Party Pooper

Exercise has been good. Managed to complete 6 of the 7 days. Diet is tough on weekends. Seems all our friends are wanting to celebrate big for their 50th and it's all happening these next couple months. Last weekend, while on a junk with free flow booze and an amazing buffet, Kenzai took a back seat. I did make some adjustments in my choices and stopped at two drinks. So that's something! Off to do my exercises and my breakfast egg.

This week's diet was hard for me. I'm used to polishing off my kids leftovers as well as my own so we don't waste. So I modified it a little. Gave myself less and only ate one or two of the four kids leftovers :)

Bring on the eggs!

Intro Blog Post

My name is Connie, I'm Italian French Canadian (parents Italian, born in Montreal, Canada), I have four kids and I'm married to an Australian. I live in Hong Kong. This is the second time I do this Kenzai program. I completed it a year and a half ago and felt amazing afterwards. A busy family and work life then took over and I need to get back on track, so I'm giving this another go. Goal is to fit into my skinniest skinny jeans. Barriers will be eating eggs, many many eggs. And no wine, no cheese and little bread will be tough. I'm Italian!

A little late 

Wasn't able to finish but would like to try it again.

Tough week

In Italy for two weeks. Diet doomed. But am still skipping and exercising in secret so friends don’t think I’m an absolute nutter.

How do you make your egg whites less boring?

Busy busy

I've not been super diligent these last couple weeks. Just flat out with life, work, kids. Having said that, I have been doing some. Which is better than the usual none. No excuses these next few weeks.

Does everyone do all the exercises in the sequence that's presented? I find sometimes if I do the skipping after the workout I feel like it's less of a work out..Does that make sense? And sometimes, I skip in the morning and do the workout at night because I don't have time to do both. Does that diminish the effort/results in any way?


Up until today I could only ever do 200 skips without stopping. Some days I'd be really bad, tripping all over the rope unable to do even 50 in a row. Today I did three sets of 400. Sorry about the brag, just felt this was a big step after feeling so crappy last week.

Hi all, sorry for the radio silence. I have been sick for three days, slowly on the mend. I am aiming to resume eggs, dips, creeps and standing ovations tomorrow. On the flip side I have enjoyed the rest and break from work, kids (I have 4 of them), and sadly I must admit Kenzai. Body and mind go hand in hand, they both needed a break.




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