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nice to see the results of kenzai but this scorcher weather makes jumping rope all that more grueling. i needed to find alternative light cardio a few times since going outside was not a possibility, and i do my exercise at night when things should cool down!

summer is tough!

it's not easy keeping to the food regime in the midst of summer. fortunately keeping the carb intake low is not an issue. but keeping to the timing of meals and composition has been a challenge. during businss travel especially. the e exercise is tough after s long day of work and coming home to kids and their needs, and then working out in the heat. global warming is definitely going on. i'm trying to keep to the rules and when i do i feel great! i have to keep that thought in mind.

I was away for almost 2 weeks on business travel. It was a real challenge to stick with the program, especially with business lunches, dinners and events, but all told i held on pretty strong and managed to maintain to come degree the exercise program, but then i was hit with a stomach bug that threw me off for some days. I am back home now and glad to be back on track!

crazy times

the last two weeks have been a whirlwind leading up to my son's graduation (from middle school - if this is an indication of what later graduations will be like i will meed to start getting ready now). parent events and outings with and without kids, kids' events for which they needed to get ready (which meant that i needed to get him ready!) and party after party. nice life for the kids but an impact on me. i missed a couple of evenings' workouts, which i tried to make up, and trying to put me first. i am now travelling for work for 10 days. trying to be diligent throughout! anyone have any ideas on substitute g the jump roping with other cardio exercises to do in the hotels' gyms??

Week 2

I like the diversity of the food and being able to eat all the food groups, and don't miss too much (except wine -- aren't grapes part of a good group!?) I am getting used to working with other spices to replace my beloved salt and my taste buds are adapting. I caught a virus this week and missed a few work outs, which I felt guilty about, and this crazy spring rain in New York just interfered with today's jump roping in my backyard, when lightening started. I keep hoping/thinking I'll make up the workouts that I lost, so tonight I'll work with the resistance bands instead...

Last day of week one!

Jumping rope is becoming a bit easier -- I'm not tripping as much as the first few days. It was a long time since I had jumped rope when I first started at the beginning of the week,. The crunch and the push ups remain a real challenge. My legs are much stronger than my upper body and mid section, and now it the time to try to equalize that discrepancy. I'm sort of looking forward to the nutrition part and hope I can keep up at least until the school year ends and I have more time in the morning and evenings to get everything ready. My fridge is exploding in anticipation!


Hi all. My name is Cynthia. I live in New York City, and I am a lawyer with the UN. I am married with three kids, and my husband is a chef and owns his own restaurant. People say how lucky I am that he can cook for me, but unfortunately that's not true. I cook for me, when I cook, since he is always in the restaurant. The "when I cook" is probably the reason I am in Kenzai! My sons play soccer and I am active and on the go all weekend long and most evenings after returning from work until about 10pm, running them to and from practice. So unless I have food ready, I am left to my own devices. I try to limit intake to chicken tenders, but they are fried and awful. I needed a good kickstart to get out of that habit. I just finished a cleanse and lost 9 lbs of fat, and now I am heading right into Kenzai. I heard great things about the program from a friend of mine who lost a lot of weight and built muscle doing it, and it seemed that this was the perfect approach for me. I used to love to work out but don't have time anymore -- I guess that's true of most of us -- so now I have the incentive to make that time. I am also eyeing a beautiful outfit that I would like to get myself into for my son's graduation, so I have a double incentive. My favorite superhero is, of course, WONDERWOMAN!

End of Week 8