Daisuke Y.

Daisuke Y.

Day 79

Last week, I couldn't concentrate on the training because I had three client dinners. The good thing is that I have not seen the increase of my weight.


I finally reached to the fifth hole (tightest) of my belt. Even though it is slightly tight fit, but it is better than the 4th hole. That means I am healthier than myself a year ago.

Day 54

I have been a bit busy at work and had a slight cold in this week. So, I have to do my unsubmitted homework like an useless lad I used to be - of course, I found the huge difference in the weight. The numbers stay unchanged except the size of waist.

Day 41

Finally, I just lost 0.4kg in this week even though my muscle has been growing as to do skipping 2000 times. In addition, I also feel less dullness in my back after work with a computer and my waist is shrinking. Maybe the article about the numbers is correct.

Day 35

In this week, I made relatively little progress; I have lost 0.8 kg and seen no change in fat ratio / base metabolism recorded by my scale. I understand it is still amazing result, considering 5.8 kg reduction from Day 1 and there should be some landing time. Anyway, I just keep on working.

Day 27

Within a month from the beginning, I have finally reduced my weight by 5 kg. In addition, I can now easily fasten my belt to the 4th hole that I used a year ago. I hope I will ask someone to make an additional hole at the end of this program!

Day 22

I received a warning e-mail; I don't want to be kicked out, and so I report that my current status. I lost 1 additional kg in the last week, which means 4 kg since the beginning of Kenzai. Everything is fine except that I feel some pain in my back. Maybe it is better to take an acpuncture treatment found everywhere in Tokyo...

Day 11

I am a bit surprised to see the result of this training course so far. I lost 3 kg and reduced visceral fat ratio by 2.5% within 10 days. Another good byproduct is that I do not feel so intense hunger at night.


I managed to finish the workout program except downward row because I cannot find a good hook in my apartment house. As such, I did push-up again like Day 1. Could you give me an advice on this?

By the way, I achieved 50 in a row in rope skipping after 20min ride on bicycle for commuting. The problem is that I need longer interval. It could also be natural that I have now muscle aches everywhere in my body especially in abs, thighs, and chest.

Day 1

Hello everyone. That is much harder than I thought. In addition, I am well surprised to realize that I can only skip rope 20 in a row, which means that I have to burn my fat.

End of Week 10