Damaris A.

Damaris A.

Kenzai Body | Day 76
Kenzai Body
Day 76
Program progress:

My eating habits have changed drastically,my kids miss my ecuadorian food and my husband and I don't go out at night anymore

Energy level

I usually have a lot of energy in the morning after breakfast and then it runs out during the day

Mondays definitely and yesterday's workout were all my least favorite


almost 10 pounds

what I am fed up with

I am fed up with the increase in jump ropes but I know it is for my own good

losing weight

5 pounds down and 10 more to go

indulgence day

had one glass of wine but I really wanted something with cheese

4 weeks

lost just 2 pounds still miss salt

No changes

I am not gaining or losing weight but I have more energy so that's good news

one week down

I have never ate so much food in my entire life