Damien F.

Damien F.

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Stop the program

Due to a recurrent knee issue in the past weeks, i have decided to put the training on hold until i can solve the issue. I will take a while.

catching up

i had to stop partially the training due to a knee inflamation following a tennis game: i had to pass the skipping rope exercise for past 10 days. Now, it seems all fine and i am glad i can come back and do full training

First blog

i realize i have to start wriiting my blog. Day 3. so far so good. i enjoy the slow pace as i know it gets much harder later (my wife did it earlier this year). Diet wise, pretty much the same as i am following as well her Kenzai diet since January, just need to cancel all extras. Not travelling this week so quite easy, will be much harder next week during my trip to Hong Kong and China. Good luck to all.