Manjit P.

Manjit P.

Lurgy filled days

Had to have 2 days off gym as had Stage 4 Man Flu(I am lucky I survived!). Fever, cough and joint aches knocked me for six like Bairstow does to shiny red balls for England. Hit the gym for weights, but no cardio today, but got to gym and realised I had forgotten to pack shorts! Luckily my hospital scrub pants substitute nicely but not very fashionable.....

Ironing again

Hola team, back for my 3rd Iron. I just want to say I BLOODY LOVE IRON. My favourite program on Kenzai and I am looking froward to smadhing my lifting records and adding more muscle. Lets do this team!

Diet is goimg well, have had some adult drink hiccups, but that is life. Don't hang up on it, file it away, move on and live life like Matt Berlin-90% compliant all year even when on program or not. As I intemd to just keep doimg program after program, I will take these bumps in my stride.

Exercise yesterday was tough, 3 cycles and 3 mis skipping really hit me.I had my flu jab yesterday am, and as per normal I am getting the vax flu symp of achey muscle and low fever. I am just one of those that doesn't take well to it, but damn it is the right thing to do. However this has hit todays exercise badly. I couldnt finish a second cycle. Will just rest today and tmrw and get back on it.

On the up my neighbour i last saw 2 weeks ago said I had lost weight around my middle and looked really good. That's the goal!

Keep going team, over halfway and we can crush this!

That is all. Thank you

Sent from the puddle/lake of sweat

Puddles of sweat

The cycle workouts are leaving me lying on the floor in said puddles. I thiught I was coping with the intensity but yesterdays workout had me wiped.

On a different note whilst doing wall squats i looked down and noticed for the first time in a decade that I had quads. Actual defined vastus medialis and a curve outwards to the intermedius and lateralis. Also, I feel strong. Iron has bulked me up all over and I am looking forward to Chisel revealing more definition. Thank you Kenzai

Intro time

Hi. My name's Manjit and I'm a Kenzaholic. It has been 9 days since my last program.........

Hi peeps hope you are all good and ready to destroy this program!

Where in the world are you?
I live in Singapore, via Sydney and London with my wonderful wife Claire (Kenzai chef extraodinaire), and two fur boys Lando and Locutus(well known to Kenzai Alumni)

Why did you sign up for Chisel?
I have done many Kenzai programs with repetitions, but never done Chisel. I completed Iron last week, and as always built up a lot of muscle but still had a squidgy middle. I want to Chisel the chubble and reveal the muscle

What do you want to achieve by the end of the program?
As stated above

When was the last time you tried a new activity - what was it?
Krav Maga is my new past time, I have boxed, kick boxed done MMA and now I am doing what is the most effective and no rules fighting I have ever come across and it rocks.


I forgot to blog the most significant comment I had on my physique on my last blog. As any Indian man knows no matter how old you are, you constantly look for the approval of your parents. At my sister's 30th on Friday he pulled me aside and told me how good I looked, and how he hadn't felt able to say that for the last few years as my weight had gone up, and I'd lost muscle bulk due to injury, laziness and depression after my son passed away. That made not just my day, but made me proud of my Kenzai effort.

Jet lag sucks was in the gym at 4am today, at least it was empty with nobody glaring at me for hogging the bar. Yesterdays leg day did not make me a popular man with the gym bros.


Good week diet wise. Missedcone weights workout. Boxing today was tough, one of my friends didnt eat beforehand and passed out! Time for golf now and then coolmdown in pool. Have a good one everyone


Hi team, hope we all had a good week. This week diet was good excelwpt for a sneaky beer on Friday. Did 5 workouts in gym, and today did an extended cardio session of jog/walk in the East Coast Park with my furboys and Claire. Im.actually finding the bodyweight subs harder than the the weights workouts!

The cardio sessions have always been something I dreaded as skipping for 30 mins is too dull for me, I cannot run like I used to due to my chronic rugby injuries( far gone are my marathon days!).

So I find doing cross training like the MMA, the jog/walks, touch rugby and football are the only way I do the sessions. The ous werent too happy as after 5k they were ready to stop, some ice cold water and some of my Sunday roast cheered them up! They do love yorkshire pudding and nicely cooked beef. I had to forego the pudding and stick to the meat and veg so worked out well!!

Week 3 is the start of the slog and change making period, and I have equal feelings of excitement and dread. I know the next 4 weeks I will have sore legs and walk like John Wayne, and striggle with stairs....😕

Have a great week ahead team, sorry I havent blogged more and interacted. I will rectify that now work has calmed down!

Done it got the Tshirt 

So here I am again at the end of a other 90 day cycle of health and fitness. The programs are a challenge for me, but the biggest challenge is living well between programs. This time I am determined in my month break before I hit Iron again or do something new like bells to keep 80% -90% Kenzai compliant. I have done a few of the superset cycles this week but not full intensity due to back but I'm managing it.

Today we are off to Raj D and Sunita D's house for champagne brunch to mark the end of my program. They alongside my wife Claire P have been and boosters through this and been great as usual, and they are here to celebrate the end. After that a day of rugby watching at the Singapore Cricket Club Sevens, one of my favourite weekends of the year.

Then next week the 40th party. Have sent a couple of pics to my parents, and have had some complimants and remarks about my weight loss and how good I look. Need to make sure by next weekend i havent put on all the weight!🤣

Thanls to everyone in this group for support, comments and inspiration. You have all pushed me to be better especially Martin, Kate and Kevin for all your comments. Everyone has done well, but I have to single out one person in our group that I think has made the biggest change physically and mentally and helped push me on. Mohammed. You are a star. You have changed so much physically, but when I re read your post over the last 90 days the mental change and positvity is amazing. Well done mate.

Thanks has to go to Thomas for his ever present support and advice, as well as Ward for sorting me out when I needed help- mate you really are a rock for me in all my programs.

Lastly to my personal chef and workout buddy Claire. Love you so much and proud of you for doing your kenzai programs and a whole lot more.(And the boys Lando and Locutus obviously)

Hunger strikes

It’s happened. I’m finally hungry between meals. As in full raging hunger. Guess the program has succeeded in stage 1!


Really good to do what felt like a “proper” Kenzai workout today. Did my usual walk/jog home in the 35c heat(🤯), looking forward to summer being over, then my workout in the local park. My muscles are feeling sore in a good way and my back is holding up so far

Food- so much food today, breakfast was literally making me burst! Dinner was one of my favourites. Greek style meatballs with salad and Lebanese bread. I split my dairy/yogurt allowance and had some with dinner and some with my fruit. Ive our a couple of pics up and you can see just how much I had to get through and what it was like made into an edible wrap.

Have a great week everyone.

A good week all round

Really enjoyed this weeks strength exercises,I have really reconnected with bands after lifting weights for iron.

I have to say this-I hate skipping. I used to love it,KB1 and 2 I really enjoyed it. Now I find it monotonous and boring. I try to vary skipping with double unders, crossovers, turning in a circle etc bit this week I just haven’t enjoyed it.

Had rugby training today that was fun and if I had time and could do an hour of that each day instead of Cardio I would

Diet has been on point. My wonderful wife Claire P has cooked up a storm this week and I’ve added some pics to show her culinary delights. There’s a slow cooked lamb with salad and something called fregula, our breakfast this morning and a Mexican chicken salad.

Have a great week everyone!

Exhausted in a good way!

Man this weeks workours have been a killer. 45 minutes of weights at high intensity and 10-15 mins skips depending on if a leg day or not has really meant a massive increase in time and effort. The results are starting to show. Looking at my pic today versus day 1 when wearing same shorts my middle has shrunk considerably and I have add muscle to my frame

Today I did my first body weight/band exercise as first time didn’t make it to gym. Has patient rounds this morning and off for lunch now so had no time to drive to gym. When doing leg circles I looked down at my planted leg and did a double take. I actually had a defined vastus medialis(or the pear drop) and my vastus lateralia was solid. My calves looked toned and bulked up to. Have never really looked at my legs and noticed such definition and bulk- Thanks Leg month but I hope we never meet again!

Work food fail

Fail to prepare your food prepare for a food fail. Didn’t make my lunch for today and thought I’ll grab something at the hospital food fare. Ordered Grilled Salmon with “lots of salad as I don’t want the creamy mash or baked beans” (was going to get a bowl of brown rice for carb)see pic for what I got. For $11!

Had to go to Malay stall and get steamed veg and stir fry with brown rice to make it more nutritious. (Extra $2- western food much more expensive for some reason)

Never again




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