Daphne K.

Daphne K.


Hi All,
I am looking forward to starting and finishing these 90 days with you.
1. Where are you from and what do you do? I am from Toronto Canada - and I work for a small finance company in Sales.
2, What's your best quality? Hmmm...my best quality? I like to travel and experience new things
3. How did you hear about Kenzai and get to be here? I have a good friend who recommended Kenzai and here I am.
The next 2 weeks are going to be hard as I am off to celebrate my 50th birthday in Argentina - the land of beef and red wine.

I am feeling stronger - yeah and trying my best with my diet which will and has been a challenge as I eat out once or twice a day with clients. I try to make the right choices for meals when eating out but it is never as good as when I prepare it.
The battle with my belly fat continues - and I hope that each week it gets a bit better. Hope everyone is succeeding.

I am not sure if it is stress related but dealing with a nasty cough - and fever and have skipped the past 3 days of work outs. Today woke up after actually sleeping and going to do a bit of todays workout - just to get the blood flowing. Maybe I am detoxing from all the sugar I used to eat. I hope that I am back on path tomorrow. Boring I know:)

Always short and to the point with good advice - things I should know or should do - but I find them really helpful. Especially the ones around the diet and food,

Hi all. Am getting a little bored of my eggs and rice in the am. What are you doing with your carbs in the am?

off again

Off for yet another business trip

This time I have my rope spam hoping to get my cardio in while on the road.

Packed snacks and hopefully I am successful.

Good luck all.

Hi All. Looking forward to starting the food portion tomorrow.
A few questions here. Are we allowed coffee and if so can our milk portion be part of it? Do we have to have the yoghurt for breakfast or can I switch it to the snack with fruit? Last question. What are your thoughts on bread? It is a fast option for the breakfast part. Thank you.

Just back to the routine after a work trip took me cross country. Refrigerator is stocked and I am looking forward to the new way of eating. Hope week one was good

A bit under the weather

Like the lesson last week warned us - I woke up achy and with a nose dripping.

Been drinking tons of hot lemon and honey and heading to bed for the rest of the day,

Did not plan on a day of rest but am hoping I wake up feeling better and back to the program

Can not face the food today so hopefully tomato soup is okay.


Can we substitute skipping for spinning instead?

Well - last week was not stellar. Got the exercise in - which remarkably I am enjoying. My skipping is still not like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky - but I am trying.
The breakfasts and lunches were good but I fell off the wagon at the dinners.
For the near future - I am going to try and eat at home - it is easier to stay the course when not tempted...unless anyone else has any good suggestions?

Doing my best trying to stay on the diet while out with clients but finding it hard. My job involves a lot of client entertaining. At this time year that means concerts and baseball games. Does anyone have any ideas on how to eat properly at stadiums?