Daphne T.

Daphne T.

Reboot | Day 14 (Member)
Day 14
Program progress:
Meditating in China

I am so grateful for the Kenzai app and this program. I have been in the busy city of Chengdu and working quite a bit, so this program has helped me during this super busy time of the year!
I have been keeping up with my workouts (sometimes doing the Kenzai suggested and other times getting out and going running or just jumping rope to fit it all into the day!)
Today I didn't get to do the candle gazing exercise because I'm staying in a hotel that doesn't allow any open flames.
SO I will try that one once I return back to Japan for the next part of my tour.
Otherwise, I am doing my daily meditations and today I just repeated yesterdays sit in place of the candle meditation. I also have been practicing sound meditation a lot as I travel, so much to listen to here in the land of many sounds and lots of people everywhere.
In a few days we will trek the sacred Taoist Buddhist mountain and I am excited to sit and meditate at the top overlooking Chengdu. I'll let you know how that goes...
Wishing everyone an amazing rest of the weekend. Keep on keeping on!
Love from Panda city!

Twists and Turns

Currently in the hospital tending to my mother for the past 2+ weeks, so I've been doing my best to continue to stay active. It has been a challenging process, but I am doing my best to stay focused and also take care of myself while I care for my mom.
Thank you for all your support and hopefully I can cross the finish line with you all (minus some workouts and slightly different diet... hospital food!)
I'm grateful for Kenzai for the support and being able to do a short workout when I can to help keep the stress levels down. :)

Still here

In the shadows. Getting it done as I can.

I am back on the horse and wow is it hard to
Get back on once you’ve fallen off!
I am also realizing I’m dealing with peri menopause and didn’t realize this was what was making me so sluggish and tired.
I’m on some new supplements and getting myself balanced.
I know that exercising is the best way to stay balanced and vitalized so I’m keeping on keepin on.
I can’t believe March is already rolling around.
Spring weather to motivate!
Keep on keepin’ on everyone!
Good luck for a strong finish 💪!

Wow! What a journey... 

Thank you, Kenzai (Ward and Amanda and all the wonderful co-creators on the Topaz team), it's been a powerful and insightful experience to go through this 90 days while I've been on the road. I've worked out in hotels, resorts, friend's homes, etc in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Bali, Hong Kong, Manila, California and currently in Texas. Kenzai has definitely helped me create a new healthy lifestyle while continuing to travel from country to country doing that I love to do (play music and teach yoga + dance).
I got addicted to the daily workouts and loved hitting the "I Did It!" button after each session. One thing I did observe was the challenge of a consistent diet while on the road, so I did my best, but I do know I would've had a more successful transformation if I had stuck 100% to the diet. I did see in the weekly photos how my body would change if I stuck to my diet and how it would fall back to squishy side when I fell off the diet and ate too many carbs or sugar. Weekly photos were really a great idea and motivation to keep getting back on the horse and staying on track.
I am grateful for this opportunity and to be able to take this time for self-care and self-reflection. I just turned 47 and I know coming into this 2nd decade of life, my health is the foundation to build and flourish as I continue on my path of global travel and teaching.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I plan on joining the annual Kenzai membership so I can have an abundance of programs to support and challenge me!
Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a prosperous New Year!
Enjoy the precious moments with your family and friends.
Blessings to all and hope to meet somewhere down the road,
Daphne Tse

Wow! Made it!

Unbelievable how hard the last week was for me and how I procrastinated getting these last workouts done!
But today’s final workout was a relief and a breeze for me to get through.
I haven’t been proud of my diet since Thanksgiving and I can see the difference in my body. I’m not 100% happy with my final photo.
I am recommitting post-holidays to get myself back to my disciplined diet while I was in Bali and Thailand. Plus, keep up with Kenzai workouts. Not sure what is next post Kenzai body, but I would like to know what I can do to continue on the path.
Thank you to Ward and Amanda for your support and enthusiasm throughout the program. You both really helped me keep up with the program to the best of my ability.
Thank you to all the awesome group!
Inspired by each and every one of you!

The last couple of days have been challenging for me!
I found myself avoiding working out at all costs and procrastinating until afternoon to do my workout.
Then I was super tired and sluggish and barely made it through the workout.
My joints were in pain and just overall I felt very heavy and lethargic.
Any advice or motivational tips to keep me going for this final
Home stretch?


Another journey around the sun 🌞 and I feel the best I’ve felt in many years (thanks to Kenzai!)

So, I’m grateful that I’ve committed to this awesome program and proud of myself that I’m still motivated today.

I do have to confess that I had a piece of birthday cake today, but it was fruit and vanilla mostly healthy cake :)

We went bowling for a few hours with my family and a great time!
Healthy and fun!

Ready for bed and to start another day off right with Kenzai and healthy eating.


Up, up and away!
Well, I’m super bummed that I missed my workout today.
I’ve been so good at keeping up and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do my workout in the midst of traveling and transiting from Bali to Hong Kong to California and finally arriving at my hotel one hour ago exhausted.
I’ll pick up on my missed day tomorrow, but I wanted to acknowledge that I was unable to do my workout and plan on picking up where I left off tomorrow after I get some
I did walk a lot and carry lots of luggage. Hope that counts for something :)
I’m keeping calm and carrying on!
On a side note, I did eat my egg whites and kept up with my diet, mostly while traveling!

Short, but Sweet

On the road, hotel to hotel, conference to festival and onward. Singing and teaching yoga and dance to this wonderful Global community.
Kenzai has helped me so much in keeping my energy grounded and staying resilient!
I am doing great with my workouts. Even working out at midnight after a long day of conference events to keep up and not miss a day!
My biggest challenge is eating the Kenzai way. Yesterday I had a big breakdown and ate ice cream and crepes at the faculty special event dinner. Ack!
I’m getting back on track today... not beating myself up, either. But I do notice it in my body when I eat something too much fat, salt or sugar. I get squishy!
I can see in the end of week 5 Photo that my diet has not been as strict as the previous weeks.
So... on that note. Onward and upward!
I’m currently in the huge and bustling city of Jakarta teaching yoga, Sound meditation and therapeutic dance to people from all walks of life.
I feel grateful and blessed to be a global citizen and do what I love.
Thanks Kenzai and my dear friend, Akiko, for introducing me!
I feel strong and I actually look forward to my workouts and jump roping daily! Getting better at it each time.
Lots of love to everyone on the path!

Finally made it!

It's taken me a week to finally get started on this program. I had a slow start to joining the program and then with my travel plus gathering all the tools, I was just able to begin the program today. I am grateful that I could begin and still join this group. Thank you for letting me join and I am already feeling energized after my first session of working out. Had a healthy day of eating and will continue doing my best.