Darren R.

Darren R.

Three weeks left

I started with a weight goal in mind and I’m still hoping to get within at least 1kg of it. At this stage, I haven’t been perfect with diet and exercise but I’m still in it.

With three weeks left I’m hoping to get down another 3kgs. Have noticed good changes in the last week.

Good luck everyone.

Tough Going

Still kicking on but finding it relentless dragging myself out of bed every morning in the dark for exercise...missing a few days here and there but largely getting through it.

Diet is not bad but I’m craving something substantial and more..

Still a way to go and will hold out. Seeing some results which is good and hopeful of getting close to my target by Day 90

Ten Days

Been on holiday and traveling for work. Exercise has been non existent. Diet has been ok. Easy to get off track but no excuses. Back to normal from tomorrow.

Ups and downs

Still largely on track but been a bit slow the last couple of days. Usually try to do exercise first thing in the morning but today will give myself a break till the afternoon.

On diet and loving the simplicity of eggs. Makes things so easy and surprisingly only had a couple of brief moments where I felt hungry.

Late week wobble

Like a lot of the other guys, I was feeling tired towards the end of the week. Actually have myself a break Friday to press pause for a day. I was back this morning and feeling good again.

I know from last time I did this that the next 4 weeks is critical so I’m keen to get on. At this stage I’m super keen to see Day 90.

Week 3

Is it just me or are the workouts getting harder? Good week on diet and exercise except Monday for the workout - resulting from an alcohol related blowout on Sunday night. Back on the horse though and starting to feel changes particularly in the workouts.

Week 1.5

Opps. Bit late on the first post. Going ok so far. Body was a bit shocked on Monday with the new workout level and have struggled to drag myself out of bed early the last three days for the workout but I’ve been much happier once it’s done and I can tick it off.

Round 2

Hi, I’m Darren and I’m based in KL. I did KB1 back in 2017 and lost 11kg and felt great. Followed that up with a lot more fitness for a year and then fell off the horse. As you can guess that 11kg is back on so I’m here again to get rid of it for good. Looking forward to Day 90.