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Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready | Day 2 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Day 2
Program progress:
The other side...

As I said earlier needed to do the long run a day early again this week
It was quite a run (8.92 miles)
BTW, my Glutes were yelling at me a bit after yesterdays strength training
As you saw from the last post it is a bit rainy, windy and cold today
Taken individually I like running in colder weather and I like running in the rain, however...
Not together
Again, I ran from my house and this particular route has some big time hills (like every other run from my house)
I keep saying this but I do need to run more on flat land
It's easy to just run from my house when not traveling
Miles 3-5 were a slog for sure
I got to a particularly gnarly hill @ half way point and it took all my mental toughness to keep going after that
I actually started to feel better at around mile 6 and finished pretty strong
My final average pace was 8:48 per mile
Compared to last time I ran this route--which was my last KR10K run on 9/22--I improved by almost 20 seconds
See the two runs attached
Gave that one a big fist pump!
I was tired--and very wet--at the end

I will say that I did not sleep well last night. Since my diet has been pretty clean I am sure it was that lack of a good night sleep that made the middle part of this run a bit tough. In the end I feel the result was a good one though.

We shall see how I feel tomorrow when I do the Pace Run (which should have been today). I just don't see the window of time to do the long run tomorrow.

Run Forest run!


Had to sandwich this run in between two conference calls so I only had 30 minutes
38 degrees F (nice and chill)
First 10 minutes 9 minute pace
Time Trial mile roughly just over 8 minute mile pace
Started Time Trial on a bit of a uphill slope
This is because I decided to run from home (hills everywhere) versus getting in the car to find flat land
Finished the last section of 8 minutes @ a roughly 8:35 per mile pace

I paid very close to my breathing
My patterns are normally 1234, 1234, for the first few miles
I slowly transition to 123, 123...
For the Time Trial phase of this run I quickly transitioned from 1234, 1234, to 123, 123 and even 123, 12 at times
I focused on trying to regulate but it was inconsistent

Felt okay otherwise. I did have to call a bit on my mental toughness to carry me through the Time Trial but I made it.


Yes, after some spectacular runs last week it was inevitable that I was due for a bad one. I had to travel into Manhattan last night for early meetings this morning. I did not get to my hotel until 11pm. I was starving so I ordered room service and ended up not falling asleep until close to 2am. Needless to say I got very little sleep. Woke up at 7:30am. I was staying right across the street from Central Park so I did my Strong Finish run there. I made it through the entire 30 minutes but it took all my mental toughness to do so. When you consider I ate too late, slept very little and it was super muggy it's a surprise I made it 10 minutes. In spite of this my results were actually pretty good. I picked up the pace the last 5 minutes for a Strong Finish and took 14 seconds of my pace versus mile 3. It was painful however; a slog for sure!

Grad Post 

6 weeks, many miles, and calories later here we are. This is a great program because it is holistic. It’s not just a focus on running. It’s a focus on the knowledge needed to prepare your entire body for safe and steady progress while running. Not much else to say. All of my objectives were met and my pants are quite a bit looser again 👍.

Be well!

KR10K - Day 19

Dropped the kids off at school and did my Technical Run at the reservoir. What a beautiful morning! The temp was a brisk 42 degrees (love it!) and the sky was clear and blue. I ran 3 miles and ended up with basically even splits (9:12, 9:13, 9:11). This makes sense since I was focused on shortening my stride and where my feet were landing versus pace. The conclusion I came to is I think my stride and landing are good and when you add in the lean--which I tried to focus on throughout--you can really feel the difference. I also noticed that if your posture is correct and you are doing the lean correct your legs / feet will automatically want to land at center. Does that make sense?

Looking forward to tomorrow's longer run!

Hollow spine on chair...

Is there a alternative to this one? I ask because my left shoulder seems to have something stopping it from stretching the arm / hand to the chair / stool. My right Shoulder is fine.


Was difficult. Not from a stretching perspective, but rather the soreness in my mid-back. I was focused on keeping by back straight and bending at the torso but for some reason it was stressful on my mid back. The one thing it could be is my dinner. I stretched right after dinner which may not have been a good idea. Will try to do the evening stretches a few hours after dinner tomorrow night.

Day 4

Love the Pyramid. When I started my fingers were 3-4 inches from the ground. By the time I ended my fingers were touching and my palms were close also. Still need more practice with the Warrior poses to get fully comfortable but I can see that happening soon.

Good night!

Day 3

Finished up Day 3 feeling quite energized but relaxed at the same time. I do have a few questions however. During the Warrior II and Crescent Moon, I am assuming that the HOLD periods each equate to a single deep breath (in and out). Is that correct?

Time to eat!

I also had no way of taking pictures today. I have asked my wife if she can do it with me tomorrow morning after we get the kids to school.

Looking forward to Day 2!

Reboot - Graduation Post 

I'm a day late on my graduation post. Left for vacation with my family Saturday and have been consumed ever since! Spent the last two days on the beach and during the evening cooking dinner for 11. (love it!)

It's amazing to me how easy it is to get back into the routine of exercise and eating properly. Also, my body reacted very fast to the shift. I feel better mentally and physically. I am also sleeping better and thinking more clearly. And, my pants and shorts are fitting a bit looser around my waist which is something I was hoping to achieve.

I greatly appreciate the Kenzai approach. It gives me a structured set of exercises and a common sense diet to follow. For the type of person I am this is extremely helpful in keeping me engaged.

Congratulations to all my peers who completed Reboot! I hope you are all feeling as great as I am!

P.S. on my first day post reboot I walked 2.75 miles and ran 2.0 miles and it felt great! Hoping to discipline myself to complete at least 3 workouts a week using Kenzai Life!

PCP - 2011
Re-peak - 2012
and now...
Kenzai Reboot - 2016
What's next???

Reboot - Day 22

Having to switch my cardio to Elliptical. Even with stretching I continue to have problems tearing the calf muscle in my right leg so jump rope is not doable.

Other than that everything is great. Feeling good and excited about being close to completing the program and then getting into a weekly routine that I can maintain with my schedule.

Day 18 - Catching up

Finished everything but the cardio part of my workout on day 17. Was going to do the cardio at night but fell asleep putting my daughter to bed!

Doing extra cardio today to make up.

Feeling great!

Been a bit busy...

Sorry for the stretch of time without a post. Lots of travel for work and family obligations when not traveling.

Everything going great with the workouts. Diet is okay. Not eating anything I should not be eating, just not eating every single meal. Eating at minimum the three primary meals but missing some of the in-between stuff.

Still, I feel great! Sleeping well. Feeling great when I wake up. No headaches from eating too late or eating too many seeets or fatty foods with too much salt.

Waist size is shrinking and my 32" waist clothes are starting to fit a bit looser which was a goal. Not really too concerned with my weight. I have been been able to keep my weight under 170 since first finishing PCP back in 2011. Back then I dropped almost 20lbs by the end of the program. That was plenty and to be honest my focus is on toning, feeling good and for my pants to not be too tight ;-).

Oct 20th, 2014



Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready


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