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David C.

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Day 1

Hey team! Hope everyone gad a great Day 1. Just a quick question for anyone who can answer. If we blog on the new app platform does it not integrate into the desktop version? If that's the case should we just be blogging and uploading weekly pictures on the new app? Bit confused...

Bells 2 

Did not finish bells 2 the way I wanted to as I had to cut out a week early for a trip. Will redo bells 2 and kill it!

Day 37

Going into bells 2 I knew my program would end a few days early as I always have an annual Vegas trip for the start of NFL. I figured it would be better to do this program and miss the last few days rather than not doing it at all. I won't be posting my week 5 picture and posting my final picture on September 4. I plan on completing the last few workouts I miss next week when I return home. I hope everyone has a great final week!

Day 29

2 more weeks!!

I ended up eating a slice of tres leche cake for my indulgence this past week. It was BOMB. Got me extra motivated to work out ever harder the rest of the week haha.

Diet 100% last week
Workouts 90% last week (missed one day)

Almost there team!

Hope everyone has great week.

Day 22

Bye evening protein. Diet really starting to tighten. I feel great. Work is still crazy for me for at least 2 more weeks. Missed one workout this week because my body was sore as f*** from a 10 hour work day on my feet so I figured the extra rest would benefit my body the rest of the week and it sure did. Diet has been tight as ever, ZERO slip ups.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Day 15

Work has been crazy July/August which is a good and bad thing.

The good - I’m on a set schedule wake up, work out, meal prep, work and sleep. Rinse and repeat. There is literally no time for any error.

The bad - Work is in a high pace environment and I’m on my feet all day. Body is aching constantly. Trying to stretch and get as much sleep as possible to help recovery.

Workouts on bells 2 have definitely been challenging me. Still trying to perfect my form on some of the moves.

Diet has been 1000%.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Day 8

Those Turkish get ups SMH!!!

Intro time...

I live and work in San Francisco. I loved working with kettle bells after using bands the past few years and couldn't wait to jump into bells 2. I signed up for another program because it keeps me accountable with my diet and I love learning all these new kettle bells exercises and techniques. After this program I will be headed to Las Vegas for week 1 of NFL, cant wait!!!

Bonus pic, my bells collection!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Day 3

Glad to see some familiar faces in here! Just hit up my local sporting goods store last night to pick up matching kettle bells, now I can really hit these workouts. Workouts are definitely ramped up straight out the gate! Hope everyone has a great week.

Day 42 - Final Post 

Kenzai never fails to amaze me with all these different programs. Im not going to lie at the beginning of bells I thought the workouts were not challenging me enough but towards the middle of the program the workouts were getting harder than chisel! Third program done since January! Turning Kenzai into a lifestyle has been the key to my success. I am still not where I want to be weight wise so I will be keeping the momentum going with another program shortly.

Thanks Nate for the guidance this go around. Shout out to Jason for bringing crazy amounts of positive energy throughout the whole program.

Congrats everyone!!!

Day 38

My body is definitely starting to feel it as these workouts are taking longer and longer. Rest day coming up is going to be crucial lol. Cant believe this is the last week as this program flew. Thinking about diving straight into bells 2! Hope everyone has a great final week!

Day 29

Apologizing to the group for not being as active on the blogs. Super busy right now for me at work. My days go as wake up, workout, meal prep, work and sleep. Rinse and repeat. Which is awesome because that leaves me no time for slip ups!!!

Glad to see everyone in the group is killing it as I just caught up with the blogs.

SENDING EVERYONE POSITIVE VIBES and hope everyone has a great week ahead!


Day 22

Things have been crazy at work which I like because it leaves me no room to slack. Just rinse and repeat the workouts and food choices. Last week went 7/7 on workouts and 100% clean on diet. Starting to kick into a really good groove and thankfully haven't hit any walls yet. I hope everyone has a great week! Lets gooooo!

Day 14

I am loving these kettle bells!

Workouts have been 14/14. Diet has been 11/14.

This whole year I have said NO to anyone who ask me to go out and eat or grab a drink while on program. I knew that signing up for bells during this stretch was going to be tough these first 2 weeks because not only was it my bday but it was also some of my loved ones as well.

Now that everything is completed I can finally give my diet the attention it needs. Hope everyone had a great week!

Day 5

Bday week so taking full advantage of getting celebrations out of the way with everyone during the first week before we tighten everything up diet wise. Jumping straight into bells from chisel is a much different pace in the workouts, def not sweating as much during and after workout. Will continue to trust the process. Hope everyone is having a great week 1! Dont forget to stretch!

Day 1

Hello team! See some familiar faces in here which is always nice. For those I haven't met my name is David and I reside in the Bay Area. Cant wait to start this next program with all of you!

Finished first workout and its nice to finally integrate something different into these workouts. Been eyeing bells from afar the past year so glad I've found some time to do this!

Hope everyone was a great week 1!

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