David I.

David I.

Still here

Yes, another week of eating right and exercising. Have been doing all the workouts and maxing all the exercises except the pull ups/chin ups. Using the toe a lot for those. My form gets shaky towards the end of some of the sets.
Like some others I wish I was further along then I am but I have lost 13 or so pounds and my stamina has increased. So I guess I was in worse shape when I started then I thought. Pig's ear and all.
I've been reading all the blogs and have many great thoughts that I haven't shared and probably won't but know I am thinking about you all.
Keep up the good work.


Well another week. Did all the exercises, ate all my grams. Didn't eat any bad foods. Read all the blog entries from the team. So I guess all is well.
The exercises are getting harder and I'm feeling overall more tired. I seem to have plateaued. Maybe I've entered the slum. Back to my roots. The end seems both far away and very near. I'm wondering what my overall result will be and is there enough time to get where I'd like to be. Always something to worry about., I suppose.
Keep up the good work team.

nothing new

to report. Everything is going along. I'm doing the exercises. They are getting harder. I'm sticking to the diet. I'm still for the most part enjoying the work outs. I am getting a little tired but not too bad yet.

mid term evaluation

I found some Morels a few days ago! The season has started. It's one of my favorite times of the year. It's early yet so hopefully will find some more.
I've been staying on the diet and doing the exercises. No problems really. Having to use a little more motivational energy to get going but not too bad. I feel like I'm making good progress. I've lost 10-11 lbs(5 ish kgs), not bad for 1/2 way. I'm getting thru the skipping, some days are good, some it's trip city. I was able to run today for 40 min w/o stop and included a few small (very small) uphills. Overall feeling stronger and more aerodynamic. Looking ahead the workouts look pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how I'll do on them.
I've taken on the flexibility challenge to work on spine flexibility, we'll see if I can stick to it.
Keep up the good work team.

Spring arrives

Picked wild leeks a few days ago and have been eating them daily since. Free, fresh, organic greens. Can't get any better then that.
Otherwise have been doing all the exercises and keeping to the diet. I have been getting hungry between meals and snacks. I've added potatoes to my vegetables and that seems to help. I ate an extra banana a few days ago. Not an oatmeal cookie, so I guess that's not too bad.
I jogged today for free cardio day. I was able to go the whole 35 min w/o walk breaks, so I guess that's an improvement. The speed was somewhat less then blistering but still...

Coming along.

I seem to be coming along well. Starting to notice and feel changes. Staying on track with the diet and exercises. They do seem to be getting more intense and I can see failure coming before the end of the sets in the future Looking forward to seeing what's in store for the 2nd half.
I take my hat off to all who are working full time and have children at home and are keeping up with KB2. I'm not sure I could have done that. So good work to you all.


Hi all,
Things have been going well. Doing the exercises, sticking to the diet. The exercises are getting more challenging, still able to max them out but each week it feels like I've reached the apex. Then the next week comes and there is more. It's good.
I had a chocolate bar for my indulgence. I didn't really want it but it sounded like it was mandatory, so I ate it. It was good, very good. However, when I was done I wanted another. I thought about that and thought maybe that's the lesson. I didn't really want it but when I had it I wanted more.
A while ago there was a request to share things that are giving us trouble. My lumbar spine is very stiff. Not painful, it just doesn't bend. I became aware of it several years ago. I can touch my toes and lift heavy weights without difficulty. Doing things like the butt up exercise are hard because my whole lower spine moves as one unit, not each vertebrae at a time. I've had x-rays, seen a chiropractor, done yoga. I have a new plan now to work on it with the forward bend. Not really looking for anything now just venting my frustration.

why(?) we love Vermont

Snow on the garlic patch this morning!!
My trip to Philly went well. I was able to pack food and stay on track with the diet except for Saturday dinner. I avoided verboten foods but may have gone above the recommended portions. There was so much good food. I passed on the martinis, wine and desserts though.
I did all the exercises until I got home and then it caught up to me and I couldn't do them yesterday. Back on it today. It is much easier to do them at home in "my exercise place".
I think I'll go and have some chocolate for my indulgence. I don't really crave anything now.
Ida Keeling reinforces that exercise is the true fountain of youth.


For the cardio I've been running/jogging. I haven't done any running for 30 yrs or more. I now remember why. I don't like it and its hard. It really has been more like jog, jog, jog, walk, jog, jog, walk, walk, jog, walk, walk, walk. But it seems to be getting better and I think that's a good reason to do it.
The diet and exercises have been going well. Not too difficult yet but I can see that changing.
I'm going to be traveling from Vermont to Philadelphia to see family starting tomorrow. I will now see how that's done. It seems like it might be hard to stay compliant and on target . I'll give it my best shot.

new week

Did all the exercises today. I was worried about 15 min of skipping. It was Ok though.I got thru it much better then I thought I would, actually it wasn't a problem at all which was a surprise. All that worrying for nothing. However, my bands came unhooked during the lat swings and hit me in the belly. No blood but nice bruises. Yes, I read the lesson about not getting hurt and I knew the nail they were on wasn't the best. One year I'm going to learn to listen when I tell myself to fix something before there's an accident.

getting along.

Hi all,
I'm doing OK. The exercises aren't too taxing yet (did I just jinx myself). I've been sticking to the diet, except that one time. Boy do restaurants use a lot of salt in their food.
Loved the tips on how to peel eggs and garlic!

sick amor and the kimps

Great name for a punk R&B band.
Got thru the skipping better today. No breaks. Not easy but better.
Looking forward to seeing what the diet will. Haven't gotten it yet being in the slow side of the globe.

better late .....

Hi everyone,
I originally signed up for kenzai body not knowing about KB2. Thomas "busted" me, as my wife said, trying to slip into the easy class. He kindly offered to get me switched and here I am. Going from 200 jumps to 10 minutes of jumping was a jump but I did OK with it. I'm interested to see how the rest of this goes.

the end  
Dragonfly20130312 2 yoph80

I can only echo what others have said this was truly a transformative experience for me. I lost about 30 lbs., did exercises that I thought I could never, ate the diet that I think I have been looking for for a long time. My cardiovascular fitness improved to a level that I thought was gone for ever. I still feel I could improve some more but what has been accomplished is remarkable.
Patrick you should be very proud to have created such a balanced and sensible program. I thought about calling it a very common sense approach but I think uncommon good sense is more accurate. The lack hype and fad was very important to me. It feels like an amazing gift that you have given us.  In a world that seems consumed with greed and self serving opinions PCP delivers what it promises and more without the nonsense.
I am going to miss the program and have some fears that I am not going to be able to keep this level of fitness. I worry that the mind will start to play the old tricks. "You can catch up tomorrow"," It's only for today" "You deserve (another beer, slice of pizza, piece of pie, etc)", "You don't look so bad". But I will give it my best try.
Teo and group Gemini, it has been a blast going thru this with you all and reading all the blogs and comments. Getting a glimpse of the big world out there from winter bound New England was great. I have been blown away by the transformations I have seen in the group and the dedication and strength of character. It was inspiring. I will miss everyone.
I could probably gush on endlessly but I won't.
This has been one of the high points of my life.


I'm off to NYC tomorrow to have passover with the family. I think I'll flip my meals and try not to drink too much wine.
Some, however, is mandatory.
Otherwise thing are going smoothly- diet good, exercises challenging, skipping ever improving.

End of Week 10





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