David M.

David M.

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I know you are sick of me saying almost...

I have gotten great support from Kim and Thomas and I appreciate all the kind words from the team.

I am going to get back the horse - focus on diet and the work outs.

I'll keep you posted


Well Back Kinda

Hello everybody -

It looks like everybody is doing so well. Keep up the good work.

Me - struggling, not very involved. :(

I haven't worked out for a few days and see myself reverting back to my old eating habits. It has nothing to do with the support or program. Just me and life.

I am going to try to stick with it but it is HARD. I have February school vacation next week. Hoping I can keep in check and I will pack my equipment.

Well - that is me ... Keep up the good work and thanks for the previous encouragement - it is appreciated.

I’ll be back

Hello All- struggling with a few timing issues with work, kid and a test I am taking next week. I needed to take a break this week but I will be back at things.

I appreciate the support thus far- I am hoping I am back on line at the end of next week.

Hey everybody -

Looks like everybody is doing great. I have had a tough time carving out the time for workouts between timing of family, work and travels. Cannot find the exact sweet spot to get me moving - but I keep trying and won't give up.

I HAVE been doing a good job maintaining a close match to the diet. While sometimes not an exact ratio, it is WAY better than my previous diet. I am feeling those benefits for sure.

While I am struggling a bit, I am getting exactly what I need out of the program and the team. I am just pacing myself a little more than others...

Hang in there!

Well It is Sunday

Came down with a bug and have not been myself. Hopefully turning the corner.

Working on meal planning and getting Monday's meals in a spot.

Still dreading the jumprope :(

Day 1 Ready to Go!

Hey Everybody!

My name is Dave Mac and I live in Portland Maine. I have been looking forward to this change for a while. I have friends that have been successful with the program(s) and it is really motivating me to change my lifestyle.

I know it will be a challenge but also know that collectively we can work through the 90 days.

Who knew jumping rope was going to be stumbling block today?!?

Back at it and I can only get better.

Looking forward to meeting you all and rooting you on as we go!