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David M.

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"Chen" isn't real!

Never seen you blog. Never seen a pic. And all these wacky trainers blame everything bad on you.

"Egg whites for dinner! It was Chen."

"No more carbs! It was Chen."

The definition of urban legend!

If you are real Chen, prove it by putting pizza in my diet!! Yeah, I thought so! Hahaha

So was the day 9 plan of finishing the workout on top of a bench designed so we fall off on to the floor in exhaustion? - note to KB planners, some of us are working out on hard surfaces ............. Blah! Done!


(Yeah, likely to regret these last two comments. Hahaha)

And back on track!!!

After 3 days and a full check up with the doc, back full on in to the KB3 workouts - diving in from day 4 (that was hard for looking so easy on the site!). And was able to rope in my workout buddy Howard to join me for the workout! - maybe he can be in the unofficial KB3 (the version with alcohol)

great learning - on many fronts 

In some ways, KSki was the hardest Kenzai program I have done. I found the four week format very challenging - no room for error. On the 90 day programs, the build up is more gradual, and it allows me to gain a better rhythm. The sudden start was also challenging because having several weeks before the start of a Kenzai program is actual good mental preparation.

On the positive side, LOVED the intensity on the legs. As I believe Ward may have said (but I was thinking it too!), being in great ski shape is about being able to make every turn you want to and need to make. Skiing challenging terrain or deep powder is all about having fun and being safe. And the only way to do that is to truly be able to control everything. The cycle workouts were great. At first, it felt silly - never going to get a workout doing this. I humbly stand corrected :)

Two biggest suggestions - make it 60 days with a slower ramp up, and start it on October 15! - tougher to keep motivated for just spring skiing.

Kenzai Team - thank you for another great program! You guys never fail to exceed expectations!


So a couple of the last workouts were sacrificed for a couple days of spring skiing! First day was at a dumpy little ski area with a blow your mind view of the ocean and the other at Niseko with a few cm of fresh stuff and a bunch of sun.

jump roping with a view

So the great thing about the K-Ski workouts is the true lack of equipment needed to get through them (just gotta be able to count to 5, a challenge in an of itself).
While the workouts are definitely ramping up, finding a spot in the urban jungle of Tokyo with some solitude to crank them out is part of the fun.

my mountain(s)

OK, so I have 3 and I can't choose.

Niseko - just to hang with the beautiful people! And enjoy spectacular powder off the back side. And enough "escapes" to avoid the crowds.

Moiwa - to drown in powder!

Rusutsu - endless tree skiing in the powder!


Came in to this thinking - finally the Kenzai program to train us up for a little apres ski! - the prelude program to the oft rumored "Kenzai Drinking"? Seems not :)

Does anyone realize how stiff the jump rope gets jumping out in the snow? Or how cold your hands get?!

Go SkiBoot!


So pumped to be part of the beta for ski-boot.
The only reason I jump rope is for those few days each ski season when the weather Gods cooperate with a bunch of white shit - like the 50cm day last week in Niseko!
Looks like a bunch of the group skis up there too - so hope to have the chance to connect up in the snow as well.

Kenzai Ski!

And the morning before the powder plunge begins!
No jump roping today because the legs will be sufficiently blown up in the snow!

Cali and Tokyo workouts

Working out at Half Moon Bay (California) - starts with beautiful sunset, jump roping next to a huge firepit (hoping my rope won't melt), looking at the ocean, and a bag pipe player across the lawn playing. Devolves to bag pipe player leaving, quickly becoming dark except for the dim light from the fire pit, then it gets windy (biggest enemy of the jump rope!), but to top everything it starts to pour down buckets of rain. Who cares?! - cranked out my 30 minutes of jump roping! - once you are wet, there is not much to "more wet."

For anyone in Tokyo who is also a Tokyo American Club member, if you want to join a few of us, we are in the gym (on the basketball court) most mornings from 730am. We get in a workout and then usually go grab donuts because we are so tired and hungry by then! All comers welcome!!!

PS - just kidding about the donuts!

I saw Elvis!!!

So I never do my workouts with anybody - solitude with me, my jump rope, and my bands. But today, had an opportunity I could not pass up to do my workout with "Elvis." Happy to report he does exist, he is alive and well, and he kicks complete ass on the jump rope!
Thanks P!

white powder!!!

Yeah, you read that and thought something other than snow! hahaha
I can confirm that 30 minutes of jump roping a day for 3 weeks after doing KB2 definitely makes skiing awesome!
Spent 2 weeks climbing in the back country, dropping through the waist deep powder, and bouncing through the moguls - all feeling great! Thank you Kenzai team!
Now is time to get my diet back on track and get back to daily workouts to get ready for more skiing in the next few weeks!


Entertaining and Kenzai validation on every level (except jump roping - but actually even jump roping!)



You know who you are!
(Just in case you wondered!)

Had a jump rope crisis this morning.
@Shaun - no, not pregnant!! Only you get to use that excuse :)

Jumping outside in front of my hotel in 4 degree centigrade weather and putting in my 30 minutes on the jump rope as promised, my jump rope broke - literally at the 15 minute mark (weird sound and 3 jumps later I had 2 mini jump ropes!). Last 15 minutes was a 20 minute run - sorry crazy people. But despite my schedule, managed to procure a new jump rope in Kyoto and will be back out there putting in my 30 tomorrow.

BTW - how much longer are we doing this? Skiing from December 23 - so please say we end before that.

End of Week 2





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