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Kenzai stalking?!

I park my car Saturday morning and was sitting there doing some work before going to a school festival when this thing pulls in. Yeah - I had a couple things off diet at the end of this week, but you don't have to stalk me to rub it in..................message received!
PS - cooked up some mean vegetable (onion, carrot, tomato, yellow pepper, fresh basil) heavy meat sauce today, so back off!!!

Came back from a business trip to China to see the blogs exploding with crazy people thinking it is a good idea to #raisethebar from day 65 of KB2! Immediately agreed to join some of these crazies in their 30 minutes of daily jump roping only to be completely knocked out of action for three days with a terrible cold.

But finally back now.

And got my 8-year-old kid to hang out riding his bike as I was jump roping - only to be dragged on a run after my jumping. "why are you running so slow?"

So to all you crazies, I am with you for the next 14 days - and this better be good for my skiing :)

Kenzai Swim?!

Hated it. Learned to tolerate it. Re-learned how to swim
(anyone who hates swimming, but is willing to invest about 6 weeks to re-learn, read Total Immersion - it will change your pool experience completely).
But even then, was always counting the minutes/laps/tiles in the pool. However after finishing KB2 and getting back in the pool - what a different experience. Not sure if it is because of all the core strength we developed, shoulder work, or balance, but wow, what a difference.
Not ready to chase Ameya down in the triathlons just yet, but just more incentive to keep getting leaner and stronger.

calling out Ameya

I am hitting the gym daily, doing my 15 minutes of jump roping and cranking out my workouts because I am hanging in there with you for the remaining days to get to your "90"! Even staying nearly on diet (except the egg whites are yours alone my friend!)

time to use and build on these 90 days! 

What a great 90 days!

First the numbers -

0 - number of missed workouts.
@Sharmali - I am 90/90 on KB1 and 90/90 on KB2 - bring it on! I am just like you - once the streak starts you just don't want to break it. Happiest that I had zero injuries (and didn't get sick despite a bunch of travel) and could really nail the jump roping day after day - including three days with zero misses over the 15 minutes of jumping.

8 - number of kg lost on KB2. Planning another 90 days in the spring after ski season because my body fat is not where I want it to be yet - the Long Game!

0 - number of major diet slips (plowing in to pizza or dessert)
3 - number of minor diet slips (extra grams, few off plan carbs)

So I have to admit that I may have said a few things in the blogs that perhaps stirred the pot a bit -
- trashing Patrick's hair (OK, a low blow, but sometimes the truth hurts!)
- speculating on whether the weight on Sameer D's back doing push-ups was photo-shopped in (yeah, Sameer rocked the program and doesn't need PhotoShop!)
- a bit of an attack on Sharmali's guinea pigs (totally overweight and out of shape - and for only eating vegetables, how can they be so fat?!) and daughter (who is totally cute! - and her animal naming still cracks me up!)
- questioning the wisdom of Jessica eating an entire bunny for her indulgence (have made peace with both bunny and Jessica - and probably given the bunny diabetes in the process!)
- raising Paul S's obvious faux pas of choosing rocky road over chocolate ice cream - I got nothing to apologize for on this one, unforgivable! :)
- being a little rough on Cecilia Aiello for choosing apples for her "indulgence" (seriously, apple tart?! it's already 90% kenzai compliant and how many apples do we eat in 90 days?! - however damage that brownies can cause duly noted!)
- comparing Patrick to the Joker for his diabolical ways (yeah - this one stands on its merits! particularly after all the clockface planks and endless ab work)
- but the one I cannot apologize for is being upset for learning that my trainer, Thomas, is a New England Patriots fan!!! - on par with Luke finding out his father is Darth Vader! I am positive that Peter D shares my disgust! GO SEAHAWKS!

And to those I offended and left off this list, apologies! - all in good fun!

On a more serious note, the expanded community of people across Kenzai and the broad contribution of so many people through the blogs really made a difference. Different people in different programs at different stages, but everyone having a great shared experience and building such a supportive community.

Felt much more in control than during KB1 - cooking took less time, got myself more efficient in the workouts by working out on the basketball court in my gym where there were few/no people. Solitude during the workouts is probably a good thing for me.

Thank you to Thomas and Jess! You guys are awesome - always responsive and supportive, but also kept things real and honest!

Special shout out to Sharmali and Cecilia - you two make me seriously laugh and smile all the time.
Sharmali - look forward to getting together again in HK for coffee (or perhaps a workout!)
Cecilia - I have no idea where you are, but would be awesome to meet you some time in real life! - need you to teach me handstands!

And hats off to Patrick - KB2 is still in its early days, but you keep raising the bar on how to improve our nutrition, health and approach to life.

And my teammates - what a great group!!! Felt inspired and pushed by you guys - got me back out running, and could never have gone 90 days without your support! Thank you!

Journey continues. Each day is just day 91.

Looking forward to KB3 next spring - but a lot of mountains covered in deep white powder to conquer between now and then!!!

day 89 - pizza test

Nailed workout and diet on day 89 - completely non-eventful. Then get home to find a box of leftover pizza from my kids. Naturally I warmed up three pieces and scarfed them down knowing that I could just burn it off during the day 90 workout - NOT!!! hahaha
Held the Dark Side at bay - and will keep doing so on to day 91 and beyond!

To KB animal lovers!

My "indulgence!!!"
A visit with my favorite giant puppy Mack - my brother's adorable, licking machine of a dog.

PS - indulgence dedicated to @Jessica and her rabbit, and @Sharmali and her Guinea pigs and adorable daughter!

no alcohol, but

We all sign up for no alcohol during Kenzai, but nobody said anything about a little "grass" for ab work!

blah blah blah

Totally jet lagged.
18 hour day.
3 hours of sleep.
4am conference call.
Workout felt like absolute SHIT! DONE!


Diet a bit off because I have no idea what meal I am on. But eating clean. At least easy to eat clean in SF - if you can ignore all the amazing pastry shops (I can!).

Not sure about my diet

This is going to be the week I miss plan on dinner every night - I just can't do 100 egg whites!


So I am reading a post by my good friend Peter D.
Both Peter and I are diehard Seattle Seahawks fans (American football for those of you who only know football as the game you play with your feet!). And through this conversation, I figure out that the trainer who has been so amazing for us, Thomas Doyle, is a New England Patriots fan.
This kind of goes beyond comprehension! Like the moment when Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia find out their dad is Darth Vader - just too evil to be true!

Day 72 speed bump!

Got home. Hungry and low energy. Choice - cook vegetables for my Kenzai dinner or finish leftovers from kids. Chose the leftovers. Nothing massively terrible - some baked "spring rolls." Little carb (off evening plan), some protein (off evening plan), and some veg (on evening plan).
Given my super low energy, a good choice. In terms of nailing the diet, a bad choice. Skipped my fruit evening snack.
Falls in the "shit happens" bucket - already moved on.
Did have the energy to cook 2 days worth of Kenzai compliant tomato/vegetable meat (actually chicken) sauce - tastes better than it looks for those who wanted to go down that path! hahaha
And re-energized and back on plan today!

Actually a Kenzai hangover - did a 9km run for my free cardio on Sunday and then my indulgence by just having dinner with my family! And had some nice stiff legs and a blah feeling to start day 71 - a true Kenzai hangover! But with a hard workout and a breakfast of asparagus/tomato/eggs/toast/milk, pretty much gotten over my "hangover." Running - definitely do more! Indulgence - concept seemed a lot better than the aftermath - kind of like tequila! hahaha


So my habit first thing in the morning is to get up and check the lesson for the day, grab some breakfast and then drive to the gym to hit my workout. Totally psyched this morning to see Indulgence #3 after taking a bit of a punt on #2. But then I did the workout. Don't know about others, but my legs were totally crushed by the end of the leg workouts, followed by the Resistance Lunge to Shoulder Press, and wrapping up with the Half Burpees.
And all joy from the discovery of Indulgence #3 was completely squashed.
Which led me to the conclusion that only the guy in the picture (The Joker, for those not familiar - get to the theater once in a while!!) could be doing the master planning for KB2. Yeah, "Patrick" parades out the cute little three year old girl to lull us in, but clearly his real colors have emerged :)

pizza solved!

Being insanely crazy about pizza, something had to give - and it did (courtesy of an idea from unnamed child who likes to sit in busy streets and have her photo taken). Chop tomato, mix with freshly smashed garlic, pile on top of fresh french bread (grams on plan!), and 5 minutes in the oven for something that definitely solves some pizza cravings.

End of Week 2





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