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500 blah blah blah

Today's lesson was about 500 - unfortunately I think that described how many times I missed while jump roping 15 minutes this morning.

30,000km week

Been a bit absent from the blogs due to a week of flying all around, but back in Tokyo. Got in all my workouts and I think I basically stayed on diet - with all the jetlag, sometimes not actually sure what meal I was on. But at a minimum, ate clean!

Workout time varied - 7pm, 6am, 2am - but somehow got 6 workouts in to a 6 day and 4 night trip. Jump rope and bands travel well. Jump roped one day overlooking the harbor in HK and the next day in a quiet park in Palo Alto - so all in all, some relaxing places to spend 15 minutes of my day.

But one huge disappointment - brought a few nectarines and plums from the US to enjoy with my kids when I got home only to have the customs guys take them away. Lesson learned - just hide them rather than declare them next time!

Coming clean

On my final Sunday dinner before starting the hard core training diet, I enjoyed a nice piece of pie for dessert. Kept clean eating all of week 1, but that dessert devil reared its ugly head!! Tasted awesome. Back on plan this morning - and 1 workout ahead thanks to 2 workouts yesterday to get ahead of my ugly travel schedule this week!
Good luck to all - now the work really begins!

two truths and a lie

1. I always beg my boss to fire me in September so that I can be in awesome shape for back country skiing and enjoy the winter skiing on my severance package.

2. I was the left shark in Katy Perry's halftime show at the Super Bowl. And let me just clarify a couple of things. First, I was not drunk. Second, I was totally rocking it. And third, I don't get why everyone thinks I was the one out of sync when it could just as well been the right shark who screwed up.

3. Make my daughter sit in the middle of the busiest street in every city we visit so that I can take her photo. So good so far with zero injuries - but a lot of honking. If any of you see us doing this, save the honking - we know we are messing up traffic...........shit happens!

is it just me?.........

I don't know Patrick, during the original KB you were clean cut and perky in the videos, but the unshaven face and "just got out of bed hairstyle" - is this some kind of subliminal messaging as we start KB2?! hahaha

PS - but looking fit as always!

KB2 - preparing for snow

Excited to be back after doing KB this time last year. Once again, want to crank towards another ski season in the powder and at the same time get back to some of those better eating habits.

welcome to my friends!

My friends of over 20 years, Peter D. and Yuki D. are kicking off Kenzai today! Welcome
Enjoy the 90 day journey - it is the beginning!


After a bunch of skiing, time to get back to the real world!
Picked up the jump rope and bands for the first time in 3 weeks and felt great. Eating healthy again - although not always during my ski trip. Great to see everyone back on the blogs and sticking with the great habits!
Already miss the snow though!

alternative cardio

The jump rope and bands continue to sit on the shelf until January 8 - all on plan with nearly 3 weeks of skiing. But from January 8, back in a full Kenzai regimen. Until then, hopefully life remains full of white powder (referring to the cold kind! hahaha)!

new exercises!

Haven't picked up the jump rope, push up bars, or resistance bands in 5 days. Instead, have been climbing through snowy mountains (back country, no chair lifts!), digging deep holes in the snow, and eventually skiing down - all for about 5-6 hours every day. Not sure if this is hitting all parts of my body - but it feels like it! blowing out my legs climbing through the snow and shoveling snow to dig a deep pit seems like my upper body is getting a workout. Had intended to do my Kenzai workouts when I get home each day - but impossible!!

One of my big motivations during kenzai was I knew I had this training week ahead of me and needed to be in top shape! And still keeping kenzai compliant on my diet - even making myself homemade meat sauce and putting it in a thermos for lunch on the mountain.

4 days off

Felt great to have 4 days off (it was supposed to be 3, but had a long travel day on day 4 - in addition to a brutal sinus/nasal infection), and felt great to get back in to the workouts. Definitely missed the routine.
I am sure I am the only one (except for all my Chara teammates!), but I just find myself eating exactly like I have been for the last few months - minus the egg white/apple/milk dinners (as special as those were!).

Tried to ski today, but the wind storm shut down all but the small chairs on the bottom of the mountain, so another day of jump roping with a frozen jump rope. Snow is too deep to shovel out a place to jump, so used my garage and enjoyed the view out on to the snowy farms all around me.


We made it!!!

With a push from my good friend and Kenzai Body grad Jeff W. back in the summer, I decided to take the plunge. Thank you Jeff! Other than liking the concept of losing some weight, I had no idea what I was doing. Little did I realize I would learn how to eat, learn how to exercise, and really learn how to take care of my body!

So many things went in to making this possible
- amazing Chara teammates - you guys/ladies look awesome! we have never met, but have had the chance to share this amazing journey and pulled each other through! truly hope we can keep in touch because being in this together really made a difference!
- support from the Kenzai team - Patrick, Sharmali, Malia and Shaun! well-timed words of encouragement, help through an injury, and getting the "buns of steel" to quote Sharmali!
- colleagues who went from being amused to being big supporters (loved the olive oil birthday gift!)
- several people at the gym who would see me jump roping or working out in solitude on the basketball court or in the studio and always had an encouraging word - and always wanted to know what day I was on
- business associates who put up with my restaurant requests or were amused and supportive at the same time as I spent the entire dinner just drinking sparkling water,
- friends who tolerated crazy eating
- and an understanding and patient family (the tupperware with the "D" on it is mine!).

There were some seriously dark days -
- early morning workouts when I just wanted to sleep
- weeks of alternative cardio when my knee decided it didn't like the jump roping (all healthy and jump roping now!)
- crazy experimenting with how to make egg whites taste better, note to self - a simple omelette was the answer - mixing with banana and cinnamon was gross! (my 14-year-old daughter was kind enough to express this from the first time I tried to make the egg whites like this),
- spending the last 10 days of the program battling a cold that I thought was better after 5 days, but seemed to come back after an unplanned swim in the ocean at my team offsite in Hong Kong this past week
- and just craving pizza!!! I think there was a lesson or something about dealing with the cravings by talking/blogging about it - SO WRONG!!!! talking or blogging about pizza is NOT the same as eating pizza! I thought day 91 was going to be a pizza party, but it will not - far more likely to look like day 80 in terms of eating! no big cravings that aren't pretty satisfied with an apple (even when my 7-year-old son steals some off my plate) or some Mexican stir fry in a wrap. I am sure there will be some indulgences over time, but they will be planned and understood.

And there were some amazing highs -
- re-discovering how to eat healthy - homemade guacamole, fruit, tomatoes, corn, asparagus, homemade salsa, fresh bread, fish, chicken, spices and so much more
- enjoying spicy baked "fries" with my 11-year-old son - "are they done yet?"
- taking in my belt loop a notch
- taking in my belt loop another notch
- needing to take in my belt loop yet another notch, but not having another notch left on the belt!
- feeling all my clothes just hanging off of me so loosely
- and somewhere around day 45, having someone ask me "did you loose a bunch of weight?"
- going 90 for 90 on workouts - of course there were good days and bad days, but there was never a missed day

I also kept my pledge to stay off the scale until day 90. Turned out to be pretty easy because as my clothing all got so loose and more and more people started asking about my weight loss, the number of kilos really didn't really matter to me.

For the record, dropped 9.6kg (100kg down to 90.4kg).
Pant size was 36 inch waist - no idea what it is now, but definitely need to do some shopping for clothes that fit.

My big goal for Kenzai was to be in great shape for a one week avalanche training course which begins next weekend - most likely chasing some 20-year-old back country guides up a snowy mountain in ski boots! I feel very ready - not because of the exercise, but because I really understand how to power my body with healthy food that will replenish my muscles and keep me healthy (likely to include some egg whites with dinner!).

Eye opening! - definitely
Life changing! - time will tell, but I truly hope and believe so
And most of all, ACCOMPLISHED!!!

My goal in exercising before Kenzai was "get to the gym everyday."
My goal now is simply "eat clean and exercise everyday."

Thank you Kenzai team!

a confession

I have to admit, I stopped measuring my grams about 10 days ago. Have been staying on diet and staying compliant, but the scale became overrated - I can kind of guess portions at this point. Feel very relaxed about it (as I tell my friends, "this is a training program, not a religion," and just felt like enough measuring after a while. Not craving anything, 88 for 88 on workouts, and excited to step on the scale in two days - for the first time since we began!

1D challenge, sore abs

Given that I share my iTunes account with my 14 year old daughter, I believe I have done more jump roping to One Direction than anyone!

With this taking things to failure, got some seriously screaming abs! Feels awesome!

killer cold

Started to feel a cold coming on around Monday. So naturally powered through my workout. Was getting worse on Tuesday, so cranked the workout full on - of course I can burn this cold away. Did the same on Wednesday and Thursday - fully drugged up on cold medicine. In hindsight, not so clever. Was aching and exhausted by Thursday when I re-read the getting sick lesson and went to easy cardio and about 50% of the other work for Friday and Saturday. Now finally recovering. Should be back 100% by Monday, but was pretty hurting for a few days! Actually felt good with the lighter workouts, but could tell I wasn't at full strength.

End of Week 2





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