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David O.

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end of week 1

It has been a good week for aligning my diet and working out.

I must admit there is a small bump due to Jewish new year and the inability to avoid certain foods (lots of sugar for the sweet new year) but that ends tonight so back on it asap.

Lets do it


Was a great program and i continue to learn about the body and how to improve myself! Thank you

Onwards and upwards

Too short and too familiar - 

I didnt do a great job at this program as it was too short and too familiar so i didnt give it my all...(my own fault).

I will have to fix that and will try chisel now starting end of Jan (something new)....

new addition to the family

Hi all,

my brother just had a baby so its been a lil hectic! not sleeping properly, and, not eating properly...cake and drinks to celebrate!

but working out still and will get back on it post celebrations.


diet and sleep

Finding this week tougher - not from the workouts - more from the small dinner and then trying to get as much sleep as possible. (going to sleep hungry is hard)

Guess is time to shred and hope the next couple weeks help me get on the right track.


On track so far

So started the reboot...and workouts not a problem and the diet only started today (which might be harder as i flew to LA for a wedding)...but when I’m back next week is all focus all day!

Also i will send out the workout location pic when i am back in the place I normally work out.


sick - food poising

Not sure what to say that the title does sum up - slept 21 hours out of 24 and was sick another 12 of them before that.

just tying to make it through the week and eating white rice and water....not exactly the strong finish i was hoping for but nevermind...is about the long term change not the 3 months change.


travelling is killing me

I have had a lot of travel - and the inability to manage my schedule and more importantly the business diners where I do not even get to order for myself - its been not helpful.

All in all not stepping back - just not progressing and now i have to fly to Rotterdam for 36 hours for meetings. All this intra-europe day trips are the killers.


Work outs are serious!

One week off from illness and when i hit the workouts we really stepped it up from last week to this week!

Well done to everyone who is keeping up with these.


the weekend is always hardest as it does not have a schedule and harder to retain normality!

that being said...i'm going for it and will nail my diet, sleep properly and exercise! this first weekend will set the tone for the upcoming weeks for sure!

Lets do this KB2!

So far i am in the flow...not been tempted yet and focusing hard on the 80%!

only thing I haven't been great at this week is the sleep - need to get more of it...but i will make that happen, especially over the weekend!

Workouts on the road....

This is what it looks like from my suitcase...

easy work outs????

I know they say the workout are easy...and today's lesson is about that but the skipping has made me so soar on the shoulders and calves...i mean 15 mins straight of skipping (with 20 seconds in between) is legit skipping, and not that easy...Rocky Balboa Style.! GO ROCKY!!!!

Here we go!

time to hit 28 days properly and get back into top shape

lets do this...gonna need the support

Reboot start...going well

So far so good, but I still dont have a diet assigned to me, so am trying to eat healthy , but a little in the dark on that.

End of Week 11

Week 11




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