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And reboot is done 

Another program and another learning experience. Some thoughts and some conclusions. Food was solid, pretty happy with that. I was in a different job so needed to figure out some different logistics and I am big believer in the organisation that Kenzai helps to teach you. Exercise I had a lapse and missed 5 in a row. That leads back to some underlying things which I need to address that I will talk about below. It was a great experience training in summer too, it was hot here and I trained 95% outside. Even at 5:45am it would be 29 degrees and 75% humidiity and that was a great experience.

Ok lets talk about the bit that really matters and the piece that if I can sort out will help me in all facets of my life. This is probably the most personal Kenzai post I have written.

Lots of people procrastinate and I am sure there are many reasons for this but here is my best attempt at self examination. By nature I am a perfectionist, I like things to be correct and ordered. Unfortunately when this fails, which it ultimately does I fall into a cycle of shame and panic. So as much as I prefer things tidy they end of messy, I dont have anything in between. When perfection fails I proceed to ignore whatever it was I was supposed to do as I dont know what to do with it leading to blocks of time where things just dont happen. I feel like I have failed, there is no use contiuing etc. Clearly this is illogical. So I need a method to break the cycle. I know that the key is to take the next action and so what I am going to try is just to write things down when I know that are worrying me. Make the phone call, make the booking, plan the workout. It sounds really simple. Maybe it will work.

Thanks for the support over the journey and to Patrick and the K team you have a great thing going on here keep it up.


Write down the next action.

When I miss a deadline I feel like I have let people down and I procrastinate. I then put it out of my mind and I procrastinate some more. But it eats away. I know what I need to do. Just write down the next action. All you can do is take the next step.

So here is my photo


Challenge and graduation post to follow.

Well done all


I think in many ways Kenzai is easy until it’s not. You get a routine, eat when your supposed, smash the workouts. It’s a great period and you make progress. Then there are challenges. This week has been my challenge week. I have had Mon client drinks (two drinks there to be polite) and Tuesday client drinks (all compliant there), Tuesday morning client breakfast and last night my family went to Australia and I took them to the airport. Miss 7, who waited up late for me the night before, blew up and I finished up having an ice cream with her to get her settle down. I don’t regret this at all, I won’t see them for nearly a month but it threw my K routine into chaos. Missed yesterday workout and was too tired to do it early today and I have something tonight. Agghhhh.

Just need to do the next workout. Letting things slip once makes it easier to skip again.


70s party at the snow at Mt Hotham in Australia circa 2004 (I am on the right as you look at the picture). The body shirt was so small I had to roll the sleeves up and when I went outside it brought the cold directly to my body. Good times


So the challenge has ended up being a series of challenges as I have had work commitments on top of life.
The first pic is an internal lunch and the second dinner with some tokyo visitors. The challenge in japan is typically getting enough vegetables. I then had client dinner Monday night (two drinks, hard to get around that with Japanese clients), then a breakfast, then another event tonight but I can get out of drinking at that. Other than that my food has been pretty solid. I have felt hungry a couple of times but nothing unmanageable.

On the exercise front I have missed both Friday’s. Week one I was shattered and passed out at 8pm without eating dinner or exercising. I made it up in two sessions over the weekend. Week two I was preparing for a presentation I did on Sunday for a course I have been taking and was shattered so I prioritised sleep. I made up the skipping over the weekend but missed the rest.

This week I did the full workout at 5:45am Monday for the first time which was a big step. Today I started early but didn’t finish the whole workout before I had to get to the office but a good step.

Note that is warm here. 31 degrees and 73% humidity at 5:45 am is great for skipping outside.. Really. It is. True.

Week 3 kids, let’s enjoy the last third of the program.


Rope upgrade

I love my cross ropes. They were a revelation as I really struggled on the rope. I am no star now but I skip in a different galaxy when compared to the end of last year. They aren’t however as durable as I would like. I have weighted ropes and normally skip with the 1/4 lb rope (green) but I have worn it through to the cable which keeps scratching my leg. I look like I have a really angry cat. I have ordered another one but until them the 1/2 lb’er (white) will be my friend. Time to pony up and get strong.

Who am I

As I didn’t really write it in my other blog post here is a quick self intro.

I am an Aussie living in japan with my wife and miss 7. I have been here for most of the last 12 years save for a 2 year stint in Singapore.

This is my third K program, having done body 1 (sept 2017) and 2 (jan 2018). It’s great to be back into it, I love the community and have quite a few real K friends including ranger panties Ren among others.

10 days in people, 18 more to make a difference. If we can’t save the pandas this is the next best thing.



One week down and time to organise some thoughts.

- diet was solid although my weekend timing was a little off. I took my daughter to see Han Solo and forgot to take a fruit snack so had a bigger gap than ideal
- Friday night I was shattered from a combination of work and actually moving my body again and passed out at 8pm and slept about 9 hour straight but 13 total as I got up at 9am Saturday. I missed both Friday exercise and dinner which were both supposed to be after I eventually past out. I know you aren’t supposed to but I made it up over Sat morning, evening and Sunday morning and then doing Sundays on Sunday night
- Sunday night I rode my bike. Kept it very light but enjoyed working some different muscles and took the opportunity to take the pic for this blog
- my pic is from a little exercise area near Shiba Park (for those who know Tokyo) with a view of Tokyo Tower. It’s the first time I have used it in Reboot but in Body 2 in particularly I used it quite a lot
- My yacht I would call Endless Curiosity as its my favourite personal trait. I like knowing things (hence I was 50% ‘why’ child and 50% ‘did you know’ child driving everyone around me batty). I love the feeling of exploring and understanding things that I didnt know before, This is one of my most important personal growth measures.

Another week and I seen we have gone to the quick dinners, I actually really enjoy them but maybe I am nuts.

Onwards and upwards.



When I did body 1 and 2 I had a pretty flexible job albeit with some travel. I now have a more at your desk by 7:30 at the latest type job which is forcing me to organise a little more.

All good so far, had a single beer at the baseball with a couple do Kenzai legends Fish and Bill for my last day wind into food. Exercise feels good although I need to get more sleep.

On that note. Peace and oyasumi.

Confucius says

Do your skipping in the morning. It makes things easier.

Two days in a row now, gotta keep this up.

1 down. 27 to go

Nice to brush out the cobwebs. Thoughts:

Knee feels a bit weak, will take a little time to strengthen (note to trainers - my knee issue was a bone break so I don’t have stability issues)
Skipping was middling at best but that will sort itself out.
Sit ups and should stuff felt good.

Pic is me in my “gym”, the carpark under the building next door.

Let’s do this.


Back into it. I have a job now and now settled enough its time to get back into this.

Off plan my food has been mostly ok though the last 2-3 weeks I have strayed a little further so good to get realigned.

I havent been doing much exercise and my knee I broke a few years ago has been a bit sore but I think that is more just being lazy makes it tighten up. I expect that to settle once I am ticking along.

I am starting with an evening workout but my new job is an earlier start so I will make another attempt at being morning exercise boy. I know that is the real long term solution. I have never been a morning person but I have been waking up earlier since I started this new role so maybe this time in works.

Team - looking forward to meeting you all and trainers I am ready to hear your thoughts. The blogs are the real genius of this program and when I hit the inevitable little slump I promise I will continue to post and stay active.

Onwards and upwards,



I am going to divide this into two parts. I will outline my thoughts around Kenzai Body 2 and then separately give my thoughts on Kenzai Body 1 and 2 as I did them consecutively with a break for December in the middle.

On KB2, I have been much more inconsistant this time which has been frustrating but have still made some huge strides. I dropped about another 4.5 kg in weight, finishing at 75.2 kg which is the lightest I have been in many years. I finally developed confidence in my skipping and in some ways learned to enjoy it. The CrossRopes helped, they are great. I am much stronger now and I can also say that I refused to do half burpees, I always did the full ones. On the downside, I missed a lot of workouts this time around. Without using it as an excuse, I lost my job on day 2 which really threw things arry and then I finally found one near the end of the program. As I wrote in one of the later posts, I was tired by the end of the program and really felt like I was finishing a marathon, just putting one foot in front of the other.

The overall thoughts however, are much more important. My theme for KB2 was 'consolidation'. I could see the situation where I completed KB1 and was really proud and then proceeded to fall back into my previous habits. Thats why I backed up pretty well straight away into KB2. I knew that it would be a bit of a struggle but that it would build real fitness, habits and self-belief. Self-belief, in my view, is only built the back of actual results. In order to change what you think you can do you have to prove to yourself you can do things you couldnt/didnt do before. I now feel like I can do things I hadn't thought about for years. Spartan? Signed up. Aussie Rules Football? Could play if I wanted to (I trained straight after my final Kenzai workout just for the hell of it, god I was sore on Monday). Another marathon if I wanted to? Sure. Overall I lost 9.5 kg and put on muscle and got stronger. And I know that I can keep getting stronger if I want to. I am looking forward to going to the gym for possibly the first time ever. The next 6 months will be key but I believe I have taken a huge step towards long term fitness and health.

Thank you to my team, and my apologies for not being as attentive as I should have been. For the trainers, Elissa and Jorge, thank you for the practical advice and for the pick me ups along the way. To Patrick and the other people involved in creating and running Kenzai, you have an amazing program and you should be very proud of what you have built and the community that it has created.

Onwards and upwards


PS for the photos, the first is the same t-shirt I used at the end of KB1, then pics from my birthday dinner and lunch and I had to upload the pic from the DAME post again because its too funny


A dose of comedy japan style.

For those of you that have lived in japan, you will know they are sticklers for rules, even if those rules appear to have limited utility. When something is against the rules, the classic word is “dame” (pronounced dah-meh) which means, no, bad, not now, not ever. The hand signal for this is the arms crossed in front of the body in a X shape.

It turns out that taking ones shirt off in the means bathroom is dame. Very very dame. Hence the classic shot you can see of me in a moment of pure vanity with the store manager chastising me behind.




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