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Kenzai Body 3 | Day 75 (Member)
Kenzai Body 3
Day 75
Program progress:

This was tough. The continents I have yet to visit are Africa and South America. Narrowing it to them, Victoria falls is the natural wonder of the world I would most like to see. I love waterfalls, I find them facinating. And the Zambezi leads to the mother of all waterfalls.


Went to Andys a Japanese izakaya (restaurant bar crossover) run by an English guy named, funnily enough, Andy. It was excellent. Then I had some Japanese pudding and chocolate at home. It was all excellent.


Did a spartan training which I subbed out for my work out Saturday. Nice solid 1 hour session with Sean K. Spartan Sendai is only a month away and this training was a great way to see where my virgin ass needs to focus. Hope all are well

Had some personal stuff which was a bit emotionally draining coupled with some worrying soreness in the arch of my left foot so l I have missed some workouts. Things pretty much sorted now and enjoying being back into the exercise including starting a burpee challenge last night. Sorry for being a little absent. I could deal with work and my other issue but not workouts on top of that so I prioritised sleep and sanity.

On the question, I just don’t have a kryptonite food. I am perfectly happy eating Kenzai food. I miss the social stuff but I can drink ice tea when I am out. My weakness is workouts, they are always a struggle, I have to get the balance right between yelling at myself and being nice.

Hope everyone is going well, into the last month now. I am not sure if it feels close or far.


Glass broken

So this happened. I am on fire, 8 workouts in a row, Reggie Miller from downtown. It’s gonna be 10, 20, the rest of the program, the rest of my life.

And then boom. Unscheduled drinks.

Things become (somewhat manageably) unkompliant (there may or may not have been karaoke including some stirring Hey Jude) and I wake up this morning tired and slightly shamed for breaking my streak.

I have things on tonight too so I only have the morning and I have to go to work soon and I don’t want to get up. At other times this has got the better of me and the lazy part of my brain has just gone “f it, miss one, miss two, it’s a wash now anyway”. Not today weak brain. Today I broke the glass. For the first time in my Kenzai journey I tried the emergency workout. Did two cycles and am now nearly at the office.

It’s a weird sort of proud moment because backing up after missing a work out is something I have been notoriously bad at so this a step forward even if it started with a step back.

Let’s hope you all nailed Tuesday rather than hitting your thumb with a hammer like I did.


Taking a break from my workout at stupid o’clock to update you on my favourite series: Weight is a Stupid Measure

I was 84.5kg when I started Kenzai 14 months ago. It wasn’t pretty. I was 78kg when I started KB3. Tonight I went to the gym to weigh myself (I don’t own scales):


Those pesky abs are beginning to poke through but the scales are telling me I am both

Fatter than when I started
Only 5kg lighter than I was when my tshirt had to hold my gut back from escaping

Weight is a stupid measure.

I rest my case.

Now to crab walk.


Always making progress.

I don’t know if it’s a motto per se but I I like to feel like I am moving forward, getting better, making progress. This relates a little to an earlier blog that I wrote about building self belief even when you feel like you aren’t progressing, just keep chipping away and you will get there. Making progress can be towards little goals or big goals. I have built a couple of tangible actions on the back of this.

Every year try to do something you haven’t done before. This can be something really specific like learning how to swim (2015), finally doing some exercise and eating better after not doing anything for years after a broken leg (KB1 2017) or it can be more general like consolidating a new job (this year).

It helps to console me when I fall off whatever track I am on. I feel hugely guilty when I miss a workout or two and keeping in mind that four workouts in a week (rather than seven) is four more than I would have done and that I am moving forward and making progress.

Everyone I am sure is making progress in KB3. I know that I am. Each day is another chance to get through a tough workout (little goals), get more prepared for my first Spartan Sprint (medium goals) and build a healthy life style (long term goals). On that note I am going to get and get my Sunday cardio done.

Let’s hit this next week team.



It was awesome. Japan has amazing food. Yakiniku for dinner, two glasses of beer and a small panna cotta at the Italian restaurant on the way home.


No excuses. Got it done done on a day where I was really not feeling it

Negative x-sits

What kind of evil sorcery is this? Damn you Kenzai Wizards!

Missed some workouts last week which is annoying but diet mostly on point and I had a few more early nights. This week has started better and experimenting with an adjusted routine where I am doing the skipping and abs in the morning and the rest at night. The length of the workouts itches that procrastination scratch but not having the abs at the end makes me feel I can just attack the workout and it will be over quickly. Its a marathon not a sprint and we are at the 20km mark. Get through 21km and you begin the descent.

Breakthrough moment

No blogs in 10 day and 2 in 10 minutes. I have a cadence issue.

My breakthrough moment wasnt an instant "aha" moment but more of a steady realisation. Short history - I had a strong high school record followed by a horrible first couple of years at university after which I ended up studying in Japan. My self belief in my academic ability had gone from borderline cocky to downright crushed. So I thought, I am going to study Japanese and find out whether or not I am stupid. It took time, but I started getting better. Its likely it was more constant than this but it felt like nothing, nothing (plateau), nothing and then BOOM - now I am better at Japanese. What it taught me was believe in your process, you will get there but you need to keep chipping away. Don't get too emotionally caught up in the highs and lows, understand you will smash this but it just wont feel like that most of the time. I went back to Australia and my results reflected my new found patience and inner belief (and consistent work rate that came with that).

Kenzai was a similar experience where I found that I could be fit and get strong, stronger than I have ever been but I just need to believe in the process, dont get too caught up in the highs and lows (I dont always get this right but I try) and you will get there.

Bad blogger

Slow on the blogs, sorry about that. Let me compress a few things into one

Indulgence - West Coast Eagles (who I follow) won the AFL (Australian football) grand finall on Sept 29. I worked out in the morning and consumed no off plan beverages until after the final siren but then had a few. It was an amazing night that wouldnt trade.

Food - 95% on point. Couple of things off here and there (had two takoyaki with miss 7 yesterday as we hung out for the Tokyo holiday). I always enjoy the food on Kenzai, trickiest thing is getting vegies when I am out and about

Exercise - missed a couple of sessions but solid otherwise. Doubled up on the weekend as I didnt want to miss any strength stuff. Missed cardio sunday (actually doubled up from Satuday and a day i missed during the week) but spent saturday on my feet walking and doing stuff so was pretty active (including carrying miss 7 on my shoulders). Pushups are finally feeling stronger which is really good.

Motivation - feels very mid program, some procrastination leading to late workouts but for the most part getting them done. Was shattered Sat night after a busy day at an international school festival and fell asleep at 18:30 and slept mostly soundly for the next 14 hours. Seeing the changes in my body week on week and happy with the progress, feels sustainable.


Lose yourself QOTW

Things where I lose track of time. Typically things that appeal to the various geek corners of my brain. Playing music (typically guitar but I have been trying to mess around with other things), listening too, playing video games (Destiny has absorbed a material part of my life), reading. I find I get lost reading less as I get older and especially as I read less fiction and I should work to correct that

not a great week

Sometimes I write a long explanation but here I won’t. Tough week with work travel and I was really solid until Tuesday then fell off the workout wagon. I knew this week was a danger week and it wasn’t great but it’s done now and I have had a couple of solid workout days so back on a better schedule. Food was good bar a few drinks with my new global bosses very later Tuesday night and some rubbish food (it may or may not have been KFC) at the airport on the way out Wednesday night.

This week will be better.

On another note I signed up for the spartan sprint in Sendai in December if anyone other than Sean (whose coat tails I am dragging through the mud on this).

Onwards and upwards.



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