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And there we have it. Normally I sit on these graduation posts for a couple of days as I like to mull over the program a little. This time I pushed out my final workout so I hace effectively done the same thing.

Some thoughts:

I was fairly relaxed through this program. I probably did about 75% of the workouts (I might be being a little generous with myself, I didn't count as precisely and I BLAME THE APP [not really, sort of]). I reality I am more interested in the overall forward momentum. I let the diet go quite relaxed over the last couple of weeks but partially as a test. I have typically fallen hard off of Kenzai programs foodwise and this time I am testing a softer landing. Or maybe I was just lazy and I am trying to tell myself otherwise. Either way, that was the approach I took.

From a results standpoint, I lost a decent amount of fat which is good but here is still a long way to go. Overall happy enough with that. On the running side I would have liked to have gotten quicker but there is nothing wrong with a 58min 10k with a bit of time wasted at lights (I considered fighting the road works person that wouldnt let me run next to the palace but thought better of jail).

As always, the blogs are what make Kenzai Kenzai, thanks to you all. Especially to Matt who smashed a lazy 50km the other day as you do, love your work, Sharm for being the running savant that she knows she is deep down, Claire for proving that you can run in all weather and confirming all Australian stereotypes about British weather (please say the channel islands count as britain), John for being the zen dog runner, David M for being the other David and running twice as far as the program says just for fun, R May for always running and having the best name, Sean K for always running too far and Fish for just being the RAIN man.

Great to train with you all, see you in 2020. For those of you in Tokyo, I have backdoored my way into FIT in January, hope to see you there.


Final run to come

I have run the last 3 nights after not being able to hit the track last week during the week. I will do my 10km likely Tuesday.

Sorry been hiding

Hi all,

Sorry, I have been a bit off the grid. Training hasnt been great. Work has been busy with some travel and general tirednes. I got in a decent run on the weekend which was good.

I will keep chipping away over the next few days and in particular the 10km on the weeke. I will keep training through December. I have really enjoyed getting the kms in and want to get fitter going forward.

Hope you are all doing better.


The app

Is as buggy as hell and I am having real trouble keeping track of what I have done and what I haven’t


Managing tiredness I decided to push my 8km to this morning. I was going to run it last night but it was late before I got home and I wanted to make sure I got more sleep. 8km was pretty slow but it felt like work. Hard to tell if it’s running in the morning, on an empty stomach or just a tired day in the cycle. Anyway, good to get it in the book. There is no substitute for distance.

Pics are of the Hamarikyu Gardens in tokyo. I have never been inside. They aren’t open this early but will try to run through them another day.

Good week all.


Running late

As in running at a stupid time. But ran. And probably my most consistent run for pace although not the quickest I have gone. Good to get more kms in the legs.

Born to Run

One of the best five books I have ever read. I have just redownloaded it to listen to while I run.




The End

early fartlek

Took the opportunity to run with my old Aussie rules team and the Irish Gaelic football guys. Great session. There are a few sprints missing here as I forgot to push the continue button on my strava, I will just let it run next time. Drill Sargent Sharm should be less angry after my piss poor effort over the weekend

Quick blog

Decent start to the week but messy weekend and missed some runs towards the end of last week. Did my strong run sunday and the 7km last night. I know there arent a lot of back up run days in this program but I wanted to get the distance in. Its like more weight, its something you have to get in the book so your body and your head know what it feels like. Making progress which although I could have been more diligent in some places the direction is still good. Hope all are well.



late nights

First post midnight workout this program. Didn’t skip though. Had a long day and could have wimped out. Wouldn’t call it a hard session but good to get it done.

Sunday wrap

Better though not perfect week. Saturday was a washout with a wedding during the day, work meetings before that and straight to dinner sat night. Some drinks were had on both Friday an Saturday and which were not practical to avoid. Pretty solid run tonight for my 6km and actually ran my quickest 1km within that without consciously trying to (and it was last in the run).

Looking forward to a new week.

but it made me laugh. This guy is my new Halloween hero. From Reddit. He includes his splits, was running 6 minute miles (so around 3min45sec/km)


I ran a 5k in a banana suit (and won)!
Race Report
The small town that I live in had their first inaugural Halloween themed 5k this weekend. While I knew it would be a small race (about 100 signed up), I got comped entry since I was involved in its sponsorship, and a free race is a free race.

It was Halloween themed, but with professional timing and awards, and a nice open course, so I figured I'd go for the W in a costume. I remember reading about a guy who won 5ks in ridiculous costumes here a few years ago (including a banana), so I figured I'd try it in a banana suit too.

The race went well except it was hard to see around corners through the face hole, and as I feared there weren't too many other serious runners, so it was a bit of a solo effort. I ran the course earlier as a warm up and knew where to go, so I motioned ahead to the pace car to let me pass and guide the rest of the group in, that way I felt a little better about it.


Trying out this prep thing on the back of my poor week last week. See how this goes. Cooked veg too

Crappy week

Will keep this one short as I am not going to make a long list of excuses. Had a brutal week of work and was broadly absent Wednesday- Saturday. Food wasn’t great either. Back on track with a neat run tonight and hoping for more consistency this coming week.


Evening all - hope everyones week has been great.

I had a poor couple of days. Food not great and missed workouts on Friday and Saturday. Had some stuff at home (why is there always stuff!?) and then some travel within Japan which always makes it hard. Saturdays are my worst Kenzai day, I understand that now and it something I will need to try to address.

Having said that, the rest of the week was solid. Food and workouts were consistent and pretty happy overall. The blip over the last couple of days is irritating but its just a blip and I can now focus on week 3.

On the upside, I am in the lovely town of Matsue in Shimane which is south western Japan, about 4 hours north of Hiroshima on the train (I flew having said that). Its really pretty here, food is great on the Japan sea side of the country and its always good to get away from Tokyo for a few days. On the running side I ran to Matsue Castle, hung out for a bit and then ran back. There was a lovely little festival including floating lanterns in the moat. It was really nice. Intentionally ran quite a bit quicker given it was a shorter distance both ways and it felt good to get quicker.

Have a great week 3 all.





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