David R.

David R.

Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready | Day 2 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Day 2
Program progress:
Phew Phew 

Steady through today’s workout
Not easy though Phew
Reminded my of the last day on KB 3
I achieved my initial goals was able to handle most of the routines with my shoulder injury and really stiff lower back and hamstrings,especially the right hip area
Dropped 2.5 kgs but still got a fair muscle content
I will test that tomorrow
Loved the lessons but wasn’t after an aesthetic strip but wanted to try high intensity aerobic etc.
I like the routine and want to incorporate a similar routine in my weekly workouts
Some Iron heavy work , some bells then introduce a workout similar to this program on alternate days.
Thank you Kenzai Team again


That's All I am going to say.
Sore and steady wins the race???
Overall enjoying the challenges but I do need to substitute the rapid Fire tire running,flap Jacks
the old back and right hip dont like the impact
Extra Aerobic to compensate at high/ low interval style training
Post this course i have proven to my self I do need to introduce more of these circuit style activity in my work out routine

Blast Section Q&A

May have blasted a bit beyond my preferred heart rate.
Read the lesson David pace and sustainability and maintain form

Drop a few kgs pretty simple
I am also testing out my lower back and hips which I have been nursing for a while .
The full body test the back butt and hamstrings so far so good

This is too Hilarious

How can ABS ache ?

Blast Off

I am blasted
All the muscles which I haven't really used are saying OUCH

Some What Fit

That Is the box I ticked in prerequisites.
After two days of blast
On the “some what” scales 3/10 is my some what
This will be fun

Post centurian pick up Final blog 

I can never beat the triceps triangle
It’s a killer
Back chest strong
Abs acceptable
Legs great really happy to manage the hips and hamstrings
Biceps hurt but happy
Diet not compliant but I finished the program managing the legs which was my aim
Body weight 84kg
Lean muscle mass
So strip time but a great foundation
Thank you all Team Kenzai
Greetings from Bangkok Shangri La

last week ouch

everything is sore which is good
legs and hips holding up so as an old man doing this stuff I am grateful
lets continue on this long term adventure

Tough week

Struggling with tightness around lower back right hip
Pulled some old Reach stuff out and spent time hamstring slow stretch rolling .
Don’t really have a dynamic confidence in the right leg,
So more elliptical machine with half skips
But into it again today with a better feeling in lower back right leg
Just manage it David

Chest Day

Tougher and Tougher
May need new shirts

Did the big chest day today went for 5 hour hike in rain and monsoon yesterday in HK legs stuffed

Was going to post a video
But my Yahoos look like Googles and my Flapjacks are pancakes

Onward onward

End of Week 7

Another belt size and some Ribs have returned and some old shirts around neck aren't tight
Something is happening

End of Week 8

Another belt size and some Ribs have returned and some old shirts around neck aren't tight
Something is happening

End of Week 7



Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready
Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready


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