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Wow completed day 8's exercises (final day 90 training) in 16 mins - it just proves how far we have all come. 
My skipping still leaves a lot to be desired for example - no tricks (just yet!) but if I focus I can just about hit 100 skips a minute which considering some days i couldn't even string 20 together for me is a real achievement.
Thanks to my team Orion, the wider group and the trainers Sarah, Patrick and Teo for all their help and encouragement along the way. I never thought I would do this so it has put a real two fingers up to all the 'he will never do it' camp and shown myself anything is possible with a bit of hard work and commitment. 
A bit nervous I don't slip completely back into my old ways but I think with this new found knowledge we all have it would be a real shame not to mention a waste of three months hard graft! 
Really enjoyed the project for the most part although I will say I found the last two weeks tough from an energy and tiredness perspective - hopefully the results speak for themselves.
Good Luck everyone in your continued journeys.

Finally made it to the finish line,
My body feels like it has committed a crime!,
those who did the day 89 workout know,
how tough it was to keep on the go,
The last 2 weeks were lack of energy from me,
but i still grinded through the workout tree,
This means i can FINALLY sign on the dotted line,
and LOSE myself in that big glass of wine..............

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My first time away all program and like others I have struggled to be fully compliant on pcp food this week - its literally impossible to stay in hotels and be 100% compliant. What part of steamed veg do they not understand???? it was either caked in butter or some soy sauce - i want it PLAIN! Also same with the steamed fish - good safe food choice but lemon and chill sauce  / soy etc plus other combinations really made it non-compliant.
Still it was probably a good way to get acquainted with post pcp living and i did have some booze has to be said but my stomach struggled a lot everytime the next day - felt really uncomfortable so thanks pcp! 
Was fully compliant on workout and skipping although i really struggled skipping in the Thai humidity and snuck back into the gym to complete.
As I said hopefully these are my life takeaways from pcp - watching what i eat and daily exercise although my body is telling me it needs a break everything kind of creaks!
Off to Singapore for 2 nights tomorrow so again will struggle with the diet I am sure but definitely up for a strong finish in the last week.

Week 11 done

'Week eleven was one i found really tough,
Had to grit my teeth and stop being a fluff,
like others my energy seems to be deserting me,
fed up standing up fast and still feeling dizzy,
Come on guys load me up on carbs before I disappear down a drain,
its amazing that at the start of week twelve wine is still on my brain, (!)
I leave tomorrow on a flight for the beach and the sun,
hang in there my comrades this project is nearly done........'

Week 10 done

Has been a little tough on pcp compliance here in hongkong,
what with the 7's upon us and a lunch yesterday that was long,
I look a little like an aids victim waiting for my next fix,
come on Patrick more carbs i am getting embarrassed of my pic's!,
but I hope I am coming out of the valley with the end in sight,
those exercises are going to start taking me all night,
kung-fu pull-ups you will surely be mine,
I'll see you on day 91 with a BIG glass of wine........


Wanted to post a big thank-you to my helper Beth. Being as lazy as some of us are in hong-kong it would be fair to say I do not think I would have stuck to the diet (or indeed programme) as religiously as I have done with out all the help I have received in prepping meals, boiling eggs, weighing food etc etc. Way to go - the help is and has been very much appreciated. T H A N K - Y O U ! ! !

Week 9 def. back on track but its been a real toughie for me - on strong medication for the finger injury and this is the first week where I have felt ravenous literally continuously (yes even with AMAYW veg) - so bad in fact I have been waking up in the middle of the night and itching to raid the fridge! On friday i stuffed 2 slices of pizza just to stop my stomach continuously rumbling and had to reach out to Sarah to get my diet changed as I have dropped so much weight! (not really a pcp statement right there is it?!! but weight loss was never my main goal in doing this) - people are now asking me if I have been ill!!.
Stitches out today and finger has recovered well but not quite there yet - at least no more drugs so exercises should become easier to action next week. First time in the whole programme I have really looked at the exercises for the next week and gulped - but I think this is all related to injury (yawn) as its harder to do push ups , chest dips, pull ups etc anyway. Bring it on I guess.....stay strong team we are four weeks away through 75% completion this week. Everyone is looking good. 
Oh got a white collar boxing event this thursday where my colleague from Tokyo will be fighting - me thinks my day 75 indulgence will be coming early!! (ooops that is if we get one).......

The week 8 valley - boom
Dragonfly20130312 2 4nj0l

Along with a lot of others I just found this week tough - no energy, 3 client dinners to contend with and busy at work. 
Easily my least compliant week on the program re the diet as restaurants are a bit of a joke but I did my best. 
So today for the first time I managed to do 2000 skips tripping just once at 500 - a record for me although it still takes me 23 minutes to complete.  
It finally felt like I was going to end the week on a high after all and was happily prepping my breakfast where upon trying to cut the stone out of a not quite ripe avocado I promptly sliced half my left index finger off! 
Just spent 6 hours in casualty - ruptured the tendon with a deep laceration and 8 stitches later pumped full of antibiotics here I am - not exactly how I envisaged ending week 8. 
Above all else I am more worried about what exercises I will not be able to complete as they have stuck this ridiculously large bandage on it and told me to keep it dry and not apply any pressure for 7 days. 

Blew up!

How glad was I to see the indulgence note today! I was about to confess I went out sat night with some friends and altho the food side was not too bad (did eat the chicken skin I am afraid - it was absolutely delicious cooked in beer apparently) the dreaded vino started to sing to me. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed drinking the wine absolutely divine and makes me realize how much I miss it although I have to say I did not enjoy skipping today with a hangover at all (I bashed my today exercises out on saturday in anticipation of blowing up sat. night)....

Nearly hit the 50's

Not age ! days that is. I have to say i started this program and wasn't too sure whether I was that keen to do it or not or indeed whether I would have the commitment to see it through. I have always lived a relatively unhealthy lifestyle, smoked, drank too much and eat pretty lousy food. I have had high chlorestrol and blood pressure for the last 10 years it is in the family and because of that I have always taken a small dose of statin/lisinoprol as a preventative measure. One week ago I went for my annual medical. Prior to this my blood pressure was 140/102 chlorestrol was 5.8 and resting heart rate was 100bpm. 
Today I got the results and I was blown away - blood pressure was 103/64 , chlorestrol was 3 (half where it was)  and resting heart rate was 75bpm. Liver normal / Kidney normal / Heart normal - his exact words were 'fit as a fiddle' and suggested i come off the tablets completely and see where my readings are in 3 months. 
For any non-believers out there this post alone should be proof not only does this program work it is remarkable - in just 7 weeks I have achieved normal healthy readings - thanks pcp.

Hang Loose!

'Halfway in and I couldn't resist,
Patrick or Michael will it be fists??,
'Hang loose' Michael and 'skip with a break',
but Patrick answer my question for GODS SAKE,
So tensions are rising as we enter phase two,
is it too many eggs and visits to the loo??,
I think everyone deserves a well deserved slap,
in 45 days time it will be a momentous clap..!!!............'

Halfway is C L O S E,

So day forty three is well underway,
the step up in exercise is a challenge i have to say,
push ups after chest dips feels pretty tough,
I think Patrick & Sarah enjoy making me feel rough!,
Skipping for me feels like a bit of a cheat,
cos before it was 20 mins and not very neat,
But hey I'll take any break I can get,
as that apple and milk don't fill me up yet.......

Getting there

Well day 39 is over and done, 
even my skipping has improved but its still not fun,
exercises are tough and I feel worn out,
and when i get home and see my apple i want to SHOUT,
but pcper's we soldier on, 
as Patricks disciples we haven't yet gone,
reaching halfway next week will have a nice feel,
from there its only 45 days till i keel......(over!)......

Dear Pcp

'Day 32 on the pcp and I am still alive,
I haven't been so healthy since I was five (?),
It seems we are all learning lots of new ways,
Mine has to be skipping is still ruining my day(s),
My kitchen has turned into a market garden stall,
I have no time for socialising all I can do is crawl,
Oh dear vino, my vino where have you gone?,
In 59 days I will join you in song,
So pcp'ers stay STRONG for Patrick and watch very turn,
remember team-mates its all about the BURN'..............

Did I tell anyone that me and my skipping rope have a very strange relationship indeed i think it is bordering on intense dislike but I oh so want it to be different. Skipping still taking up the bulk of my time on the exercises but I do intend to master the bloody thing at some point. Indulgence went a bit haywire on the booze front definitely too may glasses of vino but i have been fully compliant on exercise and diet. In fact the only real cravings I have had is for alcohol. Week started off with a wedding on a monday night with a 12 course chinese meal so it was very difficult to sit through that alcohol free (whilst everyone boozed) but I did and I am sure I wasn't 100% pcp fully compliant on the food although I tried to eat mainly the meat, veggies and rice. Tuesday was a day to forget as our pay award was announced and thats when I really fell off the trolley but I did feel better seeing the indulgence note com up the next day! Have to say I LOVE wine A LOT! 
First week I have felt stronger - but still tired. I was 75kg when I started and got on the scales this morning 69.6kg. Crikey!
Last time I was in the 60 range was in my twenties. My week four photo i think shows i have lost fat around the stomach now although overall I think I am looking too skinny already! 
Those floor jumps really hurt - I thought I was going to be sick after completing the first set of jumps and definitely had more than 20 seconds break in between and my v sits are definitely going to take some practice to make perfect.
Its interesting reading other peoples blogs and how great they feel - more alert, more energy etc. WHEN is that going to happen to me? I cannot wait for that feeling.........

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