David S.

David S.


Workouts went well this week. Diet has not been perfect, but decent. Gonna try to be completely strict this week. Wish me luck

traveling this week

Traveling to Australia for work this week but am taking along all needed to get the workouts done in my hotel room. Will try to keep as close to the diet as possible. Sorry for lack of posts, been a very hectic couple of weeks, but still enjoying the program!

workouts improving

Pistol squats suck, my legs are sore! But must say I enjoy it getting more difficult. Will try to be more active this week. Hope everyone is doing well!

day 29

Enjoying the workouts more now as they increase in reps and new exercises come in. Diet much better this week, though still stray sometimes when out with clients. Trying to make the best choices at hand in those situations. Looking forward to a strong week!

day 21

Sorry for slacking on the updates, been traveling for the long holiday weekend. Got my workouts in but slacked a good bit on the diet I have to admit. Feel pretty bad about it but determined to pick back up with the diet tomorrow morning and get back on track. Enjoying the progress so far, feeling stronger and starting to see results slightly.

Day 13

Feeling pretty good, reading done this morning and about to start the workout. While I don't yet see much physical change, my girlfriend says she's noticed a bit of weight (or maybe bloat) coming off the waistline.. so that is exciting to hear from someone else! Cutting out beer obviously helps :). Have a good day y'all

1 week down

This is my first post and just wanted to say that I've enjoyed the daily lessons and inspiration this first week. I'm typically good at getting the workouts done, that's never been the hard part for me. It's the diet that will be the toughest part, as I'm out entertaining clients often and it's hard to make the best food choices. But, I'm committed to giving it my best shot. Look forward to following everyone's progress.