David W.

David W.

Kenzai Body | Day 25
Kenzai Body
Day 25
Program progress:
Week 3

Hi everyone just checking in . Enjoying the workouts and how much more challenging they are . Really liking the skipping at the moment and getting a little more proficient . I’m off back to England for a few days to see family but feeling positive I’ll stay on the right track .
Best wishes to the rest of the group

Hello everyone again , just completed the day 8 workout and am adjusting to the new diet . It’s going to be tough but i’m Positive this is going to happen . For once I have a lot of people at work in a similar situation so it’s going to be much easier with my colleagues in the same frame of mind . Looking forward to day 9

Checking in

Hey guys sorry for not posting . I’ve found it very hard to stay motivated the past couple of weeks ... my wife and child were away visiting family so I guess that had a lot to do with it . They are back now and I got a bike ride into today I’m pleased to say so hopefully the forthcoming week will be much better .

Hey guys , hope we are all well and healthy . I’m back from the vacation and happy with the amount of gym work I achieved , I tried to keep a balance on the dirt and drinking front and having the workouts definitely helped . Was feeling a little jet lagged today but knuckled down and am very pleased to get the workout done . I’ve looked at the workout tomorrow and think I’ll have to substitute the pistol squats for regular squats , the last time I tried one of the pistols I did myself an injury and not keen to have that happy again . On the whole i’m Feeling stronger than a few weeks back and am happy with the program .


Hi again , I’m on my vacation with the family in Greece and trying to stick to the program as much as possible . There’s a nice gym here so I have no excuses for not training here . Last week got away from me a little bit I have to confess , not sure why as I’ve been enjoying the workouts and how i feel after .
I’ll try and post agin in a day or 2

Start of week 3

Hello again ! The week got away from me a bit in week 2 . Work was very busy and my diet suffered from that ! On the weekend I got back on a much better track and have really enjoyed the workouts the past couple of days . I’m determined to do much better this week and am starting to feel a bit stronger now . I’m even going to give the skipping a go tomorrow ... had enough cycling for a few days now !,
David .


Hey all , sorry I’ve not been
I’m touch here recently . I’m going to focus more on the program ... I’ve really struggled with the eating and exercise over the past couple of weeks . Work been quite hectic and family life too .. I’m aiming to get back more seriously and will do the workout . Will keep you posted

Done the workout ... had to swap the skipping for steady cycling as I’ve hurt my hip last week ... have to ice now . All the best to everyone starting this