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Graduation post 

Owed a few days and caught up with work so later than planned sorry.

Great program - tough!
4 weeks is a nice time to get your focus on for. If in planning alone, the thought of 4 weeks versus 90 days is a huge difference.
I actually think a few of these through the year as opposed to a big one is easier to reconcile and become a lifestyle .

Thanks again everyone

Beach ......better prepared

I owe You

Sydney trip was pretty solid but have lapsed with a long long weekend in Singapore.
I owe a few days so will push on through this week before happy to suggest I completed this one.

Congrats to everyone else for arriving at last day

just over half way

And just over 4kg lost - nice result.
More importantly can feel the difference and whilst I may not be beach ready at the end of this I will be beach ‘better prepared’

Fly to Sydney tonight and the rope is packed, I will miss my bike which has been the source of cardio so far but can look forward to a long ride when home Sunday.

Today’s lesson made me chuckle about creating shadows from ribs and muscles - I’m trying hard to lose the shadows from my moobs........,

Maybe next summer 😄

Nailed the sleep

Mentioned in an earlier post but give the lesson today I realised again just how much better I sleep when on a Kenzai training.
Not just that I go to bed earlier and rise earlier to work out, but that the average sleep increases to just over 8 hours.

I confess to a couple of naps also being required at the weekends which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Get through this weekend and we are half way!

I’ve a trip to Sydney next week which is always tough on training but determined to stay faithful to plan whilst away.

week 2 solid start

Early bird and all that.

Up at 5.30, Lycra on and out with the bike.
90 mins and 1,200 calories later I feel great and ready for week ahead.

Today was a little bit further, a little bit stronger and a little bit easier - small steps.

Hope everyone gets a solid start as well

end of week 1

Diets nailed - cardio a focus for work outs and all in has been very active there. Strength stuff my usual average execution.

Feel better, sleeping a lot more and really well this week when compared to last few months.

Scales say a few KG down and clothes suggest they aren’t lying.

On to week 2

- David from Singapore. Have done a few programs over the years dating back to the original PCP. I am terrible at keeping the discipline when off program and am now 'back to fat' and need to get 'fit'
- Dream job I am not sure, would involve doing something that has real meaning and tangible results for people in their lives. Unfortunately these traditionally don't pay.
- Best Beach. I don't like the beach really, but don't like the way my clothes fit anymore hence I am back. Miami in in 2004 was pretty epic, though I only really viewed the beach from afar.

Confess that I made the most of day -1 with England in the cricket final, the British F1 and Wimbledon. Had a rather long day at an Aussie pub soaking in the atmosphere along with some drinks.
Day 1 was a no-go for exercise accordingly!

I have however nailed the diet (I know its not official yet but we all know what is coming so why not start now).
Yesterday and today I worked hard on the cardio - heeding the lesson and focusing on calories in + calories used = net calorie burn.
2,500 calories burnt on the bike in two days and total of only 2k calories consumed.
Workouts are tough - can see people who have been training recently even finding them tough, so will battle through the best i can.

looking forward to the next 4 weeks training with everyone and seeing our results even more so.

The bells

Hi all. I only signed up for this program yesterday so just getting to it today, one week in.
Had a good cardio day yesterday with a long bike ride along the hot and humid Singapore coast line.
I tried this program last year but dropped out half way through due to various reasons, but have the bells and keen to get into it this time over the next month +

First morning on them today and on to some eggs for breakfast!

Graduation post - belated 

Had a poor spell at times, struggled with KB3 but pushed on a few days longer to try and make up for it.
Ended with a nice weekend away to play some golf with the lady (see picture) and some long days then in Sydney on business.

Won’t be doing this one again but will continue with Kenzai.

Indian ending

As with my first weeks of my first ever Kenzai experience, I have been in India on business this week.
The experience has been tough from the off, starting with a 3am alarm call for the flight here on Sunday. The weather is hot and getting outside a little difficult to do exercise. The hotel has a gym though so have been able to make use of that.
After the first few days eating in the hotel with NOT A LOT of kenzai friendly options, managed to find a nearby Novotel with some better and cleaner options.

So - have done ok
Now have a long final day here to look forward to - workshop all afternoon and then a four hour 'overnight' flight back to Singapore. Not looking forward to tomorrow!

weekly Q

Purely on distance with the 1st class ticket I would chose South America. And it would be a tour around various places given how far away it is.
Purely on location it would be New Zealand- so much purity and beauty to the landscape and lifestyle.

bad David

Had a bad week unfortunately- fatigue caught up with me.
Still here and will plug on for the last 3 weeks.

End in sight so will make a concerted effort again.

no post police

Being told off (again) for no blog - apologies. I also missed a photo last week.

Still here and hanging on. Workouts are tough, KB3 really is a step up from the last few programs and I’m falling short with them. I’m still doing stuff each day but I think KB2 suits me better.

Was travelling the last week, beautiful time in Sydney at the back end of their summer. Got my daily steps up with plenty of walks between meetings and made use of the gym and pool each morning.

Diet harder but made good choices for food although confession that airline dinners and an unhealthy amount of wine also snuck in.

Back to Singapore with the man flu courtesy of the man next to me on the flight home. Wiped out yesterday and jaded today but now off to the butcher and to stock up on groceries for this week.

back in the saddle

Happy half way folks!
Clean diet and good run on the exercises so far.
Seem to have pulled myself out a general lull I was in.
Felt good this morning and hit the bike with some friends for a new route in Singapore.
A few too many hills and way too many cars for my liking but good to change the view.

Will chose to indulge lightly this weekend with a friend who is back visiting from New York.

Almost half way

The last couple of weeks I have struggled a little and slipped with aspects of the program. I don't really know why and can't point to any reason or excuse.
That said, almost half way and plenty of time to get back on track which starts today. Food shopping done and prep underway.
Q of the week - What do I miss? pretty much anything and everything my girlfriend cooks at home, yummy but naughty.

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