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David W.'s Kenzai Body 3 program, Body 3 | JAN 2019, starts in 23 days.

Background noise 

I was absent from the blogs and pictures this time for which I apologise.
I ended up doing pretty well and plugged away for the 4 weeks keeping it real. Some ups and downs but in context of wanting to have a good leveller ahead of holidays season then it was a success.

Commit to blog and engage more at the next program in the new year


Apologies, I realise we are half way through and I haven't yet posted. It has been a crazy couple of weeks with conferences that has had me away from my PC for the most part.
I have been able to keep to the exercises for the most part and the diet for a slightly larger part.

I am in Singapore and spend my spare time with friends around the wonderful bars and restaurants here. I also play golf at the weekends and try to keep fit on my bike in the mornings (something that has been difficult with the weather this last week).
Confession that I am not off skiing but chose Skiboot as felt a 4 week program ahead of the holiday season was a good idea. I also believe the type of strength exercises will be of benefit to my golf game. Kenzai - please look at the feasibility of a golf program!!

Go to karaoke is more like go home when the karaoke starts, but I find it hard to resist a bit of Oasis.

I attach a photo of my last ski trip which was Whistler a number of years ago.

Graduation post 

4 weeks is a nice amount of time to get back on track - long enough to make a real difference without having to commit to so long that it’s hard to subscribe to the time (mentally).

Not a perfect run but a good one that’s helped me drop the weight I wanted to and get back to feeling good again.

Thanks all

challenge & close

I will not have an alcoholic drink unless I’ve done my exercise that day first
I will maintain my Kenzai compliant breakfasts and balance my food intake through a week.

Reboot has worked well for me - despite not the strongest last week I’ve dropped the weight I wanted to in this time and feel fit and ready to go.

Another great program - thanks to everyone in the group and the Kenzai support team

still rebooting

Has been a busy work week but kept broadly on track.
The reboot has had its desired effect so I feel good despite maybe not ‘nailing’ this to the same extent I did with KB2 this year.

Hope everyone doing well
T-3 and counting

week 3 challenge

This is a real throw back, probably 30 years or so with my brother.

As an update - I definitely blipped at weekend with some alcohol although not too bad. Back on track this week though.

I know the lesson recently said weight shouldn’t be the metric but it helps.
3kg down already and feeling much better in clothes.

Focused on smashing through next 12 days.

back to Singapore

Home late last night - did well in the morning but airport and airplane food along with being sat for 9 hours is tough for Kenzai.
I did refuse most the food on the plane despite a very attractive young BA lady trying to force some chocolate snacks down me.

Awake super early today and back on the bike which was wonderful.

Out to lunch

I read the lesson this morning at the airport on my way for a day trip to Melbourne. So perfect opportunity to clear this task quickly.

Brown rice, quinoa and cauliflower base with some slow roast lamb as a treat on the protein. (I didn’t eat the sauce on the side).

Under used the vegetables but very nice all the same.

Dinner options at the airport on the way home didn’t include any egg white options unfortunately so a bit of a fail there.

Week 1 done

I am away from home and havent done much of the food weighing, however i have been very disciplined with what i am eating and drinking (water only with the occasional coffee).
I havent been able to cycle here but have replaced with lots of decent walks either for meetings or because i had nothing else to do. I clocked over 110k steps last week which is exponentially more than i would ever do.

I already feel a lot better, the clothes are already telling me i have lost some weight and enthusiastic to complete this one strong. Even to the point where i dont want to go back home to the routine as i may break the routine!

on location

On business in Sydney
Cold week but beautiful today and came for a walk along the coast at Coogee beach.
- confess I worked out in the hotel room but none wants that picture

Intro - response

1. Introduce yourself.
David, from Singapore, have completed KB1 and KB2. Started and failed with Bells earlier this year due to leaving my job and having a 3 month holiday.

2. Share your goals.
Started my new job last week, suits and shirts dont fit as well. Goal in reboot is to lose the weight i put on during holiday and reset me on a good routine for life in new job.

3. Tell us about any barriers you expect to face during this training cycle. If you have an injury, I need to know!
2 weeks travel at the start will be tough but an opportunity as well. Also, my new job is working from home predominantly when not on road - again tough but an opportunity.

4. Let's talk food. What was your least favorite food as a child? What's your least favorite now?
same now as before - dairy and fish/seafood
although i used to hate sprouts and now love them

Committed Effort

I landed in Sydney at 5am yesterday after 3 hours sleep on the plane.
Being honest, the exercises were difficult. However I did up my steps materially walking round to meetings and was very disciplined with the food.
Up nice and early today and went to the hotel pool (I chose the hotel for its indoor pool). Unfortunately it was more an ice box than a pool and I was out as quickly as i was in. Managed the workout in the room and took the walk as opposed to train to the office.

After reading the day 2 lesson, i have tried to be better with the blogs, reading and responding to everyone in the group. Let's see if this can continue for the next 4 weeks.


After dropping out of the kettle bells whilst I was on my gardening leave, I’m now back to work and back for a reboot.
Have the next 2 weeks travelling to Sydney which is going to be interesting but I ensured I got an apartment with a kitchen, pool and gym for the trip.
Now I just need the willpower to avoid the social beers.


Apologies all. As the saying about eyes being hungrier than the stomach, it’s seems my optimism was larger than my enthusiasm.

With being on a 3 month break from work after 20 years, I’d thought a great time to get another program in. Realistically though this has been far too great a chance to take advantage of the time and do so many things.
For example I just got back from 4 days golf in Phuket - amazing but laced with F&B. The World Cup was on and England actually took players that can play, and I’ve now just arrived in Hua Hin for a long weekend.
- in all seriousness when am I going to be able to have weeks like this.

So I’ve parked the Bell for now. I will come back soon when the normality and routine returns in August.
Wish you all well

Week 1 check in

KBell1 - week 1 - fail 1.

A slow start and absent from blogs apologies. I’ve exercised for most the week but not properly and without having to follow a diet I haven’t been very good. Must do better in weeks ahead.

What do I want to achieve?
- since completing KB2 recently there has been some changes, I left my job and have been enjoying a break after 20 years. Whilst I’ve been good during this time I haven’t been great and put a couple of kilos back on. I’m back to see off the last month of gardening leave in a more positive and healthy fashion so I can start my next venture in the best shape possible. Oh - and to learn a new training tool with the bell.

What do I need?
- usual support of the program and a self discipline that I can only seem to maintain through Kenzai programs.

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