David W.

David W.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 77 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 77
Program progress:

Survived 2/3 trips and have Philippines ahead next week.
Training absent & diet off plan but I certainly would have been worse pre Kenzai.
Solid 24 hours back in Singapore and have trained hard both mornings.

I’ve now passed 40 pounds weight loss which is awesome and I feel great.
Some more work to be done in last two weeks and beyond but my god, thanks to everyone here for the support. It really is why the program works so well for me!!!

one trip down

Got through 48 hours in Vietnam - probably some of the best food on the planet to tempt along the way.
Wasnt fully Kompliant but noticed some different choices being made, including soda during client drinks!
Back to Singapore last night and up and at it this morning and will hit the exercise hard for three days.
Hong Kong and Philippines to go before clear for the final weeks.

Have a good week all

back to it

I had a rough week and came off Kenzai. Feeling guilty and conscious I may have undone some of the weight loss I’m back to it this week with food plans, exercises and additional bike rides.
On reflection my ‘bad week’ was Kenzai bad but actually probably good normal life balance - which I’ve not been great at. When I had a drink it was only one or two and usually with soda in between. When I ate out it was a dinner with salads or veg - not fries.
Scared of the scales Monday revealed only a minor gain and this morning that’s all gone plus a little more.
Perhaps subconsciously the reprogramming of the mind has started to take place?

Here is to a strong Kenzai finish for the weeks ahead - 3 weeks on the road with Vietnam, Hong Kong and Philippines - good luck David and don’t forget the rope and bands!


Just got the naughty boy message about blogging. There should be plenty more if my diet and exercise routine from the last week was known.
Bad week - was a miss - I was naughty.

Food prep for week done and have prepared the bike for an early morning cycle before work tomorrow.
Hopefully back to it now for a strong last stretch.

Hope everyone else is well.


You bastard!

Tough week. Bad news came from all corners.
One of my closest friends also in town from Tokyo.

Ate well - avoided exercises really well.
Drank a bottle of vodka.

Got up and at the bike this morning and feel great for doing so - I’ve had my blip and time to get back.

Hope others have had a smashing time this week!

personal best

Strong end to the week. Played golf yesterday and walked about 10km without a beer to be seen.
Personal best distance on the bike today and kept the average speed up too. Legs feel much stronger than ever before.

The corner has been turned this week and now on the final stretch home! Have a good week all!

indulge a little bit

Wasted no time taking that offer.
Downstairs to the steak place for dinner.

I didn’t eat all the potatoes as a heed to the don’t overdo it message.

Steak and veg is indulging now?
(Ok the two glasses of wine are out of shot)!

The time has flown by and I am enjoying the new lifestyle, finding there are so many hours in the day before work starts and realising there isn’t much going on in the hours after work I used to spend having a bottle of wine watching a movie. How Long can this last?

This morning is a day shy of the mid point which is great in context of how quickly it’s passed, the scales show I’ve lost 2 stone which means only one more to lose in order to achieve the ambitious goal I set myself coming into the program.

I know it’s not all about the weight, but when you were where I was, it’s bloody massive.

Think big, start small and move forward!

Happy H2 everyone!

Happy New Year

Started the year of the dog strong with a pleasant ride this morning - arriving to meet friends for breakfast in Boat Quay.
Not 100% on plan but a couple of poached eggs with a side of bacon duly deserved me thinks.
Now to avoid temptations at the bbq later.


Well well. A lot of people seem to be relating to the daily lessons, today it was the weathers turn.
5.45am today and Singapore was humid as hell where it’s been mild for the last few months.
Cycling was awful and I was breathing out my ar$e before even starting. Managing only about 75% of what I’ve been doing each morning recently.
Still - it’s done and in the bank now.

Happy valentines all.

high 5

End of week 5
Decent week, a year older and a few pounds lighter than week 4
Trained harder using Cycling as opposed to skipping but probably could have done better and more with the bands.
Diet good - avoided over indulgence and some other opportunities to slip.
Nice day for a game of Golf in Singapore today - even better for a boat ride home (even without the customary beers).

indulgence I

Was holding out for today, flipped lunch and dinner around and had a nice piece of steak with mushroom medley.
Small piece of chocolate cake and a generous glass of whiskey to top off the day.
Biggest indulgence came in the form of a new bike which will get put to work in the morning.
Happy birthday to me


Tried at times in the first PCP and understand the points about tuning out the body but it allows my inner sloth to be heard and ultimately I don’t push.
Careful selection of playlists helps ensure no slow-mo finishes in the work out. Spotify have some great workout themed playlists if like me you can’t be bothered to do your own.

End of week 4. Started day strong with 90 minute cycle. Only nearly died once at the hands of a man in a van - going to be a beautiful Sunday.

skipping sucks

Planning to start to replace the morning skip some days for a bike ride.
First weekday run out this morning

first wardrobe change

Nice to have been able to fill out the wardrobe with some new (old) clothes. Went to work sporting a shirt that I’ve never been able to wear and received plenty of compliments which was very satisfying.
Probably saved me from falling off today as well following a torrid days work I really wanted a drink.

Onwards and upwards