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David Y.

Kenzai Iron | Day 11 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 11
Program progress:

Filled with gratitude at the end of Kenzai Body. First, a big shout to Brek, who introduced me to Kenzai and made this happen - next round of dinner and drinks is on me! Second, thank you Kim and Ed for your guidance and encouragement. Hoping to gain more insight from you both in upcoming programs... Last, but not least, so grateful to share this 90 day journey with an inspiring group of Corvus cohorts throughout the globe. Stay in touch and if you're ever in Portland, hit me up! We'll grab one of these Tequila Me Softlys: tequila, aperol, grapefruit and lime. Peace!

Final Week

Wow, time flies! Can't believe this is the final week. Kenzai has been my anchor through several months of a hectic work/life schedule. My daughter and I are headed out for her Spring Break at the end of next week so the timing is perfect. Have made several lifestyle changes I plan on keeping in place post-Kenzai. Finish strong everyone - we GOT this!

Home Stretch

Hope everyone is doing well! Still at it and feeling great. I've always wanted to jumprope like a boxer and now I can - Whooo! Can't see much changing diet or workout wise after the program - feeling too good. Wishing everyone a strong finish!


Wanted to pass along a recommendation for a wellness hotel in Brooklyn. I normally stay with my sister and brother-in-law but since I was meeting my buddy there for a weekend of late night music gorging we decided to get a hotel. Stayed at Even hotel in downtown Brooklyn. They have a two-level gym, a workout area with resistance bands, yoga mat, etc. in the room, and a restaurant with healthy food. They are part of the IHG group so I wouldn't be surprised if they have hotels all over the world, and knowing how many Corvus cohorts are scattered across the globe, keep an eye out for them. It's my new favorite hotel and the perfect place to support a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Couldn't resist attaching this ironic photo.... Have a great week everyone!

Still Kenzaing!

It's been bananas (as I scarf down a pre-workout banana). Was in Brooklyn this weekend and managed to keep up with diet despite the temptations of amazing Japanese and Indian food. Daughter has missed school three days with a 103 fever. So far behind with work, house chores, etc. Despite the chaos, body is feeling great and I've manage to dodge a crazy virus going around. Home stretch is here!


The past couple of weeks have been bonkers! Feeling great with the workouts and knee pain has subsided. Noticing a leaner mid-section and feeling stronger. Energy levels are good, even though sleep hasn't been great. Looking forward to heading towards the finish line strong!

Hi Everyone!

Another busy week at work but plugging along. Having minor knee pain in one knee so I've skipped the jump rope for two days and will probably wait till Saturday to start up the jumps again. Have a great weekend!

Valentine's Day

Chocolate is overrated. I'll take a box of hard boiled eggs any day! Hope everyone had a loving and Kenzai-compliant Valentine's Day!

Week 6

Good start to the week, although my legs are pretty sore from Sunday's race. Attaching a photo here. Trying to keep reaching the maximum reps for each exercise. New jumprope is holding up good thus far - thanks for the advice on the plastic rope Kim! Glad to have more protein in this week's diet. Hope everyone has an excellent week 6!

Still At It

All apologies for the lack of posts during the past few days - been very busy with work and dealing with home plumbing issues. Feeling great, losing weight, incessantly hungry. On my third jumprope (at this rate I'll go through six by the end of the program. Looking forward to another snowshoe race on Sunday.


Admittedly, this week has been a slog with the workouts, work and life. Went for 5 mile run today and bonked at 3.5 miles. Constantly hungry but staying positive and thankful. Glad to hear everyone else in Corvus is doing well!

Hi all!

Been offline for a few days as it's been bonkers with work. Overall, feeling great! The most noticeable changes for me have been mentally. I feel more calm, patient (which pays dividends when parenting) and even keel with my moods. Less aches and pains too. Have struggled with scapula pain for several years but now it's gone and I'm guessing it's because I'm working neglected muscles around that area. Still hungry quite a bit but am finding freshly made fruit juices do the trick in helping me feel full and staving off cravings. An Instant Pot and Ninja juicer have been godsends during this program!

Wishing you all best of luck with Week 3!

Broken Jumprope!

Yesterday I was halfway through the jumps when my jump rope hit a light fixture on my front porch and snapped in half. Could the sub zero temps be the culprit? Did workout today at the gym and will hit the the sports equipment store tomorrow to by a new rope. Slightly delayed on the "End of Week 2 Photo," as my daughter has a nasty flu bug. Don't dare to ask her to get off the couch to snap a pic! Stay healthy all!

Week 2 Done!

Finished up the week w 640 jumps in 5 sets. Best set was 136 jumps. Love the rope!


So, it's supposed to dump at least a foot of snow here tonight. Got in a 5 mile run and then did the Kenzai workout. Will be hard to rest tomorrow - I'll be tempted to strap on the snowshoes. Really enjoying my beet/spinach juices! Enjoy the "rest" of the weekend all!