David Y.

David Y.



  • Apr 7th, 2019 at 8:57PM


Filled with gratitude at the end of Kenzai Body. First, a big shout to Brek, who introduced me to Kenzai and made this happen - next round of dinner and drinks is on me! Second, thank you Kim and Ed for your guidance and encouragement. Hoping to gain more insight from you both in upcoming programs... Last, but not least, so grateful to share this 90 day journey with an inspiring group of Corvus cohorts throughout the globe. Stay in touch and if you're ever in Portland, hit me up! We'll grab one of these Tequila Me Softlys: tequila, aperol, grapefruit and lime. Peace!

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Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Reach | Day 41 (Member)
Assistant Trainer4 months ago

These two pictures - the cocktail and the final photo with those coveted abs. You don't get cut like that without strict adherence to diet. Well done, my friend. It was a pleasure training with you and I wish you a lifetime of fitness and health. What are your plans to continue applying the knowledge and tools you've gained?

    Rob C.Rob C.Alumni
    4 months ago

    Great to have been on this programs with you David, you have killed it along with all those skipping ropes! Awesome results, enjoy the holiday you have planned, it is definitely well earned.

      Valerie Breier W.Valerie Breier W.Kenzai Member
      4 months ago

      WOW! Looking STRONG and LEAN! I want one of those drinks!!! Cheers!!

        Kim MurchKim MurchKenzai Sculpt | Day 14 (Member)
        Trainer4 months ago

        Congrats to you David! You look fine in that final photo!! Anyone who participates in a snowshoe run clearly is in good shape and you took it to the next level. Well done for balancing a busy work/life schedule and for choosing the fitness hotel on your NYC weekend (talk about good choices). It's been fun having you in the group and I look forward to seeing where you go from here. Good job, David!!

          Gihan A.Gihan A.Kenzai Member
          4 months ago


            Gwen D.Gwen D.Kenzai Chisel | Day 13 (Member)
            4 months ago

            Congrats David! What a great ride we had! Good-luck on your next Kenzai journey! 🍾

              David Y.David Y.Alumni
              4 months ago

              Thanks Ed! I'm sure you'll see me in another Kenzai program. Forcing myself to rest for 3 days is probably going to be my biggest challenge yet (writing this as I eyeball my resistance bands!)

                Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
                Founder4 months ago

                Great work David. You get out what you put in and you put in a lot of time, energy, sweat and discipline. Keep showing up for yourself, your mind and body are loving it. Next time I'm in Maine I'll take you up on your drink offer. It's got fruit in it so it counts as a fruit snack right? Congratulations and COMPLETE!

                  Brek H.Brek H.Kenzai Member
                  Marketing Team4 months ago

                  Looking good my friend! Can't wait to celebrate with you (especially now that we can indulge a bit)!

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