Debasri G.

Debasri G.


After more than two weeks of not training, I restarted training from yesterday. Found a nice 18-20min cardio for foot injury video on the internet - it's quite nice and effective though I love jumping rope. Anyhow, I could do 2 out of 3 leg exercises that were assigned (no floor jumps because of the foot) and rest of it though I collapsed at the V-sit.

How much more intense the exercises have become in the last couple of weeks. Honestly, I was mostly breezing through when I last trained but yesterday was tough - tougher exercises, more reps and just getting back in the game after a long time. But it felt GREAT! So I am back!

Because I have not been training, I think my diet has become super strict (just guessing) with minimal carbs, but I am doing fine. Enjoying feeling clean inside. Overall great to be back!

weeks 3 and 4

Week 3 was not good for training - missed 3 days, partly avoidable. Eating was fine, though on a couple of days I couldn't get all the food in.

Week 4 has started as it should - uneventfully. Eating and training as per programme. Fingers crossed I will end the week happy with my performance.

Getting ready to join work (after maternity leave) from next month, so finding the time to train will be a challenge as I try to settle into a new normal.

Great initiative to get the team to get to know reach other. Here's more about me:
1. Where are you from and what do you do? >>> I live in Hong Kong and work in banking
2, What's your best quality? >>> Self aware and motivated
3. How did you hear about Kenzai and get to be here? If you were referred by an alumni, tell us who! >>> Loads of my friends keep doing various KB programmes. I did KB1 2.5/ 3 years back and now I am sort of re-starting a life of disciplined eating and exercise after two pregnancies and 3 younglings.

Day 1

The first time I did KB1 was after the birth of my eldest as a way of losing weight, getting fit and finding some disciplined me time. I benefitted a lot, met several goals I had set and have been a Kenzai believer ever since.

This time around, looking for similar outcomes after the birth of my twin girls. It does get tough on the programme but am looking forward to a great 90 days.

Good luck everyone!

Week 7

Busy week at work and with a bunch of home related admin to be done. Eating going well. Missed training one day but hope to be disciplined for the rest of the week. Can feel myself getting fitter - it's great. And after all these days, the needle on the weight has moved a bit. Yes, I know it's just a number, but it's still quite motivating.

Week 6

After a weekend of bad eating, no exercise and feeling the sniffles, Monday was welcomes - retstart clean eating and exercise. So far I feel fresh and haven't tired of the programme. My RX jumprope is on way, so that's something to look forward to.

I know weight loss is just one of the metrics, but the last I weight myself, I really hadn't lost much weight compared to the inches I seem to have lost. Agree that I have not been able to keep to all the grams of food (it's too much food for me), but with this discipline, I was hoping to have lost a few more kilos. But I feel good, look better, I have been able to make time for exercise and there is still a bit of time left on the programme for results to kick in. Hanging in there!

Week 5

Have been able to manage the diet reasonably well and been able to keep up with training intensity so far. Checked out week 5 training, should be manageable too. BUT, an apple and a banana and 2 egg whites (plus something else..) for dinner!! I hope this will really move the needle on the weight loss!

RX jumrope

Tried the RX jump rope. It’s a borrowed one from a friend, so the length is wrong and can’t be used on an ongoing basis. But it’s a fantastic rope and a real performance enhancer. Planning to go hunting for an RX jump rope soon. If anyone is based in Hong Kong and knows where they may be available (and sized, of course), do let me know!

Week 4

Has started well. But back to work after vacation and the eternal challenge of getting home at an earthly hour and exercise. I used to be a morning exercise person but that doesn't seem to be working now and I have been training evenings most days. Tricky because the big unknown is what time I get done from work. Taking one day at a time and staying flexible - AM or PM, have to get the training done.

Hope everyone is enjoying week 4.

Week 3 - on vacation

On vacation this week. Have been making time for exercise, so quite happy about that, but the diet has gone for a toss. Looking forward to heading home this Sat and getting back to clean eating (that I greatly enjoy).

Started seeing early results but set back this week with poor diet. Promising myself to make up next week.

KB1 - take two

This is the second time I am doing KB1. Had massively gained from the programme the last time but have fallen into unhealthy habits.

Looking forward to healthy habits again!

Thanks to the team for all the incredible support!!

New beginnings  

The formal Programme is over and it feels great to have been able to make it to the end.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, there have been several 'what ifs' and 'if onlys' through the Programme, but what's been definitive is that I feel now that I am in control of healthy living. I have not reached my personal goals from the Programme in these 90 days but I have learnt the tools needed to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Kenzai for putting me in control!

It's almost over!

Haven't posted in sometime, have been extremely busy with things people are busy with.

Can't believe that we have come to the last few days of Kenzai training. Upon hindsight, there are many 'what ifs' sadly but there are lots and lots of things that have gone well:
1. Lost 10+ kgs so far and even though my personal target was much higher, this is something.
2. Definitely look and feel better with more energy. Would like lots more old clothes to fit again, but that's not far away.
3. Found a way to effectively train on my own without having to make it to the gym and personal trainer. I've trained 3 days a week with a PT in the past but sadly reached a stage where the benefits were not coming through. Besides not sure how sustainable it is for me to go to the gym now that the trade off is spending less time with baby (when factoring in travel times).
4. I've always known that diet is very important but was never able to work out what really works. What I have learnt about diet is something I can follow even after Kenzai, so that's a real gain.

Overall, I'm a bit apprehensive that the Programme is coming to an end, but I've learnt so much about healthy eating and living.

Need to post a photo, hope to be able to do that soon!

Very bad 4 day streak

Starting Friday, have had a bad four day Kenzai streak. Diet has been off and almost no exercise. Diet is back on track starting today. Plan to get back into the exercise game starting tomorrow morning. This is not how I had expected to end the programme but still have a few days to push through.

Lifestyle changes

Better late than never to share my lifestyle changes:
1. More aware of what I eat. Have resisted sweet stuff for more than 2 months now. Looks like restraint is something I may have learnt.
2. Found an exercise model that works for my lifestyle. I prefer to train at home/ car park vs going to the gym.
3. Much less drinking and and it's voluntary. Doesn't feel like I am giving up a good thing.

So learnt a few things that I hope to continue after day90. Having said that what happens after day90? We just go our way and hope to apply what we have learnt or is there a support system post day90?

End of Week 5





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