Debbie W.

Debbie W.

day 90 

I definitely learned a few things through this experience.
I could eat and still loose weight, all at home.
I"m still  a little nervous about gaining since not being told what to do all the time.
Lost 15 lbs instead of 20 but I had a few set backs and being sick I lost a  whole week.
Still all in all very happy with the results. Not stopping here, summer is around the corner.

Hit the nail on the head

PCP policy #4 hit the nail on the head. I've been dreading day 90 ( believe it or not )

I'm so used to being told what to eat and when I'm really nervous. Policy #4 put it in perspective.
My own little experiment by adding a mini muffin really showed me that even a little tiny thing
Like that once a day as a habit really changed the way I looked and felt. I really don't want to put on the weight
I took off. A bit afraid of what if I don't have veggies for breakfast or egg whites all friggn day. I'm really tired of them.

End of the road

Now that it's almost over, it seemed like a flash.
I have to say I've been adding a few non pcp carbs in
The form of processed foods ( mini corn muffin, breakfast bars )
And I look puffy. No weight gain just not slim any more. Puffy.
It sucks because some mornings it's hard to make a big brealfast and just
Want a quick something with coffee and go. What to do!

Slightly better

My cold turned into a bad sinus infection. Today will be my 1st
Full workout in a while. Looks rough. I didn't gain any weight,
But no more loss. Pretty annoyed this had to happen so close to
The end. I have only 7 lbs left to meet my goal. I'm hoping with the
Increase in food I still loose. I'm sure by getting back on track with
Exercising will help.


So I guess I'm not invincible. The kids gave me their cold.
I think my head is going to explode. Didn't get the greatest of exercises in
In the last few days. I'm feeling flabby again. Very annoying. I really
Wanted to go out with a bang. Very disappointed in being sick and not
Being able to work out hard. Not even well enough to eat the proper diet.
Hopefully one more day of this. I feel so close yet so far.

Self sabotage

Yesterday I worked out and finally got my husband to take a new picture and post it.
I was quite pleased lost another pound. All was good in pcp world.
Then I received some really crummy news and felt deflated. I went in the kitchen and went like a mad woman
eating things I never even ate before pcp.  Chips, my kids lunch snacks of ring dings. I opened Easter jelly beans and chocolate. I did this as fast as I could, it was scary. I've never really did this before. I flipped out and took all
my aggression on the junk food and my body. All my hard work. Well, I had such a stomach ache ( which I deserved )
All that stuff didn't even tast good. WTF!  I stayed up late and finally fell asleep. Today I was on track. Still sad
But at least not eating the wrong stuff. Pretty scary.


My biggest problem is myself. When I get compliments
On how good I look after a couple of days I tend to slack a little instead of pushing harder.
Why do I do that to myself?  Then I get back on track instead of always  on track.


I definately see and feel a difference in my clothes, however my
Tonnage is not decreasing. I did read in the other message it's just a number.
But I need to see that for my psyche.
Workouts going well.

Kung Fu sit up

Yeah right! I don't think so.

Luckily I have an abdominal hanging thing like at the gym. ( you step up and support yourself with your forearms )
I will use that.

Half way

Definately have the half way symptoms Patrick described.
Last week was a great week. All of a sudden Sunday and today getting rebellious.
I don't want to undo all the work I've done. I'm half way to my goal. Tomorrow I have
To get back on the ball.
 I actually get full on my apple & egg white dinner, however finding it hard to get in the after dinner veggies.
To be truthful, sometimes I just don't want to eat another veggie. ( no matter how much I like them )
I'd much rather eat veggies , apples and egg whites than more protein ( meat ) anyway and still want to rebell.
Enough whining. Tomorrow's a new day.


Not a beach body (yet) but I'll take it for now.  My clothes are actually loose or at least
not choking me. Very happy!  I am half way to my goal. It's very motivating now.
 I hope I can get muscle tone now that I'm older.

Taste buds have changed. Very interesting. I went from a whole packet of sweet n low and two tsp of sugar free hazel nut
non dairy creamer in one cup of coffee, to just one tsp and no sweetener. For me that is HUGH. I definitely see a positive
change in my body and my muscles feel good. My children are going through some food allergy issues and I tasted a gluten free
organic peanut butter cereal to see what it tasted like. Yuck to me. They love it. It was sweet with only 7 gr of sugar compared
to the 17 - 20 the sugary ones have, and still yuck. I am surprised I don't have many cravings at all. ( usually too full ).
I have a hard time getting to all the snacks though, maybe that's why the weight isn't flying off?

can't believe it

So, I was making my kids cake pops to bring to school for Valentines Day.
Which was sooo tempting ( chocolate on chocolate ) I was making the " glaze"
and it was all over my hands  from dipping the pops. I. automatically licked my finger
without thinking, and I couldn't believe it. YUCK it was nasty. I actually had to spit it out and wash the taste out of my mouth.
That's a first. But in saying that I have never made this before and I don't know what it's supposed to taste like.
However I certainly wasn't tempted after that. And that my friends is a miracle in itself! But I am a chocolate fan
and I hope this diet doesn't ruin that for me.
Buy the way do we get a Valentine's Day indulgence? :)


I skipped the indulgence today because I did mine over a long weekend.
I found the oreo which was calling my name did not taste like it was supposed to.
I really couldn't believe it. I wanted fruit. It didn't help that the group we were with
cut up my fruit and put it in sangria. ( I did have some )I wasn't as bad as I could have been , but it wasn't PCP rules.
I had  fresh turkey in a salad. I ordered blue cheese dressing. But instead of pouring it all in my salad and usually asking for more.
I dipped my fork in lightly with every bite. I was shocked that I was fully enjoying it, very satisfied and had practically a whole bowl of dressing left.

not happy with myself

Had a  setback this weekend.
have to start picking up where I left off.

End of Week 12





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