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This round of KB3 wasn’t my best. Quitting came to my mind a couple of times. Despite not always following the diet to the T, or having the best form for the workouts and missing some workouts, I decided to persevere however I could.

This year has had a lot of ups and downs for me, including moving house. All these took a toll on my diet and training, and thus my health.

My aim for next year is to focus on my health, so you’ll be seeing me on another program after a short break! And hope to see some of you around too :)

Thank you team Kenzai, my Chinook mates (though I was mostly absent from the blogs), Head Trainer Ward and of course Patrick, who made Kenzai possible 🥂

End of week 12

The latter part of week hasn’t been so great workout wise as a lot of time was spent in the car. It’s going to be the same in the first half of next week :(
Though I did some walking and going up another set of steps (200) to reach some caves. I must admit I had to take a short breather after 150 steps!
Am back in Singapore for the last 3 days and have everything down right & tight 🤞🏻

End of week 11

Has been a little challenging week with me traveling, but am trying the best I can.
Went trekking up an old fort today. Lovely way to do cardio.
Weekly question- how old do I think I am? Somewhere in my 30’s 😂

End of week 10

This past week passed by too fast.
The good part is that it went off well too :))
I have a little challenge coming up as we are traveling this coming Sunday for ten days. Have already added the mat, bands and shoes on my packing list 😎
With the end in sight, wish everyone a high end!

End of Week 9

All in all the week went of ok.
Twisted my left knee (not while exercising!!) so am taking the cardio and leg exercises easy.

End of Week 8

With school ending and a lot of school time & after school activities, things have been really hectic.
I’ve just been managing to complete the workouts, though not always with the best of form when I’ve been rushing!!
Food is usually not an issue.
The good thing is that I will be freer from next week ;)
My kryptonite? It’s always been potato wafers/crisps, when I’m not mentally strong 😜, or am stressed!

End of Week 7

This week was a little tricky with partying & Diwali. I managed all the workouts but did cheat a little in 2 occasions 😜
The motto I live by, especially when there’s a lot happening, is to take take each day as it comes, one thing at a time. The moment I let my self overthink, I cannot function.

End of Week 6

The past week was ok ok. Had a couple of missed workouts, due to an overladen plate :(
The good part is that the diet was spot on.
What’s the most difficult sacrifice? - honestly there isn’t any. The only thing I miss is - not having to think out each meal/outing, to make sure there’s something for me ;)

End of week 5

Week 5 went of ok. Am slacking on the blog as have been very busy!

End of Week 4

Am bummed about missing 1 workout, but sometimes these things just cannot be helped. Diet has been spot on.
Had a Chendol for my indulgence, I do that ever time :))
What I procrastinate is self evident - writing the blogs!!

End of Week 3

The week went off well. I’m having some problem with the app, so going back to the regular timer is a bit of a pain. 😜. How spoilt we get!
Weekly question - I lose track of time when I’m reading or pottering around the garden. The latter is a new hobby and very absorbing ;)

End of Week 2

The past week went off well 🤞🏻
A body part that I would change would be my arms. It somehow runs in the women of my family. Whatever I do, I may drop many sizes, but the arms are resilient 😜 I’ve learn to live with it! Although it difficult when I buy clothes as I have to buy a bigger size because of them.

End of Week 1

All in all a good week. Except for Day 1, was able to nail down all the workouts. Now just have to follow the same for the next 11 weeks ;)

Weekly question - The best advice I’ve ever received was from my mom, that looking after your health is the most important thing. 🥂

Intro Blog

Who am I? - Deepika. I’m married and have 3 daughters. I live in Singapore.
When I’m not running my kids to school/classes or cooking, I like to read, listen to music, potter in my garden and catch up with my friends.
If I had a magic egg white what is the one thing I would change about Kenzai? - Nothing really. Apart from Hang Time & Burpee, the only thing I find really difficult is blogging ;)
If I were headed to a deserted island... I would bring my kindle loaded with books.
What stands between me and peak condition? - I think age.
Cheers to all!

Day 2

Glad to be back on a program!
Got back from overseas last night, so wasn’t able to do Day 1 workout, but am all set today ;))
✔️Diet cleaned up.
✔️Head in the right space.
Cheers to a great 12 weeks 🥂

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