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Deepto R.

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Deepto R.'s Kenzai Mind program, Mind | Nov 4 2019, starts in 16 days.


Hello all - how’s everyone doing?

Travel and Iron

I haven’t had much success with the workouts in the last few days because of international
Travel. Hoping to get back on track sometime soon.

Late Start

Been a later start to this since I have been busy travelling, which is a shame because I have been really looking forward to the program. Hoping to catch up.

Late Start

Haven’t been able to start on the program. Is it worth starting or should I just wait for the next program?

The second run

Have been a little behind on the exercises so completed by second 20 min run yesterday. I was struggling with the effort meter last time round so this time I went with the Couch to 10K app. It actually gives quite accurate run and walk intervals which worked for me from a keeping to the effort meter perspective. Does anyone see an issue with this? I intend to use the program for the longer runs as well.

A new start

I have had terrible luck with Kenzai this year. I have started on several programs but ended up not continuing for more than a few days because of work or travel commitments. This looks like a period of time when I can continue on the program so fingers crossed. Need lots of help and encouragement guys.

Starting Kenzai Run

This year I managed to gain back all the weight I lost through Kenzai last year. Started a couple of Kenzai Run programs but got derailed by work stress and travel. The aim is to finish the year strongly (at the same level I was at the beginning of the year).

All the best to the rest of the Group.

Graduation Post 

It's been a great 6 weeks and I am faster and fitter than I started. Thank you Kenzai.

At the end

About to finish my second full program - feels good although not as good if I could have stuck to the program as well as I could.

Travel and Kenzai

Everything has been a bit tipsy turvy because of constant travel which has also meant early morning flights and late nights. I have missed having a regular time and location for the workouts. Having said that feel a lot fitter and faster now.

A new beginning

Very excited about the new Kenzai Run programme. Have put back a bit of the weight I had lost so it's good to do something disciplined and get some of it back. All the best to everyone in the program.

Write off

This ones a write off guys, just haven't been able to get into the groove. Will have to restart thinking about this.

New week

Reboot hasn't worked out quite well, missed a lot of the exercises. But it's a new week and I got in the diet and the exercise today.

Idea would be to see the program till the end and then see if I can catch up with some of the missed exercises.


Managed to lose a fair amount of weight in 2016 as a result of Kenzai. Time to restart that with the a reboot program. Looking forward to that and hoping that I am able to stick to diet and other requirements for making the program successful.

Stop start

This has been a stop start progra till now. Done the first couple of days exercises but have not been able to follow- through. Time to buckle up and continue.

End of Week 12





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