Deepto R.

Deepto R.

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Hello world

I’m late to start the Mind Program. One week late exactly. I’m hoping I can be much more regular now that I’ve begun.

Where are you?

Mumbai, India. Where it has just stopped raining. Oh wait, that may not be true just yet.

How do you spend your time?

Apart from work, with my dog and child. And reading.

Why Kenzai Mind?

A lot of fitness is in the mind- isn’t it?

What scares/excites you about this course?

Time and commitment. That’s always the challenge.

What gets you excited and jazzed?

The smell of new books. Coffee. A well taken photograph.


Hello all - how’s everyone doing?

Travel and Iron

I haven’t had much success with the workouts in the last few days because of international
Travel. Hoping to get back on track sometime soon.

Late Start

Been a later start to this since I have been busy travelling, which is a shame because I have been really looking forward to the program. Hoping to catch up.

Late Start

Haven’t been able to start on the program. Is it worth starting or should I just wait for the next program?

The second run

Have been a little behind on the exercises so completed by second 20 min run yesterday. I was struggling with the effort meter last time round so this time I went with the Couch to 10K app. It actually gives quite accurate run and walk intervals which worked for me from a keeping to the effort meter perspective. Does anyone see an issue with this? I intend to use the program for the longer runs as well.

A new start

I have had terrible luck with Kenzai this year. I have started on several programs but ended up not continuing for more than a few days because of work or travel commitments. This looks like a period of time when I can continue on the program so fingers crossed. Need lots of help and encouragement guys.

Starting Kenzai Run

This year I managed to gain back all the weight I lost through Kenzai last year. Started a couple of Kenzai Run programs but got derailed by work stress and travel. The aim is to finish the year strongly (at the same level I was at the beginning of the year).

All the best to the rest of the Group.

Graduation Post 

It's been a great 6 weeks and I am faster and fitter than I started. Thank you Kenzai.

At the end

About to finish my second full program - feels good although not as good if I could have stuck to the program as well as I could.

Travel and Kenzai

Everything has been a bit tipsy turvy because of constant travel which has also meant early morning flights and late nights. I have missed having a regular time and location for the workouts. Having said that feel a lot fitter and faster now.

A new beginning

Very excited about the new Kenzai Run programme. Have put back a bit of the weight I had lost so it's good to do something disciplined and get some of it back. All the best to everyone in the program.

Write off

This ones a write off guys, just haven't been able to get into the groove. Will have to restart thinking about this.

New week

Reboot hasn't worked out quite well, missed a lot of the exercises. But it's a new week and I got in the diet and the exercise today.

Idea would be to see the program till the end and then see if I can catch up with some of the missed exercises.


Managed to lose a fair amount of weight in 2016 as a result of Kenzai. Time to restart that with the a reboot program. Looking forward to that and hoping that I am able to stick to diet and other requirements for making the program successful.

End of Week 12





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