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Hi Everyone, just a quick note to say week 11 is going well as compared to some of the past few weeks. I've managed to workout almost everyday. Dinners are still a problem and I don't think I can go back to eating just apples again unfortunately.


Good morning everyone! Hope it’s going strong for you all. Monday morning, workout done and I’m prepping my meals for the week. Going to make the next few days count as best I can. Good luck to all of you!

Hi all, not much to report unfortunately. I’m back to routine after a long travel period and will try keeping up to the programme until the end now. My workouts and diet have both been patchy.

average days

The last few days have been sort of average. Just managing to workout 3 times a week and taking it slow as I recover from a foot injury. The diet has been fine until dinners since I haven’t managed to stay compliant with the apple yogurt dinners. I’m finding it really tough to dial down my dinners and am hoping I can extend the current dinner diet longer to make up for the shortfall in compliance. Travelling for the next two weeks so going to have to keep myself in check.

On the good side, I’ve really been feeling the benefits of working out even if it’s only thrice a week!


Spent last Sunday (free cardio) playing a game of soccer with my son and some friends. Hit my heel too hard against the floor while playing and was struggling to walk for a day or two. Started jumping rope when it improved and the foot got bad again yesterday. Showed the doc, took an X-ray and am told it may be a partial tear. So no cardio or jumping rope for a few weeks. This is irritating at this point of the programme and am hoping I can substitute the cardio with something else. Will try continuing the other workouts but will need to tread carefully to avoid a surgery. All in all, not an ideal week gone by.


Hi everyone, week 3 has been more or less complaint. Going well with the workouts and most part of the diet. I really like the printable diet charts, makes life so much easier! Have stuck mine to the fridge in the kitchen. Eating a fruit post dinner is still a bit tough as I’m still feeling full with the dinner. But it’s more in the mind I think because once I start to eat the fruit it goes down pretty easily. More power to all of us!

Here’s a pic enjoying a coffee after my morning workout!

Diet week update

Hey everyone, I’ve been travelling since last week and over the start of the diet week too. So it’s been a bit difficult to begin with the diet wholly on track. Don’t have the weighing scale with me and most meals are over business meetings. What I have been doing however is making healthy choices with what I’m ordering. Anyways, I should be home by Wednesday and then squarely on diet.

Fruits were most easy to find! The hotel gyms didn’t have resistance bands which was a pain since I only carried my jump rope.

Feels great to be back in the KB programme. Did the same in 2014 and was the best ever! Leaving a quarter on my plate has been difficult. Eating half portions in the first week during my 2014 KB seemed easier atleast psychologically. It’s only day 2 and my thighs felt sore after the day 1 workout. This is despite having been skipping rope and hitting the gym off and on in the last few years. Love the sore feeling, can’t wait to go further on!

A step in the right direction  

The reboot programme was great to know what it means to get back to a healthy diet and workout lifestyle. I was barely able to keep up to the dinner diets or regular workouts but still took away more than i thought I would. Looking forward to doing a longer KB programme again soon.

Day 28 was spent riding my motorbike on a race track during a superbike school weekend. Here’s a photo, glad to have fitted into a new riding suit:)


Adequate portions of protein, carb and veggies. Could have avoided the lentils. Anyways, I have enjoyed trying to go back to clean eating during this reboot. I’m still struggling to lose the carbs during dinner though and keeping up with the dinner diet has been a challenge.


Been derailed by a flu last week with my workouts and diet. Started Monday with my workout done and feeling good to be back. The reboot is much harder than I thought it would be for someone who’s been out of the programme for a year. I’m glad I’m doing this before I take on another Kenzai body programme.

Back in the game

Hi everyone,

Its great to be back to the Kenzai programmes and am starting it off with a reboot. I've been out of a regular Kenzai programme for more than a year and have really strayed specially in terms of my food and diet. I've been hitting the gym on and off in the last year but nothing like a Kenzai balanced diet and fitness lifestyle. Looking forward to doing this with all of you. Best of luck!

Haven’t been able to comply with the programme so far. Manged a full body workout earlier this week which left my lower body and legs sore! Trying to still make it work for me with the weeks and months left.

Dispersive cravings

Great lesson for today. I’ve been succumbing to these cravings in the last few days and need to put an end to them!

Finally up and skipping

Hi All,

Took a few days to get on with the programme specially the workouts. Since the weather in mumbai these days is perfect (19 deg C in the mornings), I preferred to walk and do some yoga. Haven’t had much success with my Kenzai programmes last year but am keen to make this one in 2019 work. Hope to see you all around and best of luck ! Cheers

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