Dev B.

Dev B.

I was crap at Rebooting 

That month just disappeared! My plan was to reboot, in time to go on holiday with my kids on Saturday feeling fresh and trim. But I ended up having probably the most stressful month of the year with work and so many unplanned slip ups! I honestly feel like I got about 10% of this program done. Pathetic display by myself. But at least I now have a much-needed break and I actually think I will be eating clean and hardly drinking throughout as I will be travelling alone for 3 weeks with two kids. I can't wait to get out of HK!! :-)

better week

So far this week has been a big improvement and next week WILL be even better. I'm in hiding!


Brutal week... Bleugh

Clean week on reboot

Having a little bit of a tougher time with fitting into workouts.. but eating clean and feelin lean(er)

Day 4 = day 1

Birthday yesterday and a very strange week meant I didn't start on Monday. BUT I'm committed to getting head down and sticking to this got the coming 30 days before I take my kids to Europe for a few weeks and want to be able to run around after them.

Hope everyone else has started well.

Kenz Life challenge!

Keeping it real with a friend, aiming to use the life program for 6 weeks to burn off 5kg of laziness since Xmas!!

Time flies.... 

KB3 was a complete mixed bag for me. I was full of moments of healthfulness, but also a lot of failures to comply and days where I found it really hard to motivate myself to do the workouts. I had so many interruptions, work, family, travel... all the stuff we all need to deal with on a daily basis. Unlike with previous programs, I let these derail me and then I would feel guilty and smash out a few days of complete compliance. I was really "Yo-Yo" on this one.

At the end of the day, I am happy I did it and I'm happy I didn't give up. KB3 definitely helped me by giving me that feeling of guilt and catch up, so there was some sort of balance that resulted in me basically ending up pretty close to where I started :-)

Good luck to all Kenzaiers in 2018. I'm taking a break from Kenzai.. but... "I'll be back"

That final push

two days to go.. what a weird and wonderful 3 months this has been... I have not seen the overall results I saw in PCP or KB2.. But it has been so helpful to have Kenzai by my side during some tricky times.

Been fantastic

This trip has been so healthy. Mentally and physically. Gym every day. Food as on point as possible. And hardly a sip of Naughty water (wine) has passed these lips. All good.

Time out

It has been a very busy few weeks on multiple fronts. I have some much needed R&R coming up from tomorrow. 7 days beachside in Thailand with a buddy. No kids. Minimal work and a focus on health. The skipping rope, bands and mat are packed. My friend is bringing his TRX. This is just what the Dr ordered and also coming at a good time to get me the strong finish we all want. Go hard team.

7 day drift

I had a strange weekend last weekend. Thursday-Saturday was all very calm and quiet and I did my very best to get my workout's in whilst staying on track with diet. We then had a small children's party at my house to celebrate my Son's 6th and it all went Pete Tong!! Took me until Wednesday to recover. Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest for a reason. Lesson lear....?

Bad boy

Oh dear.... A great week of diet and workouts was finished off with what was supposed to be a nice quality meal with some close friends. We did have the meal. But then followed it up with a weekend for "the ages", well at least one that I think aged me by about 5 years!

Been back on the plan since Monday, but Jeeze it's taking me a while to recover these days..

Good boy

I've been a saint all week. I have avoided social engagements with the stealth of a fox and have been eating like a rabbit... I also went for a 10k hike this afternoon to mix up the cardio. BUT Thursday is always my danger day and I have a dinner that I am looking forward to attending on Friday.. so I need all my Kenzai willpower to manage my day tomorrow and stay on the path to peak!!!

The weekend is looking ominous!


..clean, but not feeling that lean!! I need to pick up my workout game!! Struggle street on that front.

Howde folks

Hope all is well with the group. I got a bit of a lurgie that seems to be going around that slowed my roll. Feeling stronger now and diet is on course. I have struggled to motivate myself to get the workouts done properly for the past week.

May 5th, 2016





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