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Devika M.

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It is tough to ask a Chinese restaurant for a no salt meal and vegan. I’m doing my best. Controlling grams- unfortunately no salt is not working out.

Workout is on point. Trying to do the pushing and failing miserably is not dignified. Keep trying tho.

I love clicking - I did it!

I did it today! Yay!



Started to feel dizzy left out a 3 exercises. Does anyone feel the same.

Feeling great!

Can’t do 50 push ups in a row. In fact I’m terrible at push ups. Did my best and I know it would get better slowly.

I wish I could bottle the after workout euphoria and sell it. Wait! That already exists they’re called anti depressant.


Not a good week. After giving my helper the food plan. I forgot to check and she began to feel sorry for me and began giving me a toast everyday. (Or perhaps she did not refer to the note) I thought I was on point until I noticed that I was eating extra carbs yesterday. Any suggestions as to how I could make up?
Today I had salad for two meals and some bread. We were out so there was salt in the salad. Only did 3 sets properly began to feel sick after eating out.

This meme reminds me of that perhaps I’m going to lose the my battle with the bulge and the reason would be rye toast.

Messing up. 😥

Glamming up food

I learned about myself today that I live colorful, easy on the eyes food and not stuff that looks like brown sludge. #Kenzaiselfawareness


I love the muscles. Still not where I would like to be but this is not bad either. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Using the picture from Kenzai site. Explains how I feel. A warm day in HK this is what I need🍾🥂🥂

pushing forward

Hi All,

No change in the last couple of weeks. The wt has remained same and so has the inches. A husband who just gets thinner and younger is not good for the morale.

Get hungry in the evenings. I have a feeling that by the end of Body one. Dinner would be 50 grams of protein with instruction- bring out of the fridge smell it and put it right back. Be care we don’t want you to inhale salt by mistake.😜

Jump ropes are getting easier. Love that they are timed and I don’t have to count. Daydreaming reduces the pain of jump ropes. Also form has improved. Thanks, Ward!

Wondering if anyone can look at the picture and tell how much body fat I have. Or lost in the past few weeks. Need some good new the scales or the measuring tape are not helping.


Back to loving Kenzai

The timed JRs are fantastic. Working on my form now. Thanks, Ward, for the feedback. Much appreciated and trying to be happy about jumping rope first thing in the morning.

Saving the indulgence for the weekend with family. An Indian lunch with some wine and a desert. YUM!

Strangely it is not about the food but going out for lunch with the kids. We have not been out for meals since we started Kenzai. But such amazing kids haven't mentioned it once. They say they are proud to see the parents exercise.

Still here

Had a terrible week. Absolutely hated the JRs. Took a long time to complete 1400 and more. A day break from strength training and one day of complete rest. Was exhausted.

Today I’m happier. Managed to finished all the exercises in the morning, I wish I could go back to the initial euphoria. Not enjoying the food. Have been feeling light headed in the evenings. Had 1/3 cookie one day and a spoon of fried rice . Today had a little extra fruit for me to stop feeling faint. Hope it is a phase and it will pass soon.

The good part is clothes fit better and we’re almost 1/2 way there. Yay!


Today I was a bit tired. The jump ropes were tough.

Evening we went to a friends 50th and it was tough to stay away from the cake. Picked up salad from the buffet and looked busy so that no one would insist or fuss over us.

Kind of envious of the hubby who has lost 5 kgs and 10 years so far on the kenzai body. I’ve managed 2 kg only. Nobody noticed my wt loss but felt I’d grown taller😜.

Update on the pain in the pelvic- it is lower and less frequent.

Over all happy but tired.

Another day done!

Woke up tired. Have had sudden sharp pains on the right side of the pelvic. Perhaps I should have a painkiller if it gets too bad.

The JRs were great. Starting them is tough but one tends to love them after they are done.

Not crazy about the dinner... but surviving. I feel leaner but somehow feel the photos are not doing it justice.

The picture of my 16 year old cat wondering what happened to me. She has never seen me work so hard. Think she is worried I’m killing myself. After looking at me she went to My daughter who was helping me time myself to beg her to stop. 😊😊😊

day 31

The jump ropes are getting easier and the rest of the workout was tough. I could not do even one of the captain chairs(hope I got the name correct). During the otter kicks I had sharp pain on the right side and I took a break.

Diet is fine... though I find the bananas in the evening difficult. I know I will get used to it. Feels good after finishing the days exercise.

Body is changing

I will put up the picture for this tomorrow but I can feel some shrinking around the stomach.

Clothes fit better also feeling confident. Have a dinner party(Kenzai compliant) to go to on Saturday and looking forward to finally feel comfortable in my clothes.

Getting better with the jump ropes. Trying to finish up in 20 mins. Will try to reduce the time to 15 tomorrow. Trip a lot but I try to keep going.

The dinner is strange! The entire combination is strange. Milk and egg with fruit... it will take time to get used to.

Looking forward to the next couple of months.



It was great going out with my husband for the treat. I had a small glass of port wine, some cheese, and a few spoons of chocolate lava cake. Also, the mains were some baked portobello mushrooms, baked fish with quinoa...All with a bit of salt.

I am happy... Though I do realize that I can do without salt now for another month. Feel satiated.

Looking forward to the 1200 JRs tomorrow...(just kidding)





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