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Diana D.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 65 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 65
Program progress:

Took myself on a long hike this morning. One I used to do with a friend who moved away. How wonderful it is to get up into the jungley paths of Hong Kong, quiet save for the waterfalls. I could feel the benefit of my KB2 workouts helping me along

i thought about quitting recently due to travel and only getting in about 3-4 workouts each week but in and muddling better than out and all motivation abandoned

Hitting the road

I’ve missed a few days as I travel from Hong Kong to Arizona to visit parents. Enjoying the cool crisp air for jump roping. Heading back in a few days and trying to make sure I don’t get too far off track.


When I was a kid, I remember a card that read, “don’t let the turkeys get you down”. No idea what that means but it resonates as I come out of a few bad weeks. Finding out my mom’s piano tumors have cracked through her spine. A day of crisis for my son. Being stranded one night due to the protests. The general mayhem of being full time mom and full time entrepreneur. And even the good things took their toll-a 3 days coaching workshop that went deep, helping my friend through a serious issue. Last week I did one workout, one emergency, finally Thursday bottomed out and did nothing. Friday came around and the kids and I took a day to boat hike to a waterfall, swim and eat fresh shrimp. It was like getting an IV drip from Mother Nature. Things re better now. Time to get back in the game.


I had my indulgence - wine at dinner with the kind of friends you know are always there for you. It seemed like, how could you possibly deny yourself the ritual pleasure of that. And it was lovely.

But then today I had a cute mini watermelon with my beautiful daughter and it was also lovely.

And I thought, “it isn’t the wine, it’s the humans, stupid”.


Kenzai Kranky

In my first ever Kenzai, I gave myself leeway to do the Kenzai parts but also to just be tired and recover. This time I have given myself the bare minimum extra time and attention for it and I feel it.

Doing the workouts and more or less Kompkiant (ok less - I probably am perfect but have had 1 glass of wine each week in social situations).

But not sleeping because I have been busy and mentally preoccupied and by this point I am just tired. I comfort myself in thinking life could be a lot worse if not on program but still feel disappointed in myself for not being better in this aspect of life.

The Editor post resonated

I’ve started running a cold and have pretty swollen glands (is that water weight? 😂) but still going well with diet and exercise (photo of my pile o pm fruit and some cold meds).

Imagine my dismay when I put on a dress today and could barely zip it up!

Cue whining that I have been on Kenzai forEVER already and where are my rock hard abs! On the other hand, I really like that dress so better keep going 😉

Oops, Grok likes champagne

Apparently my inner cave woman felt the upcoming scarcity of champagne this week during our anniversary celebration at work. I have been falling victim to busy/not prepared with alternate snacks so generally well intentioned and good but too much time doing workshops and unable to measure.

Thanks Elissa for pointing g out we need to eat fully. I was erring on the lesser side

Nice hike for free cardio

It is kind of sort of cooling down so we enjoyed a nice hike for free cardio


My important revelation after dealing with a morning of teenage meltdowns is this;

My ability to be upset, pissed off and self pitying is no match against approximately three minutes of jumping rope. By that point I just don’t have the energy to both indulge my emotions AND jump that f-ing rope. Plus most of my anger can go to the rope itself.


KB2 Commences!

Hi folks, this year I published my book (Future Proof), and have been up at 6am and up until 11pm doing podcasts with the US (I live in Hong Kong) and calls for a course based on the book.

It has been fun but my fitness has suffered, compounded by early menopause (sorry to overshare!) which means the usual fairly fit and healthy KB Body stuff ain’t working.

I want to get back to a great level of fitness that allows me more energy and less impulse to crop my arms out of photographs!

Keto meets Kenzai

I went with a friend to InfinitiC cafe in Kennedy Town, HK with a friend who does the Keto diet. We ordered an amusing avocado burger with crab meat. While it stretched the concept of burger it was one of the most tasty and healthy meals I’ve had near my office and looks like something you could do at home. Thumbs up!


I went out for what used to be daily morning walk. I’ve been feeling unmotivated and blah lately, in part due to the many work/family obligations on my plate and other aspects of life, including the overall atmosphere in HK.

This morning it started pouring rain mid-walk. I thought about how we used to go out puddle jumping in the rain as kids, put on my headphones and a smile and had an awesome walk. At one point a Maserati went past with the passenger deep into their cell phone and I thought, drenched, disheveled and smiling, “I am exactly where I am supposed to be”.

Wishing you all similar moments!

Beach Bum 

I can’t say this is a graduation post as I don’t feel I did enough work but more of a review of my experience in case it proves helpful for others.

I signed up to give me a quick turbocharge. That it did! The full body explosive exercises liked burpees were intense and reminded me of the Tabata sessions I sometimes do with my daughter. It shows you just how much more effort you could be putting in!

I also enjoyed the exercises in the sets as they were simple and didn’t require any bands or special equipment.

Despite how much fun it was, I found it hard to sustain for four weeks. It’s easier to do a Kenzai body set when tired than a burpee! I slacked off after two weeks when work got super busy.

What will I take away? A knowledge of a new next level I can go to when I’d like to and some exercises I would like to add in weekly and/or when feeling energetic.

Beach ready?

For the first time I joined Kenzai I have been warned by the blog police 👮🏻‍♀️ that I have been blogless for too long. I probably deserve to be delisted from this latest program. While I have enjoyed the cardio, simple excercises and complete and utter failures at most blasts, the diet has been ahem, heavily augmented with farewell champagne toasts as everyone I know seems to be moving away. I’m not sure what the Kenzai version is of drowning your misery or one for the road!

I hope all of my comrades have been better behaved.

End of Week 12



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